Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How to choose the right Sober Companion for you

How to choose the right sober companion - By Rob Tencer
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If you look around, you will not find many qualified sober companions, and even less that are

available that have the experience to deal with famous people.

Working with wealthy or celebrities

Someone who has never worked with wealthy or famous people might succumb to being bribed

worse, they may be asked and join in the infectious drunkenness with power and the

ability to get anything they want, if they only stop enforcing their sobriety on them.

A women Sober Companion might claim sexual harassment

A women sober companion might not have the strength or ability to stop an overpowering

or might leave on sexual harassment charges being brought up against the employer.

Strength and Character

This job of being a sober companion requires someone with the unique skills and experience to

enforce and keep sobriety in his employer. The person with unique skills and experience is Rob

Tencer. Rob Tencer is strong mentally, verbally and physically and most of all, he is beyond


Simply put,

You are hiring the finest sober companion, when you hire Rob Tencer.

Rob Tencer has written many articles on the perils of employee's who can't keep contracts of

confidentiality, and the agreements that go along with them. He has summarized the key point .

combating and prevention of illegal breaks in confidentiality as:

1. Properly pay the employee their salary and make sure it is satisfactory.
2. Build a bond of trust and loyalty through treating your employee's with respect.
3. Trusting your employees is built slowly, while loyalty lasts a lifetime.

Here is a complete review of Rob Tencer's articles on confidentiality agreements:

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Part 8 (How to deal with fame)

Now continue reading below

Toxic Lifestyle

The lifestyle you lead, may be comforting to you, but it is leading to a downward spiral into

lack of productivity, lack of health, bad relationships built on toxic lifestyles.

If this is your lifestyle, something needs to change now. You need to reinvent yourself,

beginning with a change that will turn your life around. By hiring a sober companion like Rob

Tencer, you will have begun the proper changes required in your life.

Your goal should be to end near death experiences right now!

The new changes in your life will replace the toxic lifestyle, and you begin to accomplish and

achieve goals, dreams and wishes that are very important in your life.

You will avoid the pain of near death experiences when you stop abusing your body.

Get Help kicking the bad habits

Rob Tencer will help you kick the bad habits, quit the toxic lifestyle and the toxic people in

your life. You will change, because you know this change is necessary in your life.

Interested parties can email dr.sober@gmail.com
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