Tuesday, October 30, 2007

what if amy winehouse went to rehab?

amy winehouse rehab? What if amy winehouse was in rehab, yet was in the middle of a concert tour?

In this video for the BBC, her voice was dubbed for what looked like a live show. The announcer ended the song by saying "lets give it up for the wine-etts"

Is this really just an act, to gain attention, or does amy winehouse really have a drug and alcohol addiction?

If she really had a drug and alcohol addiction, and she continued her career without doing anything about it, it would be a short career ending in death.

If this was a publicity stunt, to create a persona of a billy holiday style singer with addictive lifestyle, who flaunts it by singing songs about it, then she has won the world over with this public character she created. But it might still end in seeing her name in the obituaries as a young person who became famous and died to early.

drugs and alcohol is no laughing matter, and is a serious health condition, usually ending in loss of work, family, marriage and life.

if amy winehouse went to rehab, would it really help her, or would she return to her addictions once she was released? What kind of people is amy winehouse hanging out with?

When amy winehouse was in the usa, was amy hanging out with sober people, or with drunks and addicts?

did she hang out with known alcoholics anonymous member lindsay lohan, or did she stay away from other drunks and addicts?

the best method is to hire a sober companion like rob tencer and to stay away from drugs, prescription drugs, people who have problems with drug abuse, anyone who can get prescription drugs, illegal drugs, alcoholics, bars, and anyone with a drinking problem.

Don't worry about not getting press or paparazzi, because we have seen that they still get lindsay lohan rehab pictures, and you can't stop them.

Here is amy winehouse rehab video:

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