Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lady Gaga exposed by NY Socialites she grew up with

Lady gaga explains her passion for lying
“What I’ve discovered,”is that in art, as in music, there’s a lot of truth—and then there’s a lie. The artist is creating his work to make this lie a truth, but I slide the lie in, amongst all the truths. The tiny little lie is the moment I live for, my moment. It’s the moment that the audience falls in love with me.”

Lady Gaga exposed by NY Socialites she grew up with, who say she lies about many things.
by: rob tencer

In a recent cover story about Lady Gaga, in the new york magazine by VANESSA GRIGORIADIS, Vanessa further dissects, and exposes the making of a pop star who became lady gaga.

NY Socialites say lady gaga is a liar about almost everything
Vanessa, goes out of her way to ask new york socialites whom lady gaga went to school with and others that lady gaga grew up with, the truth.

More often than not, her friends have a complete retelling of the history of lady gaga, far from the lies lady gaga has repeated over and over. Its these lies that lady gaga tells, to make us love her more. Does that make her lies and deceit any more palatable?

I really loved Vanessa's article, because she was very honest in her approach, satisfying the lady gaga fans while also satisfying the people who dislike lady gaga. Thank you Vanessa for getting to the truth about lady gaga's insatiable appetite for lying.

lady gaga secret starvation diet to become famous
Vanessa explained about lady gaga's drug use and how lady gaga really lost all her baby fat. Vanessa seems to think lady gaga was on a starvation diet, while lady gaga says she mixed starvation with cocaine use, to lose the weight. Lady gaga said: “Pop stars should not eat” (when you hear these words and see the violent negative images purely for shock value, the parents of kids who love gaga, should think twice about allowing this person, her message and filth into their lifes) Lady gaga describes herself as growing up several sizes fatter than she is currently. (this is supported through photographs and video's) It is not clear who pushed starvation on lady gaga. Was it was the record companies who demanded the weight loss, or some boyfriends, or what America demands of its celebrities. What is clear is that lady gaga is unhealthy with her starvation diet, and may die prematurely because of exhaustion.

lady gaga has an ugly nose
She was young, skinny, and blond, but she had a prominent Italian nose, the kind of nose that rarely survives on a starlet. Vanessa hints that lady gaga had plastic surgery.

lady gaga sexuality and the lies to shock people
New York socialites that went to school with lady gaga said she was not a lesbian, and was very into guys. Venessa goes further once again to say that lady gaga was into dressing like guys. To be more exact, she liked to dress like guys who dressed like girls. transvestites in heavy makeup.

lady gaga had no style of her own
Vanessa interviews lady gaga's friends she grew up with, that said she has no style and that unlike madonna, she kept missing her breaks in life. vanessa said people were actually embarrassed at the way lady gaga dressed in sweats. Gaga wasn’t into fashion at this point: She liked leggings and sweatshirts, maybe with a shoulder out. “A couple times, she came to the studio in sweatpants, and I said, ‘Really, Stef?’ ” says Fusari. “ ‘What if I had Clive Davis in here today? I should call the session right now. Prince doesn’t pick up ice cream at the 7-Eleven looking like Chris Rock. You’re an artist now. You can’t turn this on and off.’ ”

does lady gaga have real opinions that hurt?
While lady gaga plays down her dislikes, and only talks about love, happiness, fun and games, it was Vanessa who got the real girl behind lady gaga to reveal “I don’t like Los Angeles,” she told me. “The people are awful and terribly shallow, and everybody wants to be famous but nobody wants to play the game. I’m from New York. I will kill to get what I need.

lady gaga and the stage voice for public speaking
Vanessa, goes in depth about this game that lady gaga plays, and says that lady gaga has a stage voice which is different than the real lady gaga, however it was early in lady gaga's career and she has since learned to only show the game. As we began the conversation, Gaga spoke carefully in a very odd accent—some combination of Madonna as Madge and a robot, an affect enhanced by the fact that she refused to remove her lightly tinted sunglasses over the course of two hours. As we began the conversation, Gaga spoke carefully in a very odd accent—some combination of Madonna as Madge and a robot.

lady gaga explains why she lies so much
lady gaga said: “What I’ve discovered, “is that in art, as in music, there’s a lot of truth—and then there’s a lie. The artist is essentially creating his work to make this lie a truth, but he slides it in amongst all the others. The tiny little lie is the moment I live for, my moment. It’s the moment that the audience falls in love.”

was lady gaga from a wealthy ny socialite family or middle class new york family?
lady gaga tells lies to further her mystique, and she even said so, which is why we have good reason to question her made up stories of how she grew up, and if she was in fact a privileged new york socialite trust fund kid? To hear lady gaga explain how she went to an upper class new york private girls school, may not be accurate of how she really attended, because her classmates refute many of the stories / lies. One of the lies is lady gaga describing herself as not fitting in, and an outcast, while her classmates describe her as a very popular girl in school.

what is the truth about lady gaga's parents wealth?

Did Stefani Germanotta really grow up in a duplex on the Upper West Side? Was Stefani Germanotta's father just a computer installer who ran a company that installed Wi-Fi in hotels? (Wi-Fi is a fairly recent phenomenon, and only required a router and antenna, connected to a high speed connection.) Was Stefani Germanotta's mother an employee at Verizon. Were the parents really working class people with low level jobs, who sacrificed to send their children to a good school, or does it just make for a great background story? knowing lady gaga, it sounds all made up.

how did Stefani Germanotta really get into sacred heart private girls school?
Sacred Heart, is a small Catholic girls’ school up the street from the Guggenheim. “Sacred Heart may have been prestigious, but according to Stefani Germanotta, "there were lots of different kinds of girls,” says Gaga. “Some had extreme wealth, others were on welfare and scholarship, and some were in the middle, which was my family. All our money went into education and the house.” whats the truth? what are the lies?

lady gaga furthers the little poor girl angle
once Stefani Germanotta started the lie of a poor little girl angle, she had to continue the theme of how important material items are to her, and how much she covets what she could never afford. Lady Gaga tells a poor girl story, of being the only student with a job after school, as a waitress at a diner on the Upper West Side. With her early paychecks, she bought a Gucci purse. “I was so excited because all the girls at Sacred Heart always had their fancy purses, and I always had whatever,” she says. “My mom and dad were not buying me a $600 purse.” Vanessa had no answers during her interview of Stefani Germanotta true family stature and wealth.

lady gaga fabricates her outcast personality
in being interviewed thousands of times, lady gaga begins to develop a fabricated story of being bullied and classmates calling lady gaga names like "the germ". lady gaga claims it was all about Jealousy, when she said:" jealous older girls began calling her “the Germ.” “They always talked behind her back, like, ‘Gross, she’s the Germ! She’s dirty!’ ” Gaga has often mentioned that she was an outcast in high school, but other than adolescent shenanigans like these, her friends do not share this recollection. “She was always popular,” says Julia Lindenthal, Marymount ’04. “I don’t remember her experiencing any social problems or awkwardness.”

lady gaga gets her first tattoo at age 15
lady gaga had her first tattoo: a G clef on her lower back. (“Before I made my first big music video, I decided to turn that tattoo into a huge side piece,” she says. “I just couldn’t face the world with a tramp stamp.”)

before lady gaga's starvation diet she had big breasts
“At that time, my breasts were much bigger, and firm, and delicious.” (Another high-school nickname: Big Boobs McGee.) but then she started to starve herself and do drugs, and she lost the big boobs.
Theft of iconic pop stars
Besides stealing iconic images from david bowie, liza minelli and even hiring the creative team behind madonna's iconic video's, lady Gaga channeled Andy Warhol. She stole his iconic round black glasses and his wigs, and started talking like him. “It’s as if I’ve been shouting at everyone, and now I’m whispering and everybody’s leaning in to hear me,” she says. “I’ve had to shout for so long because I was only given five minutes, but now I’ve got fifteen. Andy said you only needed fifteen minutes.”

How many friends and helpers did gaga dump to become famous?
The bitterness of friends lady gaga once counted, turned sour when she dumped them. Its not that she reinvented herself without them, its that she has a cruel and mean streak, and cannot be trusted. With her new lies, came a new circle of friends. She started her own Andy Warhol styled Factory, or the “Haus of Gaga,” as she likes to call her entourage. There’s Ã…kerlund; Gibson; her manager, Troy Carter; and the core team of stylist Nicola Formichetti and her primary collaborator Matt Williams, an art-school graduate whom she calls “Dada” (they have dated on and off during the past couple years).

after a couple charted hits the fashion designers came knocking
In May 2009, after lady gaga released “Paparazzi,” a seven-minute video—thrown off the top of her mansion by her boyfriend, she’s reborn as the robot from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis—she became the haute-fashion world’s pet. “Gaga had some archival pieces from Thierry Mugler, but after ‘Paparazzi,’ everything changed,” says a former member of the Haus. “It happened in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, every fashion designer in the world was e-mailing her images.”

wigs make great drama
lady Gaga figured out if she copies andy warhol with wearing wigs, she could become dramatic to the press and interesting to the public. If she could steal the lightning bolts from david bowie's face makeup, and the wigs he wore, she would look different. After all, it was from the seventies and none of her young audience ever saw anything like it before. The theft from iconic superstarsd, becomes lady gaga's trademark.

lady gaga says anyone can do what she has done
Vanessa writes:"It’s an unlikely rise, and an unlikely name, and a totally unreal image. Lady gaga comments “I believe that everyone can do what I’m doing. I’m just a girl from New York City who decided to do this"

While reading the story from new york magazine, I realized that lady gaga must have been reading the rob tencer public relations how to guides, which are almost word for word on how to become a famous socialite. In the how to guides, rob tencer explains how to talk differently, how to walk differently, how to dress using props, how to control a room and direct all the attention to yourself. while in most wordpress blogs, you can change the date the post was made, in google blogger, you cannot change the date. Some of my other proof was destroyed when robtencerpr.com was hacked and the site was deleted, before its reincarnation.

I don't take the credit for lady gaga, or even simulate that I had anything to do with her. Using whatever angle is necessary to become famous is all I ever preach, without causing harm to yourself or others. I also believe it does not matter what you look like, fat or thin, tall or short, or what you sound like. everyone can become famous, if they figure out their talents and let the world know about them. Lady gaga has a real talent for singing, and this talent has not even been on display, besides the youtube videos of some pre-gaga performances.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

taylor momsen paparazzi video is a fake gossip girl stunt

Why is taylor momsen (gossip girl jenny) making a fake paparazzi video? is it for a sports gym equinox? a shoe company nike or adiddas? maybe its for gossip girl? or maybe the video site funny or die? not sure why, but we do know taylor momsen used a stunt double to perform her stunts. This is nothing llke a ny socialite, and not even like lady gaga

Monday, March 22, 2010

lady gaga shocks us by poisoning the family dog

What's the Shock value of murdering a family dog with rat poison?

teaches your kids how to kill the family dog.

Lady Gaga plans the murder of the family dog in her new telephone video.
What's the Shock value of murdering a family dog with rat poison?

Lady Gaga dances around the dead family dog in her new telephone video.
What's the Shock value of murdering a family dog with rat poison?

If you take the point of view, that Lady Gaga is trying to sell her music, by attracting people to over the top antics of music videos, than its not so bad. However, if you understand the age group and demographics of little girls who listen to lady gaga, it should begin to scare the parents.

Lady Gaga is the NY Socialite that most people judge new york socialites by.

It used to be paris hilton's job to make socialites look bad and uncontrollable, but since she was over exposed and lost her edge, the world lacked bad manners from a socialite. Lady Gaga is now in sole possession of "what is a young socialite?", but what makes this worse than paris hilton is that lady gaga represents NY SOCIALITES while paris hilton represented the west coast BEVERLY HILLS SOCIALITES.

Lady Gaga is seen glamorizing murder and teaching her young teen fans how to kill the family dog. What's the Shock value of murdering a family dog with rat poison?

lady gaga is daring the parents to take a stand. will this bold thinking make her bigger with the children, as she becomes more hated by their parents?

Or will kids understand that what lady gaga is presenting is terrible and disgusting ludeness, with the only reason to present herself in this way is to sell music.

if you look at the early videos of lady gaga, before she became who she is today, you see a very talented young lady who wows the audience with talent, but leaves no lasting remembrance. lady gaga had to do something drastic in her career, and that was the shock treatment she created with lady gaga. I have learned from my love of professional wrestling that a TV or public personality no matter good or bad, can never turn it off and must show that personality at all times. we know from seeing the old lady gaga, that this persona is fake, but has great results.
does lady gaga have the self confidence to turn off the shock,and just give us the talent?

looking at someone similar to lady gaga's career, gene simmons of the rock and roll band kiss, hid behind white face makeup and demonic costumes for most of his career, but found that people loved him no matter if he hid behind the persona, or if he was just being himself. Occasionally fans demand he put the makeup back on, for american idol performances or advertisers request the makeup in dr. pepper commercials, but the public know that its really gene simmons the father, behind the mask.

besides a great halloween costume, do you really want your daughters to be like lady gaga, the shocker, who poisons people or animals with rat poison in their food? lady gaga cannot have it both ways. while lady gaga tries to have a strong voice of what is ok and not ok in the world, she demonstrates a lack of caring, by keeping a continued theme of killing people and pets with rat poison in their food and drinks.


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