Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mams Taylor Mixed Martial Arts Master Fights Fair

Reggie Titan's Exclusive Interview With Soon To Be Hip Hop MEGA-STAR Mams Taylor

Mixed Martial Arts master Mams Taylor, might be most well known for his fight with Jesse Metcalf (Desperate Housewives), which happened to be captured on video by someone who sold it to TMZ.com, but this is not what Mams wants people to remember him for.

In a recent interview with Mams Taylor, I asked Mams Taylor many questions regarding his fighting style of mixed martial arts, his connection with UFC, and how he got so many famous women to be in his LA Girls music video.

What is Mixed martial arts?

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a combat sport in which a wide variety of fighting techniques are used, including striking and grappling.

What is the UFC?

In 1993, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), based on the concept of pitting different fighting styles against each other in competition with minimal rules, in an attempt to determine which system would be more effective in a real, unregulated combat situation.

The sport of MMA grown rapidly, to the point of setting pay-per-view records.

Reggie – What do you want to be most known for? The fight with Jesse Metcalf, or the LA Girls video or something else?

Mams – I want to be remembered as a good person, and no matter how corny this sounds, it's the truth. I want to be remembered as contributing to making the world a better place.
The message I want to leave with people is to do what feels right in your life and to live for the moment. In this way, you can't go wrong by being remembered in this way.

jesse metcalf
Jesse Metcalf
jesse metcalf

Reggie – what is your connection to UFC?

Mams - while I don't have any formal connections to the UFC, some of my best friends are fighters. I love the sport of mixed martial arts, and yes I am also a MMA fighter.

Reggie – Do you have a temper?

Mams – Yes I have a temper, that I am working on controlling. I can beat up people, but that's not my style, to just fight anyone. I have old school mentality of if I am wronged, that we should be able to settle things outside, and after the fight we go back inside and have a beer together. Unfortunately things are not like this in real life, and it could get deadly if I ever tried going outside with a guy who might be carrying a gun. So yes I have a temper, but I control it.

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