Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lady Gaga Birthday present to Moe Howard of the 3 Stooges seen in alejandro music video

Happy Birthday Moe!

Lady Gaga makes dancers get moe haircut for alejandro video

What do Jewish New York Socialites know about catholic symbolism?

First of all, I am a jewish man, and don't understand the symbolism of a nun and what it stands for in the catholic church. I don't care how they dress, if they carry beads, and how they use crosses. Its not ignorance, but a different religion, I never studied that religion, and never dated a catholic girl. Mixing religious symbolism and sex is done for one purpose, to get attention. That I understand.

 Lady gaga copies madonna VOGUE

Lady gaga copies MADONNA but gets nowhere

Lady gaga video's don't have the same effect as Madonna video's did in the eighties, because they have seen it all before. Yes the catholic church will scream and demand a removal of the video's, but the world of music no longer revolves around MTV for watching music video's.

Happy Birthday Moe!
Is that a naked lady gaga?

Yes! its lady gaga showing her naked body to men with Moe haircuts!

My analysis of the Alejandro video is therefore from a Jewish New York Socialite point of view.

The first thing that came to mind was that all the men in Lady Gaga's video looked like they got Moe Howard haircuts. (Moe Howard of the 3 stooges) When I went to look for Moe Howard info on google, I realised today is Moe Howard's birthday.

Lady Gaga has sex with a moe howard look-a-like
 Lady Gaga shows more sexy lingerie in Alejandro music video

Rather than bore you with anti-christ, anti-church, madonna wannabe copies that Lady gaga might have been trying for, the real message of the alejandro video from lady gaga, is a happy birthday to Moe Howard.

Are those wrestling trunks on the moe dancers?
Wrestling trunks on the moe dancers while lady gaga wears lingerie

Is lady gaga trying to say, that women of the catholic church are also guilty of sexual deeds, or is she trying to say that the good looking nuns do realize their sexual fantasies? While lady gaga does look more feminine in this video, with less makeup and shorter hair than in previous videos, she can no longer be mistaken for a transvestite or a transgender.  No sexual organ bulges this time.

While lady gaga hired very fit male dancers, she gave them all Moe Howard haircuts, to pay respect to one of the greatest New York entertainers of all time.

Besides the visual copy cat, she also takes the sound of musical hits, stealing the sound of madonna's "la isla bonita" and ace of base's "Don't turn around". Its not enough that lady gaga steals (borrows) the iconic images of people like madonna, david bowie and andy warhol, she now seems to need to copy the sound of big selling hits. This formula has worked so far, but as people tire of lady gaga, all that will be left is the talent no longer needing the showbiz marketing. Is it enough to keep lady gaga making hit music?

Yes, it is.

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