Saturday, November 14, 2009

lady gaga seduces us with emotional buttons in bad romance

lady gaga bad romance video and visuals make for a great david lachapelle styled video

lady gaga visual expressions enhanced with digital effects
to give an almost anime cartoon effect, lady gaga's eye are enlarged

lady gaga close up shows pure emotion, almost resulting in crying.

the close up hypnotizes the viewer, while lady gaga seemingly wears no makeup visualises a stripped down defenseless pretty girl.

the close up continues with looks of emotion to continually draw attention to how sweet and pure lady gaga visualises herself.

Emotional hot buttons as a marketing tool, is what draws a larger audience to lady gaga. In this blog I will tear everything down peice by peice to show you some techiques you can use in your life to gain attention and become the center peice.

1. visual stimulation

lady gaga uses beauty and fashion to gain attention.
It really does not matter if lady gaga designed the costumes, shoes, glasses, cosmetics, nail polish, props, masks, wigs, gloves.

2. sexual stimulation

lady gaga uses sex to sell her image. lady gaga uses high heels, lingerie, crawling around the floor, submission, s&m, bedroom visuals. lady gaga shows a lot of skin and partial nudity in many parts of the video bad romance. choregraphy that is designed to stimulate.

lady gaga obscene video
 lady gaga gratuitous
 lady gaga seducing

lady gaga also has an enormous selection of lingerie, and she uses it all throughout bad romance.

lady gaga crawling around the floor in lingerie is a very sexual visual stimulation.

3. victimization stimulation

lady gaga is kidnapped, locked up, force fed and forced to drink, forced to dress in lingerie, forced to dance in front of men (and a couple women) then auctioned and sold to the highest bidder.

lady gaga vicim of people trafficing

lady gaga forced to perform in a people trafficing auction

lady gaga forced to wash

lady gaga forced to wear potato sack trench by burberry

lady gaga forced to drink vodka out of champaign glass

lady gaga gets revenge wearing black lingerie and smoking cigarettes

get a load of the designer shoes and lingerie (close up)

winner of people trafficing lady gaga auction

lice people trafficing lady gaga auction online bidding

a lot of s&m leather and gags on these guys and gals

4. revenge stimulation

lady gaga empowers herself by seeking revenge in a fireball directed at her captors.
5. product placement
videos are not free for interscope and they saught some way to pay for the enormous budget of the bad romance video. vodka bottles, sound systems, vita water, shoes, glasses are all forms of product placement.

parrot and starck sound system

carrera sunglasses with heavy makeup

nemiroff vodka from ukraine

6. anger / hatred stimulation
besides the people trafficing angle, lady gaga really wanted to offend people as well when she dressed in furs which still had the head of the animal attached. If you look on the walls, you will see dear heads, although it was the criminals home. Still the point is the strong emotional imagery that lady gaga attacks your senses.
7. tattoo artwork on lady gaga
I have not noticed the lady gaga left inside arm tattoo before the bad romance video. here are all of the lady gaga tattoo's shown in the bad romance video

Lady gaga shows off her new tattoo in bad romance video

lady gaga new tattoo and digital enhanced eyes
lady gaga tattoo

lady gaga tattoo

lady gaga tattoo's

lady gaga lingerie and tattoo

(note the spirit fingers - to add drama)


Mouthwash said...

wow. That was an amazing breakdown of the video. Thank you!



Andrea Haid said...

Gaga's eyes aren't digitally enhanced, she is wearing special contacts to make her eyes look big in the bath scene. I think this article is pretty ridiculous. You're trying to say that Gaga manipulates people into liking her??? You list the things you think Gaga uses to 'sell her image' but you don't really say why people would just buy these things unquestioningly... Do you think the general public just eats something up because it is sexual? Do you think this is negative or positive? You aren't really backing up your empty argument or even stating a point of view.

Anonymous said...

If you could demonstrate intelligence with correct spelling and grammar your evaluation would be more credible.

Anonymous said...

Andrea, you are clearly part of the brainwashed masses. Seek help immediately.

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