Wednesday, April 28, 2010

lady gaga tattoo close-ups

before lady gaga was lady gaga,
lady gaga may have only had 1 peace tattoo, on her inside wrist.

with an alter-ego, who is loud in voice and character and likes to dress like a boy dressing like a girl, may have come bigger and bolder tattoo's. lady gaga was quoted saying she modified an ugly tattoo on her ass and hip, because she could not face the world with a tramp stamp. She made a relatively small tattoo, into a large eyesore, that she tries to cover up.

please don't be like lady gaga and scar your body with ugly tattoo's. you may not understand me. I have nothing against the transvestite looking lady gaga. I do have something against being inked for life. stay away from tattoo parlors, jail tattoo's, white supremest ink artwork, if you can even call it art. I call it hatred.

A new tattoo for lady gaga
"little monsters" tattoo

Sunday, April 18, 2010

US Government needs new distraction from Goldman Sachs Fraud

President Obama and the US Goverment need an immediate distraction from the Goldman Sachs fraud investigation. The tea party will demand some type of arrest, and the democratic party will follow suit in demanding some type of legal action.

What I am trying to figure out, is what kind of distraction will be manufactured to decrease the public's interest in the matter.

Another word for this fraud is a scam to defraud not only America but the World by a bunch of con men. Their scheme couldn't fail.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is accusing Goldman Sachs of “[creating] and [selling] a mortgage investment that was secretly devised to fail,” according to The New York Times. The investment in question, Abacus 2007-AC1, was the brainchild of hedge-funder John A. Paulson. The Times reports: “Goldman let Mr. Paulson select mortgage bonds that he wanted to bet against—the ones he believed were most likely to lose value—and packaged those bonds into Abacus 2007-AC1, according to the S.E.C. complaint. Goldman then sold the Abacus deal to investors like foreign banks, pension funds, insurance companies and other hedge funds.” 

Will the volcanic ash make its way to the USA and close down airports across the USA like its doing in europe?

Will there be new developments in Afghanistan?

Will Israel be the scapegoat, and have to give away more land?

Will it be Iran, Pakistan, Latin America, Greece who comes to the rescue of President Obama?

Another mine disaster, or possibly the grilling of the man in charge of the safety violations?

What will it be? Who will it be? Where will it be? Its only a matter of time, before something must happen.

Even if the distractions don't work, and goldman sachs is fined, it won't put a dent in the amount of money they stole from us over the years. It's like placing a fine on a professional basketball player of $500, compared to their $30 million dollar annual salary.

The only real way to punish them is to close them down, confiscate the money, and take away the crooks in handcuffs. It all must be televised, and they must be in jail longer than paris hilton or keifer sutherland served. Taking down goldman sachs, would also mean going after politicians and lawmakers who were complicit in the scheme and wrote the laws that aided in the fraud.

Distractions are a key ingredient in damage control or strategic communications. This is PR at its best.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Why can't HBO make Spartacus type shows?

Why can't HBO make Spartacus type shows?

While HBO's ROME was heavy on story lines, it was weak on everything else, including an anti-climatic ending. While New York Socialites fell in love with some of the characters, we felt cheated that HBO, cut the show short. The main actors were quickly gobbled up for US TV networks.

While researching this post, I found this bit of terrific news about HBO's ROME:

Rome creator Bruno Heller has finished the script for the sequel which will be set in Germany four years after the show ended. Both lead actors Ray Stevenson (Titus Pullo) and Kevin McKidd (Lucius Vorenus) will be back. Apperently, Vorenus survived the show after all. The HBO original series lasted two seasons.

Also, while researching spartacus, I found the history of the real spartacus:

was kirk douglas the best spartacus?

Rome needed workers to maintain its wealth. The first conquered people were welcomed as Roman citizens, but after 265BC, many conquered people were auctioned off as slaves. A great deal of the grandeur of Rome was created by the grueling labor of slaves.

A slave named Spartacus led a revolt against the Romans 73BC. Spartacus built an army of thousands of soldiers from slaves he and his followers liberated. The slaves resisted the Roman army for more than two years and plundered the Italian countryside.

The Roman councils sent an army of 40,000 soldiers to defeat the slave revolt. Spartacus was killed in battle, but six thousand of his soldiers were taken prisoner and crucified. Crucifixion is a form of execution where the prisoner is nailed to a cross and left to die a slow, painful death. Crosses stretched for miles along the Apian Way, one of Rome’s most traveled roadways. They served as a gruesome reminder of the strength and the brutality of the Roman army.

Then there is the starz version of the spartacus history:

The historical Spartacus lived from 109 to 71 BC. A slave and gladiator, he led an uprising against the Roman Republic in 73 BC. With 200 followers, he escaped the gladiator school of Lentulus Batiatus, the male basis for the character presumably played by Lawless. Spartacus was eventually joined by 140,000 escaped slaves; together they successfully fought the Republic until their defeat in early 71 BC. Unlike the famous crucifixion scene in the popular 1960 movie, Spartacus’ body was never found.

Zena lesbian princess warrior is unclothed in Spartacus!!! Xena: Warrior Princess star Lucy Lawless

Watching lucy lawless naked, I suddenly remembered how crazy lesbians were for zena the princess warrior. I was thinking that they must be orgasmic over finally seeing zena unclothed. Spartacus blood guts and zena unclothed

As with Xena: Warrior Princess, the show will also feature strong female characters. “I come from the Joss Whedon camp, so I love strong women, and I love big sweeping romantic arcs that will probably end badly, just like Joss always does,” showrunner Steven DeKnight (Smallville, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

The action-adventure series will also include gay characters, both male and female. “All of the above,” Tapert says.

What do new york socialites think about Spartacus compared to new york socialites in High Society?

Spartacus is the most violent and graphic tv show ever made.

If you casually turn it on, it looks like a russell crowe djimon hounsou scene from the 2000 oscar winning movie, Gladiator.

Another look, you would swear your watching the movie 300.

But if you watch longer than a glance, you will be awarded with a very nude zena princess warrior (lucy lawless). Lucy lawless as Lucretia, and please note that Lucretia is in charge.

Spartacus is played by Australian Andy Whitfield.

The storylines are rich in revenge, love, sex, blood, desire and lust.

The hybrid tv show for Starz satellite is much better than any HBO or Showtime production, or anything they have purchased or co-produced with the UK. The show, which ends the first season tonight, is being produced for Starz Entertainment, the premium cable network, which estimates that each episode will cost over $2 million.

Because New York Socialites love their HBO, they are equally goo goo over this Starz premium channel's grand marquee.

If this is the type of quality, and budget that the Starz satellite network has in store for us, than keep me subscribed.

If you don't have the Starz satellite network, try to watch the show on hulu, torrent, DVD or any way you can, because you will be missing the greatest show to ever be on the small screen. ( says you can watch full episodes online)

Lucy Lawless vs. Devorah Rose

The new york socialites in high society, on the other hand, while they try to garner media attention, the show does have violent fight scenes, but as of yet I have not seen any blood on the show. If they continue throwing champagne glasses, I am certain we will see blood.

final note: we wish a full recovery from cancer, to the star of spartacus, (no, not lucy lawless, the other star Andy Whitfield) The second season was postponed due to the ill health of Andy Whitfield, who was diagnosed with cancer. (was it skin cancer?)

 Another update: Andy Whitfield had an untimely death. We are saddened by his death.

HBO may have finally surpassed the Spartacus series with one of their own. "Game of thrones" is the newest HBO series going into its second season. It has every bit the same level of production, quality and story lines as the Spartacus series, and it might even be better because of the acting of a little person named Peter D, and a large cast of unforgettable characters.

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