Saturday, June 6, 2015

Do New Yorkers remember when....

Hey New York Socialites, Do you remember when the top of the blog was an incredulous photo designed to make you laugh, and to make you think? I think it was put together to make it a no papparazzi zone, without photographers and a bit uppity and exclusive.

The stories might not have been the most private unmentionables, but thats how the author felt when making the blog. When he writes, it must be an enjoyable experience or a bad mood and somebody;s gotta pay for it attitude. The new articles will be similar in content and self centered around the socialites in 10021 NYC.

Well the photo is no longer greeting any guests to the 10021 NY Socialites blog, and should disappear when more articles push it down. Although we have stored it here for safe keeping. (Does anyone know what happens when they clicked on the photo?) It took you directly to more information about the author and his TV appearances.

10021 NY Socialites

We have gone through much together, and I hope you continue reading this blog about the socialites of 10021.

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