Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I was horrified to see zac efron driving right at me.

Can someone please tell me why zac efron was driving his own car?

Sober companion and PR expert Rob Tencer, recommends to all of his clients on the same level as zac efron, to NEVER drive yourself. Even if you are not addicted to drugs, or alcohol, or men, you should never ever ever drive yourself.

The paparazzi alone should be enough deterrent from wanting to drive. With all the flashes, cutting you off, and also the crazy fans who want a look, and will drive side by side, recklessly trying to follow you.

Do you really want to still drive?

I was horrified to see zac efron driving a car on his birthday.

Happy 20th birthday high school musical star zac efron, and next time, don't let me catch you in the drivers seat, or any other celebrity. Its not worth the money that the car companies pay you to drive your own car. Is it worth losing your life?

Rob Tencer is a sober companion, and a PR expert. You can reach him at

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

what if amy winehouse went to rehab?

amy winehouse rehab? What if amy winehouse was in rehab, yet was in the middle of a concert tour?

In this video for the BBC, her voice was dubbed for what looked like a live show. The announcer ended the song by saying "lets give it up for the wine-etts"

Is this really just an act, to gain attention, or does amy winehouse really have a drug and alcohol addiction?

If she really had a drug and alcohol addiction, and she continued her career without doing anything about it, it would be a short career ending in death.

If this was a publicity stunt, to create a persona of a billy holiday style singer with addictive lifestyle, who flaunts it by singing songs about it, then she has won the world over with this public character she created. But it might still end in seeing her name in the obituaries as a young person who became famous and died to early.

drugs and alcohol is no laughing matter, and is a serious health condition, usually ending in loss of work, family, marriage and life.

if amy winehouse went to rehab, would it really help her, or would she return to her addictions once she was released? What kind of people is amy winehouse hanging out with?

When amy winehouse was in the usa, was amy hanging out with sober people, or with drunks and addicts?

did she hang out with known alcoholics anonymous member lindsay lohan, or did she stay away from other drunks and addicts?

the best method is to hire a sober companion like rob tencer and to stay away from drugs, prescription drugs, people who have problems with drug abuse, anyone who can get prescription drugs, illegal drugs, alcoholics, bars, and anyone with a drinking problem.

Don't worry about not getting press or paparazzi, because we have seen that they still get lindsay lohan rehab pictures, and you can't stop them.

Here is amy winehouse rehab video:

Sunday, October 28, 2007

alcoholics anonymous immitating life

A very well known drug addict and alcoholic is Rick James. He knew he had a drinking problem, and tried to imitate his life in the video. Was the message futile? When the video came out, music was very segregated and may have missed a larger audience, and the message to stay away from drinking.

Give it to me - Rick James
Rick sings about coming home intoxicated, and other times to high for love. His girlfriend does not like him under the influence, and trys to stand up. "say what?"

Rick James could not seem to kick his bad habits, and even named a girls group that he formed, wrote the music for and produced. The Mary Jane Girls. Mary Jane is another name for marijuana.

Mary Jane girls - in my house

Don't get to deep in trying to emulate the personal lives of celebrities, as they tend to get bored and get risky by trying new things. Sometimes the new thngs get addictive, and they can't quit. It could be smoking pot,drinking alcohol, or it could be a heroin addiction. They all usually lead to certain death or minimum loss of career, loss of health, loss of marriage, and loss of life.

Watch out for whom you are friends with because they could be enabling your drugs and alcohol addiction. Alcoholics Anonymous puts you with other alcoholics, and the strength may not be enough to the daily temptations.

Instead of Alcoholics Anonymous, or in addition to Alcoholics Anonymous, you should have a sober companion for the rest of the day.

Rob Tencer is a sober companion, that will keep you away from the enablers and the daily temptations.

drugs of choice is to smoke marijuana

How does a whole generation, and then another generation after them, get the addiction to smoking, then to smoking marijuana.

The addictions could have started in the music you listen to. Let me explain:

A band called the doobie brothers, exploited the use of narcotics and drugs by not only naming themselves after a drug, but using narcotic images on their album artwork. the cover and inside sleeve and middle of a vinyl record had pictures of joints on them.

Why use the highly addictive drugs to symbolize their band, when with the music and talent that the doobie brothers have, they could have been called anything?

here is a couple music videos of their popular hits.

Listen to the music - the doobie brothers

What a fool believes - the doobie brothers

Long Train Running - the doobie brothers

Black Water - doobie brothers

The doobie brothers may have not have influenced the new generation into smoking marijuana, and it may not be as glamorized as it once once, but it is highly addictive, and once you start, it is very hard to stop. Peer pressure might be a leading cause of why young people start using pot, and then after they are hooked, they find others who are like themselves. Addicted to drugs of their choice.

If you find it hard to stop, and find it hard to seperate yourself from your enablers, then you need to call a sober companion immediately.

Rob Tencer is a sober companion.

eric clapton cocaine lover writes in about a lie.

It seems a visitor to this blog, thinks its a lie to say that eric clapton wrote cocaine. He wanted to set the record straight:

"The song cocaine was written and originally recorded by Oklahoma blues guitarist J.J. Cale. eric clapton recorded his version a year after Cale's was released."

eric clapton has recorded several songs written by Cale, including "After Midnight" and "Travelin' Light." In 2006, eric clapton and Cale recorded an album together called The Road To Escondido.

Cocaine is a song written by Oklahoma singer-songwriter J. J. Cale, and most notably covered by Eric Clapton on his 1977 album Slowhand.

This person sure know his cocaine. I think he was in the music business. Go figure.

He added: "Greatful Dead also had a cocaine song, that sold over a million records."

My oh my, it is such a pity and waste of life, that cocaine got transfered into the psyche of a whole generation. Most people in that generation, know all the words to the songs as well. Why do they know the words to drugs and narcotics songs?

I think we are going to get a lesson next about the doobie brothers and their influence on pot smoking. marijuana aka mary jane. Maybe add to that rick james.

Remember if you need help from overwhelming peer pressure, that it is important to reach rob tencer, the sober companion who cares about you. The sooner the better.

don't be an obituary, choose life.

Rob Tencer - Sober Companion

Friday, October 26, 2007

eric clapton cocaine - glamorizing drug use in rock and roll

What is the connection between eric clapton and cocaine? Why did he glamorize the use of cocaine by singing about it? Why did it become such a big hit for him?

Which came first? eric clapton singing about cocaine or the use of cocaine? Well thats obvious that the use of cocaine came first. But do you think if he had not glamorized the use and sung about it, and created a strong connection between rock and roll and cocaine that it would not be as popular?

Lesson: Don't do what the celebrities and rock and roll stars do. Don't be a follower. Enjoy the music, but don't always take the words to seriously, unless of course your friend or family member died of cocaine.

rob tencer is a sober companion that will allow you to enjoy your life without peer pressure.

kelly clarkson sober

Lesson: If the biggest musicians and songwriters are singing about being sober for 3 months and still breathing, then you know this is a big problem that is really never over.

Why is kelly clarkson singing about being sober? Is three months a big accomplishment?
She sings about losing everything, losing her significant other.

rob tencer is a sober companion that you can depend on for more than 3 months.

Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober

Why is it that the most famous thing about the word sober, is by a group called evanescence and a song called call me when you're sober?

The message is not that bad:

I want nothing to do with you. Call me when you're sober.

Did you learn something from evanescence and rob tencer today?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

How much did your Rehab Stay cost?

How much did your recent Rehab stay cost? Was it covered by insurance or did you pay the bill yourself? Send me your information and I will not publish your name, just the costs.

Other things of importance I would like to know about you include:

1.How many times did you relapse after a 12 step program let you down?
2. Are you on any medication or counseling?
3. What is your follow up like?
4. Are you attending AA, NA?

If you can send me an email, the primary info I am after is how much it cost you, and if you add any other information I would like that as well but its not the most important for me and my readers.

send your confidential info to:

The source added: "Rehab does not come cheap and Lindsay has spent a fortune on it this year. Her first two stays there sadly proved a complete waste of money for her. And I can't see this time being any different."

Rob Tencer

Thursday, October 11, 2007

What do Alcoholics like Owen Wilson, Drew Barrymore and Lindsay Lohan have in common with us?

I recently wrote an article for Helium, where I described the similarities between our favourite young celebrities like Owen Wilson, Keifer Sutherland and ourselves. Find the article here

If Alcoholism is genetic, it may not be the fault of the celebrities and ourselves, but our genetics.
While there are plenty of treatments, there is no cure.

As you have read in my blog, a sober companion like Rob Tencer might be your solution.

The most recognizable treatment for alcoholism is AA or alcoholics anonymous. While I don't need this AA treatment, I attend with my clients. Support, caring, nurturing is one of the ways I help my clients with the disease of alcoholism.

Rob Tencer - Sober Companion

This sober companion can help Owen Wilson, Lindsay Lohan, Drew Barrymore, Keifer Sutherland, and YOU.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

YouTube Videos are very important to building you

Internet video marketing is going to be the next big thing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Why? Because people are watching!

Three-quarters of online video viewers watch more video than they did a year ago, and more than one-half expect to watch even more next year, according to a study conducted by Taylor Nelson Sofres and sponsored by AOL and Google.

In the SEO business, you focus on where the eyeballs are. If most of the searches are coming from Google, then Google is your main focus. The same goes with video.

Try this, go over to YouTube and do a search on YOUR best performing key phrase. What you find will surprise you in many ways.

* First, you’ll be surprised to see the lack of high-quality videos that show up. Video is simply too hard for most businesses to do right now. Plus, most businesses aren’t seeing the value yet.

** Second, you’ll be surprised to see that there are hardly any videos out there compared to a regular organic listing. There may be less than 100 videos out there, compared to a few million results from an organic listing.

What does this all mean?

It means that online video is the next frontier for your online marketing efforts.

Not sure exactly how online video can work for you? Check out the people over at STUN MEDIA for inexpensive content creation and dissemination. Not only will they create great branded content for you, they’ll get you into the TOP 10 rated videos on destinations like YouTube and MySpace fast!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How to choose the right Sober Companion for you

How to choose the right sober companion - By Rob Tencer
click here for sober companion website

If you look around, you will not find many qualified sober companions, and even less that are

available that have the experience to deal with famous people.

Working with wealthy or celebrities

Someone who has never worked with wealthy or famous people might succumb to being bribed

worse, they may be asked and join in the infectious drunkenness with power and the

ability to get anything they want, if they only stop enforcing their sobriety on them.

A women Sober Companion might claim sexual harassment

A women sober companion might not have the strength or ability to stop an overpowering

or might leave on sexual harassment charges being brought up against the employer.

Strength and Character

This job of being a sober companion requires someone with the unique skills and experience to

enforce and keep sobriety in his employer. The person with unique skills and experience is Rob

Tencer. Rob Tencer is strong mentally, verbally and physically and most of all, he is beyond


Simply put,

You are hiring the finest sober companion, when you hire Rob Tencer.

Rob Tencer has written many articles on the perils of employee's who can't keep contracts of

confidentiality, and the agreements that go along with them. He has summarized the key point .

combating and prevention of illegal breaks in confidentiality as:

1. Properly pay the employee their salary and make sure it is satisfactory.
2. Build a bond of trust and loyalty through treating your employee's with respect.
3. Trusting your employees is built slowly, while loyalty lasts a lifetime.

Here is a complete review of Rob Tencer's articles on confidentiality agreements:

Read Part 1 of “How to stop the leak in confidentiality”
Part 1 (TRUST)
Read Part 2 of “How to stop the leak in confidentiality”
Part 2 (LOYALTY)
Read Part 3 of “How to stop the leak in confidentiality”
Read Part 4 of “How to stop the leak in confidentiality”
Read Part 5 of “How to stop the leak in confidentiality”

Read Part 6
Part 6 (sample confidentiality agreements)
Read Part 7
Part 7 (planning a leak to the press)
Read the final part
Part 8 (How to deal with fame)

Now continue reading below

Toxic Lifestyle

The lifestyle you lead, may be comforting to you, but it is leading to a downward spiral into

lack of productivity, lack of health, bad relationships built on toxic lifestyles.

If this is your lifestyle, something needs to change now. You need to reinvent yourself,

beginning with a change that will turn your life around. By hiring a sober companion like Rob

Tencer, you will have begun the proper changes required in your life.

Your goal should be to end near death experiences right now!

The new changes in your life will replace the toxic lifestyle, and you begin to accomplish and

achieve goals, dreams and wishes that are very important in your life.

You will avoid the pain of near death experiences when you stop abusing your body.

Get Help kicking the bad habits

Rob Tencer will help you kick the bad habits, quit the toxic lifestyle and the toxic people in

your life. You will change, because you know this change is necessary in your life.

Interested parties can email
Click here for sober companion website

Friday, October 5, 2007

What makes Rob Tencer a great Sober Companion - Sober Coach - Sober Escort

Success with a sober companion for addiction and alcoholism follows.
You are the most important person, and you are worth saving you from yourself. A sober companion like Dr. Rob Tencer can help you.

We can be our own worst enemies and our worst nightmares, but it does not have to be like that. A Sober Companion like Dr. Rob Tencer can help you.

How much willpower do you have to not eat bad things that will make you fat or make you sick? Do you have the same willpower for naughty things that will not only make you sick, but may kill you. Now think how little it takes for the bad influences to take part in you succumbing to temptation. A Sober Companion like Dr. Rob Tencer can help you.

Now think: "But if I only had someone there to stop me from the first bite. I could have never started."
Think about this as well: "If only I had someone there to stop me from the first hit, shot, drink, snort, than I could have stopped myself."

You can always hide it from the sober companion, but sooner than later, your sober companion will know and he will have the power to do something about it, before it gets out of hand.

Here is a list of articles I have written for you protection, on my many websites and blogs.

I am here to help you, and I want you to never forget it!

Dr. Rob Tencer DC,BSc - The Sober Companion
Click here for sober companion website

Advice / Wisdom / Situations that could have been prevented

1. I am not your buddy, but I will always be there for you.
2. How to deal with fame, and surround yourself with good people.
3. Doctor can tell the difference from a malingering patient and abuser.
4. I could have saved Chris Benoit's life.
5. An important word about peer pressure and handlers.
6. How to stop yourself from getting a tattoo.
7. Someone to keep you looking good and happy.
8. Stopping leaked photos by not drinking or using drugs.
9. No need to write apology letters to fans if you don't screw up.
10. Controlling bad press starts before you leave the house.
11. Controlling leaks in confidentiality (extensive info)
12. Your reputation starts with the company you keep and getting a driver.
13. What good is fame and beauty when you die young?
14. Fame can come at an early age. Are you prepared?
15. Class and reputation is easy to lose if your name is Paris Hilton.
16. If I have a sober companion, do I need an assistant and a bodyguard?
17. What if I mistreat or disrespect my Sober Companion.
18. Protecting your reputation on Myspace and Facebook.
19. Radio interview
20. Building your team starts with a driver 24/7
21. Teens need a good team

I thought I wrote more, but with so many life experiences of helping others, there is much I have not written about. There is much more to write about my work as a sober companion which I hope helps as many people as possible.

Always remember that I can be your Sober Companion, and that there is a sober companion out there that can help you.

Dr. Rob Tencer DC BSc - Sober Companion

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Lessons from watching the Gossip Girl

The lesson learned from watching Gossip Girl is building an audience or receiving fans through strong emotional connection. This is your bonding with people you never have to meet, but they feel a strong connection with you.

Not having enough time to completely reflect on watching "Gossip Girl" did "Dirty Sexy (old) Money" start. I don't have TIVO, because that would require a lot more time in front of the TV. (YouTube videos are addictive enough.) I would also prefer not to be chained to the notebook computer either, regardless of how portable it is. That just means the chains follow me.

We all like to be moved with emotions, and Gossip Girl tonight had me all choked up. By pulling on our heartstrings they build a fan base not only for the geography of the show, but for the strong emotional bonding that is created. We feel an attachment to the characters, that is much stronger than we ever felt for "Sex in the city" characters. This is only the third episode, yet we feel like we have watched much more.

Back to reality:
Unlike the made up world of adult actors playing teens, I deal in reality and building strong public persona's for my clients. Building a strong and unique character that people can feel they are connected with. People, who will never meet you in person, yet feel attached to, is what I strive to accomplish, and what I do best.

I am not your buddy,but I will always be there for you. I will never share drinking or drugs with you (or without you). I will be your sober companion, and help you, when you can't help yourself. Drinking and drugs does not build character, and sometimes is related to the company you keep. Are they really your friends, or your true enemies in life? Are they helping you with your dreams?

Did the lesser known characters really rub ice on her leg, like servants?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Stalking: Future weapons of the paparazzi are here now

It was only a matter of time before the multi million dollar paparazzi business would incorporate anti-terrorist technology into going one step beyond equipment failures, up skirts, shear see throughs and nipple slips.

Welcome to the new age of stalking, surveillance and invasion of privacy.

Welcome to the backscatter x-ray camera.

By pointing a backscatter x-ray camera in your direction (red carpet, paparazzi walking the dog, shopping, eating, dancing or just your everyday activities, the images captured of you appear as if the object is not wearing clothes.

Originally developed in Israel to try and stop suicide bombers before they reach populated targets, is now a reality on celebrity stalkers and deviant people with enough money to purchase one of these very expensive cameras.

While the implications are mind boggling, what will need to change is new laws and the way people dress. You will need to be aware that the camera can see through your clothes.

note: similar technology has been developed called millimeter-wave imaging which uses non-radioactive electromagnetic waves to produce images.

contributing information:

But critics, including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), say the machine constitutes an invasion of privacy as it can display graphic images of nude bodies and its use could pave the way to widespread abuse of the images taken, with some possibly being posted or traded on the internet.

"People expect privacy underneath their clothing and they shouldn't have to reveal themselves in that way," Jay Stanley, a privacy expert with the ACLU, said.

"This doesn't only concern genitals but body size, body shape and other things like evidence of mastectomies, colostomy appliances or catheter tubes.

"These are very personal things that people have every right to keep private and personal, aside from the modesty consideration of not wanting to be naked."

New In Box ... Binocular with 8.2 Mega Pixel X Ray
Camera ... You can make a picture of everything you
see in the binoculars ... See through some type of
clothing material, mostly swimwear and many types of
synthetic materials ... Works indoors or outdoors.


2 Inch LCD Screen, TV Out (PAL/NTSC), USB, Tripod
Mounting, SD / MMC Card Slot ... 8 x 32 mm Binocular
... 2 Mega Pixel Digital Camera ... Coated Lens.

For more information, please call: 0815 999 8110 (no
SMS please).

Warning: Communication with adults on the internet. Beware of bad people

In my quest to help teens become famous, it becomes increasingly important to have parent supervision. If you are chosen for the open auditions and casting for HSM 3 or other teen movie or TV projects, you must have your parents supervision and permission.

Here is a recent correspondence with a teen and myself:

I have thousands of emails a day, 100's of video auditions a day, and no time for your questions. I have a website where I offer help at no charge, to teens at Rob Tencer Website and my blogs that also help teens become famous. I charge thousands of dollars a month to my clients. Send me your photo and your video audition so I can help you, and you should be going through your parents, because you will need their help if you are selected.

Don't communicate with anyone online, unless you have your parents permission, and they are able to talk with the professional person you want to work with.

Rob Tencer

It bothers me, that children use the computer without parents permission or supervision when it comes to contacting adults. Some people are good people like myself, but some people are bad, and with online texting, its hard to tell the difference.

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