Saturday, April 2, 2011

Raw Food and Vegans of Los Angeles say nothing about radiation in their food supply

10021 NY socialites may be scratching their heads as to why anybody would want to live in LA, even though they can avoid snow and cold weather.

After the Japan earthquake, and explosions in the nuclear reactors, it was only a matter of time before the radiation went airborne. FACTS: Radiation landing all over the United States and food supply testing positive for radiation contamination, leaves one to wonder why haven't the vegans and raw food fanatics flipped out?

If a person that meticulously watches not only what they eat, but even the temperature it is stored and prepared does not totally flip out at the knowledge that their organic fruits and vegetables are now contaminated, than either they are on some heavy medication to dull their senses, or they have not been informed. Is ignorance bliss?

Even if the vegans, raw food addicts and health nuts bought out all the sea kelp, potassium iodide and or nutritional supplements to remove metals in their body, how long would they need to keep taking them if the radiation is in the food supply as well as the air and the water they drink. Can a water filter remove radiation? Could it be time to move away from LA? Would people welcome LA nuts to their community?

Whats more is that, if the vegans and raw food fanatics food supply is contaminated, it also means they are contaminated with radiation from Japan.

Scientists talk about negative effects of radiation in terms of dosage. If the dosage is constant and in the food supply, as well as in our cells, what is truly the consequences?

In LA, there is not much discussion on this topic while in NY, people might feel untouchable?

How does this effect NY socialites in 10021 and LA socialites? Did the billionaires in Los Angeles fly out of town while all this blows over? How long does it take to remove radiation contamination from the water? They might be out of town for a long time.

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