Friday, March 27, 2009

old comedy is repeated and stolen by crooks like dane

Do people remember great comedians like sam kinison? While many of my readers were not old enough to have ever seen sam kinison or even heard of him, that does not mean he was not great. Young comedians like dane cook might have to resort to stealing his material because it was that good. It may be difficult to steal from sam kinison because his screaming delivery was so unique. watch a video of sam kinison i recently found, and if you know of any more video clips, please send me the links.

Friday, March 20, 2009

while the parent trap made lindsay lohan famous it did nothing for natasha richardson

while the world was given lindsay lohan in her first appearance in disney's parent trap, performances by Lisa Ann Walter as chessy and Natasha Richardson as lindsay lohan's mother were stellar as well.

I personally loved lisa ann walter's performance the most, while everyone fell in love with little lindasy lohan, I fell for lisa ann walter.

Natasha Richardson on the other hand was kind of forgotten as being part of this movie in regards to where lindsay lohan has gone on to. While Lisa Ann Walter will always be known as chessy, that was until she changed her look through weight loss and other hard work to change her appearance.

Why didn't disney's parent trap do for Natasha Richardson what it did for Lindsay Lohan? Why didn't it help break out her name? She was so wonderful an actress, and still young.

perhaps the strong disgust for the redgrave families constant attacks on judaism and israel's right to protect themselves carried over to the dislike for vanessa redgraves daughter natasha richardson. why didn't natasha richardson speak out against her mother and distance herself the way she did in support of aids awareness? Perhaps her silence is why she never became as famous as lindsay lohan.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Did Natasha Richardson influence her husband to play a nazi who saves jews or is that the reason she married him?

About the time that the late Natasha Richardson was dating Liam Neeson, and before they got married, Liam was making a movie about a nazi who saved jews. (Schindlers List 1993)

Liam Neeson who married Natasha Richardson on 3 July 1994, and had 2 children with Natasha Richardson, Micheal Richard Antonio Neeson (born on June 22, 1995) and Daniel Jack Neeson (born on August 27, 1996).

Before Liam Neeson, Natasha Richardson was married to Robert Fox from 15 December 1990 - 30 June 1993.

My question is: Did Natasha Richardson influence Liam Neeson to play a nazi who saved jews or was that the defining reason she married him?

Did the very private Liam and natasha define their private lives by the public roles they played in broadway and movies?

from IMDB schindlers list synopsis:

The relocation of Polish Jews from surrounding areas to Krakow in late 1939, shortly after the beginning of World War II. Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson), a successful businessman, arrives from Czechoslovakia in hopes of using the abundant cheap labour force of Jews to manufacture goods for the German military. Schindler, an opportunistic member of the Nazi party, lavishes bribes upon the army and SS officials in charge of procurement. Sponsored by the military, Schindler acquires a factory for the production of army mess kits. Not knowing much about how to properly run such an enterprise, he gains a contact in Itzhak Stern (Ben Kingsley), a functionary in the local Judenrat (Jewish Council) who has contacts with the now underground Jewish business community in the Ghetto. They loan him the money for the factory in return for a small share of products produced (for trade on the black market). Opening the factory, Schindler pleases the Nazis and enjoys his new-found wealth and status as "Herr Direktor," while Stern handles all administration. Stern suggests Schindler hire Jews instead of Poles because they cost less (the Jews themselves get nothing; the wages are paid to the Reich). Workers in Schindler's factory are allowed outside the ghetto though, and Stern falsifies documents to ensure that as many people as possible are deemed "essential" by the Nazi bureaucracy, which saves them from being transported to concentration camps, or even being killed.

Amon Göth (Ralph Fiennes) arrives in Krakow to initiate construction of a labor camp nearby, Paszów. The SS soon clears the Krakow ghetto, sending in hundreds of troops to empty the cramped rooms and shoot anyone who protests, is uncooperative, elderly or infirmed, or for no reason at all. Schindler watches the massacre from the hills overlooking the area, and is profoundly affected. He nevertheless is careful to befriend Göth and, through Stern's attention to bribery, he continues to enjoy the SS's support and protection. The camp is built outside the city at Paszów. During this time, Schindler bribes Göth into allowing him to build a sub-camp for his workers, with the motive of keeping them safe from the depredations of the guards. Eventually, an order arrives from Berlin commanding Göth to exhume and destroy all bodies of those killed in the Krakow Ghetto, dismantle Paszów, and to ship the remaining Jews to Auschwitz. Schindler prevails upon Göth to let him keep "his" workers, so that he can move them to a factory in his old home of Zwittau-Brinnlitz, in Moravia, away from the "final solution", now fully underway in occupied Poland. Göth acquiesces, charging a certain amount for each worker. Schindler and Stern assemble a list of workers that should keep them off the trains to Auschwitz.

"Schindler's List" comprises these "skilled" inmates, and for many of those in Paszów camp, being included means the difference between life and death. Almost all of the people on Schindler's list arrive safely at the new site, with exception to the train carrying the women and the children, which is accidentally redirected to Auschwitz. There, the women are directed to what they believe is a gas chamber; but they see only water falling from the showers. The day after, the women are shown waiting in line for work. In the meantime, Schindler had rushed immediately to Auschwitz to solve the problem and to get the women off from Auschwitz; to this aim he bribes the camp commander, Rudolf Höß with a cache of diamonds so that he is able to spare all the women and the children. However, a last problem arises just when all the women are boarding the train because several SS officers attempt to hold some children back and prevent them from leaving. So Schindler, who is there to personally oversee the boarding, steps in and is successful in obtaining from the officers the release of the children. Once the Schindler women arrive in Zwittau-Brinnlitz, Schindler institutes firm controls on the Nazi guards assigned to the factory, permits the Jews to observe the Sabbath, and spends much of his fortune bribing Nazi officials. In his home town, he surprises his wife while she's in church during mass, and tells her that she is the only woman in his life (despite having been shown previously to be a womanizer). She goes with him to the factory to assist him. He runs out of money just as the German army surrenders, ending the war in Europe.

As a German Nazi and self-described "profiteer of slave labor", Schindler must flee the oncoming Soviet Red Army. After dismissing the Nazi guards to return to their families, he packs a car in the night, and bids farewell to his workers. They give him a letter explaining he is not a criminal to them, together with a ring engraved with the Talmudic quotation, "He who saves the life of one man, saves the world entire." Schindler is touched but deeply distraught, feeling he could've done more to save many more lives. He leaves with his wife during the night. The Schindler Jews, having slept outside the factory gates through the night, are awakened by sunlight the next morning. A Soviet dragoon arrives and announces to the Jews that they have been liberated by the Red Army. The Jews walk to a nearby town in search of food. As they walk abreast, the frame changes to another of the Schindler Jews in the present day at the grave of Oskar Schindler in Israel. The film ends by showing a procession of now-aged Jews who worked in Schindler's factory, each of whom reverently sets a stone on his grave. The actors portraying the major characters walk hand-in-hand with the people they portrayed, also placing stones on Schindler's grave as they pass. The audience learns that the survivors and descendants of the approximately 1,100 Jews sheltered by Schindler now number over 6,000. The Jewish population of Poland, once numbering in the millions, was at the time of the film's release approximately 4,000. In the final scene, a man (Neeson himself, though his face is not visible) places a pair of roses on the grave, and stands contemplatively over it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Should we be happy or sad about Natasha Richardson the daughter of Vanessa Redgrave?

Just heard the news about Natasha Richardson, the daughter of vanessa redgrave and her skiing traumatic brain injury. She was rushed to Mont Tremblant and was taken to Centre Hospitalier Laurentien.

The first thought going through my mind was not about liam, her husband, but her mother and her support of palestinans and hatred for zionism. Much after vanessa started her plight in support of palestinians, I later went into public relations, and learned the art of spinning the truth and the knowledge that whomever has the ear of the media, owns the public opinion. Knowing this about PR and spinning a story in favor to whomever has the ear of the media, I decided to do a little research into what exactly did vanessa redgrave do and say to upset jewish people, and what did she not do? I figured that this would help me to decide how I felt about her daughter in fighting for her life in the hospital. (I don't wish harm on anyone, and I wish Natasha Richardson a speedily recovery)

What I first surmized after studying the words of vanessa redgrave was that because of public opinion, vanessa might have softened her stance. As I was digging deeper, I learned that vanessa redgrave was stubborn and would do things only in her way, and beyond reproach, regardless of public opinion.

While she may support palestinians she also fought against anti-semitism, or at least she said that after winning her oscar, and repeated it in the media for over 40 years? Can she really have it both ways, when the truth to the palestinan cause is to wipe out all jews in israel and to take over the entire country? my answer is, vanessa redgrave cannot have it both ways, and that by her supporting terrorism against jews and the only democracy in the middle east, she is stating that she is an anti-semite. As an actress, vanessa played holocaust victims, so I thought she may have learned some tolerance for jewish people and their homeland. It appears now, that the controversy she caused by playing a jew, but in reality a jew hater was that it was very good for obtaining press. It kept her name in the press for almost 40 years, didn't it?

Vanessa redgrave and Franco have three children: their son, Carlo, a director, and her two daughters from a previous marriage, Joely and Natasha Richardson, both actresses.

Natasha Richardson played Lindsay Lohan's mother in Disney's The Parent Trap (1998) .... Elizabeth James

from IMDB:
video of natash richardson here

Biography for
Natasha Richardson (I) More at IMDbPro »
advertisementDate of Birth
11 May 1963, London, England, UK

Birth Name
Natasha Jane Richardson


5' 9" (1.75 m)

Mini Biography
Natasha Richardson made her feature film debut as Mary Shelley in Ken Russell's Gothic (1986). Her performance caught the attention of director Paul Schrader, who cast her in the title role in Patty Hearst (1988). Since then, Ms. Richardson has achieved notable success in such films as Pat O'Connor's A Month in the Country (1987), Roland Joffé's Fat Man and Little Boy (1989) and The Favour, the Watch and the Very Big Fish (1991), featuring Bob Hoskins and Jeff Goldblum. For her performance in Volker Schlöndorff's The Handmaid's Tale (1990) and Schrader's The Comfort of Strangers (1990), Richardson earned The London Evening Standard Award for Best Actress of 1990; and for Widows' Peak (1994), also starring Mia Farrow and Joan Plowright, she received the Best Actress Award at the 1994 Karlovy Vary Festival.

In 1995 she co-starred with Jodie Foster and Liam Neeson in Nell (1994) and, in 1998, in The Parent Trap (1998) with Dennis Quaid. Her recent films include Blow Dry (2001) released in 2001, and Ethan Hawke's Chelsea Walls (2001).

Trained at London's Central School of Speech and Drama, Richardson has performed extensively on stage in roles including Helena in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and Ophelia in "Hamlet" at the Young Vic. In 1986 she garnered the London Drama Critics' Most Promising Newcomer Award for her performance as Nina in "The Seagull", with Vanessa Redgrave and Jonathan Pryce. In 1987 she played Tracey Lord in Richard Eyre's musical "High Society". She performed the title role of "Anna Christie", first in London, where she was voted London Drama Critics' Best Actress Award in 1992, then on Broadway at the Roundabout in 1993, where she was nominated for a Tony for Best Actress in a Play, a Theatre World Award for Outstanding Debut, the Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Debut of an Actress, and a Drama Desk nomination for Best Actress. For her performance as Sally Bowles in Sam Mendes' production of "Cabaret", she won the 1998 Tony, Outer Critics Circle, Drama League and Drama Desk Awards for Best Actress in a Musical. She then appeared on Broadway in Patrick Marber's Tony-nominated play "Closer". This December she will play "Miss Julie" on Broadway with Philip Seymour Hoffman, directed by David Leveaux for Roundabout Theatre.

Richardson's television credits include Henrik Ibsen's "Ghosts" for the BBC, also starring Judi Dench, Michael Gambon and Kenneth Branagh; the HBO cable feature Hostages (1993) (TV); the BBC film Suddenly, Last Summer (1993) (TV), based on the play by Tennessee Williams, and also starring Maggie Smith and Rob Lowe. In 1993 she starred as Zelda Fitzgerald in the TNT movie Zelda (1993) (TV), co-starring Timothy Hutton and directed by Pat O'Connor (cable Ace nomination for Best Actress). She played Ruth Gruber in the 2001 CBS mini-series Haven (2001) (TV) based on Ms. Gruber's autobiography.

IMDb Mini Biography By: jack splat

Liam Neeson (3 July 1994 - present) 2 children
Robert Fox (15 December 1990 - 30 June 1993) (divorced)
Children, with Liam Neeson: Micheal Richard Antonio Neeson (born on June 22, 1995) and Daniel Jack Neeson (born on August 27, 1996).

Is a naturalized United States citizen.

Won Broadway's 1998 Tony Award as Best Actress (Musical) for a revival of "Cabaret." She was also nominated as Best Actress (Play) in 1993 for a revival of Eugene O'Neill's "Anna Christie."

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What happened to 10021 NY Socialites?

Dear Readers,

In February of 2009, my main site Rob Tencer Public Relations, was hacked and erased. Along with that site was 2 other important websites that had been running for the past several years continuously.

I have been trying to rebuild those sites because the host had no backup of my pages lost. The loss must have lit a match under my ass, because I have not only redesigned the sites lost, but I have made about 40 more blogs since February of 2009. One of the companies I make money advertising on my sites with is Neverblue

Ads similar to this one for car insurance only require an email to convert.

Most of the sites I built are niches of what I used to write about on 10021 NY Socialites. For instance, I created a blog about my sober companion work for rich kids, where I blamed the parents for the families self destruction.

While I still write articles for 10021 NY Socialites, I have been diluted because of the massive empire I have built in cyberspace. Maybe my lack of articles can also be attributed to my philanthropic endeavors to help save America from terrorism, and the extreme amount of time and efforts I place on accomplishing this task. While I don't throw money at my causes, I do throw myself into them.

Since the end of 2007, I have been working as a United States federal officer with the department of homeland security. I have been doing my part on making transportation in the USA, safe.

Now you know what happened to 10021 NY Socialites.

Dr. Rob Tencer BSc,DC

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