Sunday, January 9, 2011

Peyton Manning needs to retire NOW | Colts lose to New York Jets

After watching the New York Jets defeat the Colts, I will explain the reasons why Peyton Manning needs to retire NOW, before he turns into Brett Favre who should have left the league, before tarnishing his hall of fame career.

What we are now left with, is not thinking of Peyton Manning as the most feared dominant quarterback in the league, but a shadow of the man he once was.

Irregardless of  saying that Peyton Manning's support was not there, or that injuries to key players decreased Peyton's targets, lets face it. The Super star's best years are now behind him.

What we expected in the wild card game tonight was an aerial assault by both Peyton manning and Mark Sanchez, but what we got was a low scoring game decided by a field goal. Should a destined for hall of fame quarterback have made it that close? The answer is no, Peyton manning should have never kept the game as close as it was.

It seemed to me that Peyton Manning played the game to conservative with way to many short passes, that kept the Colts short of first downs. While everyone could see a glimpse of the old Peyton manning calling audibles at the line, and what should have confused the defense, it only mildly worked.

While the New York Jets defense did put a stop to any Colt running game, it seemed like Peyton Manning let us down, and that's why Peyton manning needs to retire.

Do you agree with me, that Peyton manning needs to retire now? Let me know what you think.

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