Friday, September 16, 2011

NFL is to shame over last weeks NY vs. Americas Team game on 9/11

Why would the NFL have caused such a disgrace on september 11, in NY of all places?

The NFL disgraced the country by pairing up New York vs. America's Team on 9/11. It was mentioned by someone I bounced my story off of, that people who don't follow professional American football, would not understand what I am talking about.

I do agree, but this site is about 10021 NY socialities, whom many may have never seen a football game before, and don't understand nicknames given to the Dallas Cowboy's. For those who don't know why this is a disgrace, I will tell you.

Dallas Cowboy's nickname for several decades has been "America's Team", not sure why, but that does not matter. Just know that America's Team is their nickname.

So the disgrace is that EVERYONE in the USA was hurt at the attacks by ARAB terrorists on September 11, 2001, and not only the 10021 NY socialites and all other people living in new york. The attacks did not only happen in NY either, which is why this is a disgrace to have a game that sounds like NY elitist vs. the rest of the country. That is unAmerican.

Plaxico, the convict who now plays for NY Jets, said when the microphone and camera were on him, we won this for NY.

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