Sunday, October 28, 2007

drugs of choice is to smoke marijuana

How does a whole generation, and then another generation after them, get the addiction to smoking, then to smoking marijuana.

The addictions could have started in the music you listen to. Let me explain:

A band called the doobie brothers, exploited the use of narcotics and drugs by not only naming themselves after a drug, but using narcotic images on their album artwork. the cover and inside sleeve and middle of a vinyl record had pictures of joints on them.

Why use the highly addictive drugs to symbolize their band, when with the music and talent that the doobie brothers have, they could have been called anything?

here is a couple music videos of their popular hits.

Listen to the music - the doobie brothers

What a fool believes - the doobie brothers

Long Train Running - the doobie brothers

Black Water - doobie brothers

The doobie brothers may have not have influenced the new generation into smoking marijuana, and it may not be as glamorized as it once once, but it is highly addictive, and once you start, it is very hard to stop. Peer pressure might be a leading cause of why young people start using pot, and then after they are hooked, they find others who are like themselves. Addicted to drugs of their choice.

If you find it hard to stop, and find it hard to seperate yourself from your enablers, then you need to call a sober companion immediately.

Rob Tencer is a sober companion.


FORMER smoker said...

You're an idiot. Marijuana is as addictive as candy. Just as a person may have a craving for candy every now and then, they may have a craving for weed. Its purely a mental craving. There is no physical addiction. If pot was addictive, how would you explain all of the people who experiment with it during high school and college? A lot of people try it out once and don't end up having a craving to do it again.

duggy fresh SMOKE WEED said...

you're stupid. cocaine is addictive, smokin pot is just fun, just like people have a few beers people smoke a few bowls

Anonymous said...

Fucking homo...weed is not addictive. You are part of the shitty, misinformed group of society, and probably a hypocrite due to the few beers you drink every week. Even drinking your tap water is more dangerous than marijuana with all of its pollutants and hormones turning everyone like yourself into idiots. I am done here. Goodbye

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