Friday, October 26, 2007

eric clapton cocaine - glamorizing drug use in rock and roll

What is the connection between eric clapton and cocaine? Why did he glamorize the use of cocaine by singing about it? Why did it become such a big hit for him?

Which came first? eric clapton singing about cocaine or the use of cocaine? Well thats obvious that the use of cocaine came first. But do you think if he had not glamorized the use and sung about it, and created a strong connection between rock and roll and cocaine that it would not be as popular?

Lesson: Don't do what the celebrities and rock and roll stars do. Don't be a follower. Enjoy the music, but don't always take the words to seriously, unless of course your friend or family member died of cocaine.

rob tencer is a sober companion that will allow you to enjoy your life without peer pressure.

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PMCoke said...

Patrick McMullan's coke problem will likely be the reason why his agency implodes. Getty/Wire and others eclipse PMC in terms of quality. Corporate clientele will abandon him completely when his cocaine habit becomes more widely known and the agency can no longer hide behind inconsistent results by paying off publicists and event planners for exclusives.

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