Sunday, October 14, 2007

How much did your Rehab Stay cost?

How much did your recent Rehab stay cost? Was it covered by insurance or did you pay the bill yourself? Send me your information and I will not publish your name, just the costs.

Other things of importance I would like to know about you include:

1.How many times did you relapse after a 12 step program let you down?
2. Are you on any medication or counseling?
3. What is your follow up like?
4. Are you attending AA, NA?

If you can send me an email, the primary info I am after is how much it cost you, and if you add any other information I would like that as well but its not the most important for me and my readers.

send your confidential info to:

The source added: "Rehab does not come cheap and Lindsay has spent a fortune on it this year. Her first two stays there sadly proved a complete waste of money for her. And I can't see this time being any different."

Rob Tencer

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