Sunday, August 23, 2009

What if gossip girl is canceled after this season?

What if gossip girl is canceled?"Did you say gossip girl is canceled?"

Don't worry, it won't hurt this bad.

As the regular cast of teens have moved on to college and becoming young adults, we are left with only Taylor Momsen's quirky character. Can she take the place of the very big shoes of serena and other trust funders?

The real life of a gossip girl from the UES of NYC
by rob tencer

What happens if gossip girl is canceled after the new season, or does not make it through another? Learn the truth to gossip girl popularity, and what happens if gossip girl is canceled in this post.

We always have the real gossip girls!

What would happen if the TV show gossip girl, jumps the shark, or viewers begin to lose interest? Even though the show would cease from having new shows on TV, the UES or upper east side of NYC, would still continue in real life.

Its not just a TV show called Gossip Girl

The UES is a real place, and the families and kids who live in it are real life people.

There are many chuck bass type guys in NYC being born every day

It is a fact, that I write to all the fans of gossip girl. Just by visiting NYC, you will begin to realize that gossip girl is not just a TV show, but real life.

There is much to learn on 10021 NY Socialites about the UES, such as:

What do you really know about the UES of NYC?
What do you really know about the private schools?
What do you really know about the families and trust fund children of people living in UES?
Where is their vacation homes and destinations to relax?

Where do real GOSSIP GIRLS shop for shoes?

What do real gossip girls eat, where do the trust fund kids who have grown up, go to college and university? What happens if real gossip girls don't get in? Where do real gossip girls go instead? What do real gossip girls do?

Places in NYC with tradition:

The tradition of Shopping in NYC at places like barneys and couture designers salons like chanel, hermes, are places you will always find trust fund girls and boys who want to spend money.

While boys would go for little known custom suit and custom shirt makers, girls would be more visible and well known designer shops.

If you consider that girls would need to be seen in a very well known and expensive designer, and in season, when they go to events and public gatherings, then you begin to understand that your access to them is great.

Events young girls are seen at, can be grouped into a few categories.

1. Charity events
2. School parties
3. University or on campus parties
4. Birthday parties
5. Family parties
6. Holiday parties
7. Graduation parties
8. Family business parties
9. Art gallery
10. Art basel - miami beach

This is a partially finished post, to get you to understand that while gossip girl is very important tv viewing, it will not always be around. On the other hand, the upper east side of new york city will.

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