Monday, June 1, 2009

lady gaga tattoo is socialite taboo

Filling your body up with ink is something you do to rebel or when you are intoxicated.
lady gaga goes the route of angelina jolie and megan fox in filling her body with tattoo's. This is not artistic impressions, because most of the time lady gaga has them covered up.

note: i am missing a photo of the tattoo on her left upper shoulder. does anyone have a photo of lady gaga ink or other lady gaga tattoo's? in lady gaga paparazzi video she has several new tattoo's but they may be faux tattoo's. one is like a stocking and garter tattoo.


Marc said...

Well, I've got to disagree with you on a few points. If Lady Gaga chooses not to show her tattoos, it's mainly because she doesn't necessarily want to flaunt them, since even stars have aspects of themselves they wish to keep private. The ones she chooses to keep under wraps could have personal meanings for her, and her only. Not all stars rock out their tats like Tim Commerford or Travis Barker. Also, please tell me you were joking about her tattoos not being artistic. Ever examined the one on her hip/waist ? Beautiful design on that and I give the artist two thumbs up for it. You don't need to shoot up on cocaine to get tattoos, I've got two moderate sized ones and any drug test will show you I'm far from getting high every other day. They're just symbolic.

Anonymous said...

do u know where i can find a full picture of the tat on her hip/waist? i love the design but cant seem to find a full picture! thanks

Anonymous said...

uhm i think ur an idiot! just bc she keeps some of her tats covered may just be bc thats part of her private life or the costumes she chooses covers them

Allisha said...

I gave the one on her shoulder. The link is: Its about half way down the page.. And just cause she doesn't choose to flaunt herself like every other star, doesn't mean she doesn't have ones that have a bigger meaning to her.

abnrml said...

seriously?! if someone (like myself) has a tattoo on their foot, you can't expect them to wear shoes that always show it. not only that, (and i can only speak for myself on this but...) i didn't get any tattoos for anyone else but myself and for my own reasons. and i must add that i WAS sober, and i was well past any stage of rebellion. lady gaga's tattoos ARE artistic. and i agree with marc, the tat on her hip/waist is absolutely beautiful. and i strongly believe that every tattoo is artistic (even if it's of a potato chip or a corn nut) because although a tattoo may not appeal to you, doesn't make sense to you, or you just may not be able to appreciate someone's self-expression or outlook on things, doesn't make it any less artistic than how it was origially seen through not only the person's eyes who got the tattoo, but the artist who put it on that persons body. and i'm guessing by the sound of things that you don't have any tattoos. so until you KNOW (about the inspirations, the symbolism, the reasons and overall experience of getting a tattoo), how can you even begin to judge? (i suggest going to your neighborhood tattoo parlor with maybe a photo of a loved one (living, passed away or otherwise), their favorite animal, or even better, something that only the two of you share(d) and then maybe you'll have something to say. but i doubt it.

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