Wednesday, April 28, 2010

lady gaga tattoo close-ups

before lady gaga was lady gaga,
lady gaga may have only had 1 peace tattoo, on her inside wrist.

with an alter-ego, who is loud in voice and character and likes to dress like a boy dressing like a girl, may have come bigger and bolder tattoo's. lady gaga was quoted saying she modified an ugly tattoo on her ass and hip, because she could not face the world with a tramp stamp. She made a relatively small tattoo, into a large eyesore, that she tries to cover up.

please don't be like lady gaga and scar your body with ugly tattoo's. you may not understand me. I have nothing against the transvestite looking lady gaga. I do have something against being inked for life. stay away from tattoo parlors, jail tattoo's, white supremest ink artwork, if you can even call it art. I call it hatred.

A new tattoo for lady gaga
"little monsters" tattoo


Anonymous said...

There are worse scars than tattoos...

Dr Celebs said...

Most everyone is in love with Lady Gaga around the world, but I really don't like her even when she does try to copy and look like Madonna.

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