Wednesday, April 22, 2009

beyonce obsessed with racism and her hate for white women

Beyonce's obsession with reverse racism and our call to ban the public from seeing obsessed which only incites bigotry and hatred amongst the races.

Talk show host Michael Savage reports that racism is still strong amongst American blacks towards Caucasians. This is a phenomenon known as reverse racism, but its still bigotry of the worst kind.

Why do American blacks like Beyonce, keep hanging on to the race card when they have already won the presidents seat? Racism for blacks, we thought ended, but were sorely mistaken. Racism factually ended with the first American black president Barack Obama, but Beyonce's obsession is still strong in that, she feels white people still need to be blamed for something.

It could also be that Beyonce is mad she was not born white, as her obsession for all things white including straight hair (or straight hair wigs), white girls hair color, White girls cosmetics and White girls clothing proves that Beyonce is obsessed.

Beyonce and her mother's house of derian give black Americans one thing, while Beyonce wears something else by a French or Italian or other Couture white designer.

Beyonce's reverse racist movie obsession, about a white girl trying to steal her black man is typical of black racists who still clings to blaming white people for blacks pseudo inequalities in life. This movie Obsession, reaks of reverse racism, and should be banned by the public for inciting hatred amongst the races. Why in this time of equality as having our first black president in Barack Obama, would Beyonce continue her reverse racist bigotry against caucasions in america and around the world?

Beyonce will act black if she is paid

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Anonymous said...

Wow, was at first all I could say after reading this post. Although I am not an African American, I am Hispanic, born and raised in New York and am considered a "minority". I at times too get a bit annoyed when African Americans or ANY "minority" for that matter use the race card but the reality is that RACISIM IS STILL VERY MUCH ALIVE.

Just because a half African American man is president does not mean that racism has "ended" and to say that was very ignorant on this writers part. And let's cut the BS because if racism were dead we would not be mentioning that the president is black every half hour.

For the most part we can say that the people who voted for Obama are not racist, but then what about the ones that didn't???? We know very well a good majority of them didn't vote for Obama because of his race.

Did you know that the total number of republicans (who are mainly of white race) who went out to vote on election day went down quite a bit because some refused to even acknowledge Obama as a candidate? Racism is alive and it is EVERYWHERE. Hispanics on Whites, Whites on Hispanics, Blacks on Asians its never ending.

Why do they "keep hanging on to the race card?" Because they're bitter and have the right to be. Some turn their bitterness into ammunition and ambition to achieve what they want from life while others don't.

While we should all think of the future, let's not forget the past. Whites have had an extremely large head start in achieving that American dream and "minorities" are still trying to catch up. And although you or I may know a handful of minorities that are very successful, that is nothing compared to the millions from the projects in NY, the streets of New Orleans, Philly or Compton struggling to get by each day.

I just want you to understand that we all get annoyed sometimes but people who do pull the card only do it because their parents do it, their grandparents too , and their parents after that as well. So what I am saying is that the mind set that a White person may have (that they were raised with) is not the same one of a "minority".

Remember that the African Americans in our generation today are the product of their INSLAVED ancestors. I do hope now with Obama people can see that they can push boundaries and overcome hard obstacles. Its going to take time but it will happen eventually.

Also when you say "white hair" and "white clothes" what do you mean??? I know many white people with curly hair and I know many African Americans with straight. Also I know such terms for clothing as urban, bohemian, punk, etc but "white clothing" I'm not to familiar with.

I don't recall seeing Beyonce in a Polo shirt, pearls, and Tod's penny loafers so I'm assuming this is what your referring to as I don't know what "white clothing" looks like. Please post pic...haha just teasing, but please do explain...thanks*

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Anonymous! You expressed so well what I was thinking of this writer. Shame on them. When are we as a people going to stop bringing each other down with such negative comments about each other? Enough already!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I do think Beyounce does not embrace her ethnicity because of all the fake "white" imitations she put on. But I also notice that she puts on alot of fake "black" imitations on. So now what? The question is is Beyounce a racist? No, That's my answer. Who if she did an obssessed move with a white female in it. She did not cast the character's no did she choose how it would end. She did her job, so leave her alone. I'm tired of everyone hating on B. It's not her fault that she exceeds in everything she does. Keep it moving B. AND HAVE SOME KIDS ALREADY, I'M READY TO SEE THE NEXT LIL-J/B

TU___DIZZLE said...

I think the writer really needs a reality check because if you have taken a closer look to all that is going on, every policy that is made, the subject of race plays a big part. Democrats have been labeled as the colored peoples party and every policy that is created is seen viewed as favoring the colored people. If you really want to know, Beyonce has to create an image that appeals to the wider audience which are white people. She has to "look white" because that is the only way she can be accepted. This trend is amongst all colored actresses and actors like Will Smith, Lil KIm, Tyra Banks, Lucy Lui, and many others. This is actually pretty sad.

Anonymous said...

First of all beyonce is not trying to be white she is making herself look cute if u can work a hair style you can work it and if the make up looks good on you wear it she is trying to look good unlike a lot of you other haters so you need to quit hatin off of beyonce cuz she looks better then you and keeps herself up. Second of all just cuz she stars in the movie obsessed doesnt make her racist . your such a fucking retard. SHE DIDNT WRITE THE FUCKING MOVIE. if you were starring in the movie you wouldnt be saying it was a racist movie...if a white girl played beyonces role and a black girl played the obsessed woman you wouldnt be saying anything so shut the fuck up. Quit being jealous and findin someone else to rag on cuz your mad at yourself for being an ugly whore.

Anonymous said...

Kinda funny how you call her racist because of her straight hair, and the "white people" color of her hair.
Black people alwayse wear straight hair nd have it the color of white peoples hair.Blonde, Orange, brunette, everything. So dose that make them racist or just want to be white too?

Hurricane said...

Ignorance is not bliss... Beyonce is an actress. She was chosen by a WHITE man -- Casting Director Ron Digman -- and a WHITE white woman -- Casting Director Valorie Massalas -- to play a character created by a WHITE MAN -- Writer David Lowery -- !!! I have never heard such ignorance, bigotry and hatred spew by anyone in my life. You really need to get a clue. Maybe it is you that is Obsessed with Beyonce. I wholeheartedly believe that YOU are absolutely the one that is the racist. It was so obvious when you made the comment about OUR President!!!! What on God's green earth does President Obama have to do with a dumb Hollywood movie??? Absolutely nothing. The movie is fiction. This is not a documentary about Beyonce's life. It's a movie!!! That was cast and written by WHITE PEOPLE. Obviously there is something (not so deep) within you that is angry and hateful and it drives you to blame everything on black people. Does it hurt you that much to see black people in Lead Roles in Hollywood films? Does it hurt you that much to see a woman of color in a Loreal commercial? Do you believe that clothes made by "French or Italian or other Couture white designer[s]" are only meant to be worn by the almighty white man and white woman? Did Tina or Beyonce Knowles ever say that House of Dereon was created exclusively for "Black Americans"? Have you ever dyed your hair a color that was darker or lighter than your natural hair color? Are you absolutely, positively sure that Beyonce is not of mixed-lineage? There is no doubt in my mind that you are extremely racist, delusional and in need of therapy. The sooner you admit that to yourself, the closer we will be to improving race relations in this country.

Anonymous said...

The writer obviously has an issue with race, particularly related to black americans, and more particulary, Beyonce. 99.9% of what was written is complete BS!

Anonymous said...

This article has shocked me, but the comments have left me thoroughly impressed. I am caucasian and think this is all a load of tosh. Beyonce is not racist or discriminatory of any kind, in fact I am a huge fan and have never heard her use the race card once, despite the fact she was brought up in a very racist country and probably found it harder getting a big break than many of white peers. On top of this, racism is still very much alive in america, in politics, in the music industry and in general conversation, only yesterday i met a man who claimed black people are less evolved that caucasians. Ignorance and blatent stupidity like this all over america is what causes successful black artists like Beyonce to want to stand up to the racists but it is becoming increasingly hard for them to do this without being accused of 'reverse racism' I assume you are not a racist yourself but people like you are protecting those who are from ever being called out.

Anonymous said...

The original blog post is silly for thinking that a "post-racial" society is possible, but the comments are just idiotic. Anyone with a functioning brain knows that whites are the least racist people in the world, because we have it hammered into our heads every day of our lives that we're evil for enslaving and oppressing all the brown people in the world.

Meanwhile, this same process of blaming whites for all the ills of the world has made blacks incredibly and unabashedly racist - especially since as we see in the comments here white people will reflexively defend blacks no matter how obvious the racism is.

So please get your heads out of your asses, people. Whites have created all the greatest nations in the world, and people of other races should be grateful that we let them live among us. Stop apologizing for our success, especially to people who come from countries that don't even have running water. We have nothing to feel guilty about. Did you know that slavery is still legal in many parts of Africa, to this day?

Anonymous said...

To suggest racism has ended just because B.O was elected illustrate how naive the author is about racism and especially his /her own racism.

To proclaim the end of racism when a black man gets elected is to also believe paedophilia would end simply because a five year old get to be president.

How stupid!

Anonymous said...

All i can say is wow. I am of african american and hispanic decent. It is so ignorant of you to say Beyonce is mad because ahe wasnt born white! What because she wears straight hair? She has blond hair? I straighten my hair, does that mean I was I was born white to? I wear this so called "white people makeup." What the fuck does that mean to you? You need a reality check. And about the movie being about racism.. OPEN YOUR EYES, its a damn movie! its called acting smart ass.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you just wasted my time with this bullshit. Beyonce is racist? No, you're an idiot, and that movie doesn't need that kind of attention. How about you go analyze "Birth of a Nation" you piece of shit. I bet your great-grandfather wrote that racist bullshit. YOU"RE AN IDIOT! YOUR BLOG SHOULD BE SUSPENDED!!!

Anonymous said...

this is the dumdest shit someone could every post ...who ever wrote this bull shit needs to get a life

Anonymous said...

Although I agree with the blogger about the racism of this movie, I do not agree with their arguments. As someone already said this is a movie that was largely produced by white people, so putting all the blame on Beyonce "wanting to be white" is ridiculous. The problem is with our society and its continuous stereotyping of all people. The reason I believed this movie was racist was not due to the fact that it was about a black couple and a psycho white girl. It is the two dimensional characters in this movie. For example the fact that the "white girl" was completely evil and psycho and the "black man" was almost saintly. The difference between this movie and the movie Fatal Attraction is that Michael Douglas actually cheated on his wife with the “psycho girl”, Glenn Close. Part of the point of Fatal Attraction was to illustrate why a man shouldn't cheat on his wife. Obsessed had no indication of this message. I did not see any message other than the fact the girl was crazy. It seems that is usual in movies now to make black people almost inhuman. They don't make mistakes and they are perfect human beings whereas white people are usually portrayed as either racist, stupid or evil. This movie just seemed to illustrate the typical modern day stereotypes. I would for once like to see “real people” on the screen not people that are developed in the name of “political correctness.”

Anonymous said...

this is so true . she is racist .

Nongoma said...

THIS WRITER IS SOOO RASICT ITS SO SAD HOW WHITE PEOPLE(THE RACIST ONES, I am not generelising)are so jelous when they see black people succeed in a field that they are not that good at Tu__Dizzle is SOOO right THAT IS EXACLTY WHAT IS GOING ON ALL successful african americans have to sell white image to be accepted by a wieder audience same whith Michael Jackson he only really became BIG WHEN HE started TURNING WHITE! and then when he was a phenomenon they tried everything to pull him down because they were embarrased by the fact that a BLACK MAN was soo POWERFULL you see it every where RACISIM IS HUGE MAN!!!!now Beyonce is the victim when the FUCK will it end all black people want is to be treated equally without getting critised for being TOO successful

Anonymous said...

Lmfao @ y'all idiots with the Racism crapola. Haha okay. You know in the Media they've always made light skinned African women lighter in most commercial ads and other media entertainment you know that? Especially in beauty products. It's ridiculous. I hate that Loreal cosmetic photo they edited of Beyonce in Photoshop. She doesn't even look gorgeous that way. I love her ethnic background of black 'n' beautiful, and broad, beautiful African Americans singing voice. Somethin' thanks a lot Loreal for not making it appealing to buy products from you. I love African American skin, I love Hispanic skin, it's all about Color. I think every race is beautiful in their own way. I am Black and I am proud, and I would never want to be in a different race all because of the change of Skin-tone. Caucasian media always made people with darker skin feel unattractive and think they won't ever be successful with that because of the image of this country everyone gives for open doors. And I hear racism every damn day all because of image and the way people act of Stereotype to what's "Beautiful" of the eye of a certain place because society inhibit brainwashing skills on insecurity.. It is RIDICULOUS! Oh and I hope you idiots know that racism existed ever since everyone saw another color in other countries LONG ago. So since it's been that way as long as it's lucid to see why people still talk about it. Read history! Not even on the Black Slavery shit. Read Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe! EVERYTHING! Black people had slaves but they had slavery LESS. Asians had Slavery a LOT! Indians did, and of course Whites. Racism won't seem to ever stop 'till the human race will end. I bet. You cannot make people change the way they are from a lot of reasons. Hatred spreads though veins thick 'n' thin. Can't do anything about it. CAN'T

Anonymous said...

Save face. Remove this intolerable nonsense from the Internet. You're spouting stuff that you don't know a thing about.

Anonymous said...

Wow..this whole article is just racist lol. Point being Beyonce is rich and beautiful and it doesn't matter what anyone says about her because she'll just be laughing all the way to the bank. Any kind of racism is ignorant and nowadays just plain pathetic. I'm 20-years-old and currently a full-time student so coming from the young and educated you people need to start living in the 21st century. Anyone in the world today, no matter where you come from, can go far in life just as long as you are dedicated. And I know I may sound a little hypocritical for this following statement however I just need to say it anyways...the whites did not "build" nations. Minorities did all of the work ( mostly african-americans, asians, and hispanics). How I see it is a long, long time ago the English felt that living under the Roman Catholic Church was too hard so they tried to find somewhere else where they can drink and screw without getting a hand chopped off but when they finally found a place to crash they realized that they actually needed to do work to build a community. Therefore they enslaved the vulnerable instead of manning up and building their own crap. ;)

rm! said...

All I would like to say is who ever wrote this is completly out of hand and rediculouse! Your accousing beyonce of being raciest meanwhile it sounds like you have a prejudice against coloured people, come on!! I'm mixed I'm proud of it I get to experience jamacian culture & white culture , as beyonce has every reason to be proud of her backround. They're is no such this as"white" makeup you need to open your eyes, you sound like a complete fool , I bet she read this and just started laughing at your degrading stupidity and your lucky she didn't bust out a law suit on your ass. Your issues with races nd colours are your business don't try and make beyonce seems something you are and she's not nuff said && if anything more white then coloured look up to her so why would she hate in the majority of her fans? Think again loooooool

Anonymous said...

This article keeps repeating the words "reverse racism"... How is this reverse racism? It's not, it's simple Black racism.

Reverse racism means, by definition, a positive racial generalization (such as saying 'All Asians are good at math', for example).

People commonly misuse this while implying that any non-White or non-European can not be racist- only White/Euro people can be racist... I'm sure most of you can see the irony in this, since it is racism as well.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Beyonce is NOT racist towards Blacks, This is Bullshit. The Person who wrote this Article.. Who ever you are.. Im sure the Movie Obsession was not supposed to be portrayed at a "racist" thing. You have obviously just looked to much into things. So what if Beyonce wears Italian designers.. Are you saying Black people cant wear specific Clothes? Racism is Still alive yes, So is Stereotyping people, This Article is a Fine example.

Anonymous said...

Pfffft! All people do any more is whine boo hoo and cry all the time about racism. Ummmm duh, there is a reason why people are all diffident shapes sizes, and that includes skin color. Not unless your someone that is scared to death to admit that we are all different, even if people like it or not we are all different.

I get sick and tired of people being in denial of what they are. If a person does not feel comfortable in their own skin, then don't blame it on another race, that is comfortable in their own skin. The only way that racism will end, is if we was to all intermix and mix up all of the nationalities in the world into one huge mess. Then would ever body be happy then?

Frankly I'm comfortable in my own skin, so don't punish the hell out of me, just because your not comfortable in your own skin. It sounds like a bunch of skin color envy if you ask me. There is a reason why we all have different skin color, duuhhh, it's apart of a person's heritage. It's not like a person can go to the salon and say, they wanna be black today, then white tomorrow, or a mocha color the next day. Skin is skin, and your stuck with it for the rest of your life, so get over it already please!

Nothing is more annoying then a person or people repeating and dwelling about skin color, over and over and over and over again, because the shit is getting played out and old to hear, 24/7! What pisses me off is, a person should be proud of what color they are, instead of trying to point the finger at people that are clearly comfortable in their own skin. I'm speaking of all races of people, and say shut up for a change and wear your own skin color with pride, and stop crying about wanting to be a color you clearly was not born to have.

Instead of racism, sounds more like skin color envy to me. People that are comfortable in their own skin don't bother no body. Are people that are comfortable in their own skin racist. I think not! Even a psychiatrist will tell a person that whines and dwells on the race card or racism are the ones that have a problem with their own skin color. It's called being insecure of your own skin color. Race is not the real issue at hand, it's pure jealousy and insecurity that is the root of all this yacking about skin color.

If we was all the same color, I'm sure human kind would still find something to bitch about. I myself and many other people out there do not have to suck up to someone opposite of my race, just to be a good person. You either like someone, or you don't. I personally don't like to eat green peas. But I'm not a stupid dummy to run up and down the road protesting I don't like green peas, to stop everyone from eating them, just because I don't like them. I just don't buy them period. Would you eat something that you don't like, just because someone else likes it and would offend them greatly if you don't like it?

I also don't like people forcing their opinions on me, calling me racist if I don't take orders from them and do what they order me to do. Racism scare tactics don't work on me, because I don't like being controlled and told what to do. A person will have to dig a little deeper then that to try to manipulate me. It's not good to dwell on one subject all the time, or then what ever a person dwells on, will become the very thing that they are against. I conclude, if a person is not happy with what they look like, then change without punishing others that are happy, that don't won't to change.

My regards ~][~AS~}{~

Anonymous said...

FOR THE AUGUST 11 2009 COMMENT, I want to say that you are completely mistaken on what you say simply because, it varies from person to person whether or not they want to be racist, white people aren't the most the least racist people in the world neither is Blacks, Hispanics or any other ethnicity group, The blogger likewise yourself are just mad because there are African American people out there that are successful, I am white and the saddest part is some of us white folks lives are worse than that of a black person.. So please stop hatting on a hard working woman. The blogger like wise this person needs a serious reality check..

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