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Building public opinion through emotional button pushing

This is a master plan that should be studied on how to change public opinion.

This is not damage control, but creating damage to reach an expected outcome.

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Title: Building public opinion through emotional button pushing.
By: 10021 NY Socialites

This could only happen in California, because the BS meter would not get past New Yorkers, who would quickly see through this transparent plan, which is supposed to build public opinion. New Yorkers would throw this plan where it belongs, the toilet. That's why president Obama focused on the west coast.

Why pay people to protest, when you can incite them into doing it for free, by pressing emotional buttons.

While watching an episode of HBO's BIG LOVE, the native American actor said "I have seen protesting before, but not this well organized"

Which leads me to the theme of this post. Building public opinion through emotional button pushing.

President Obama hires a public relations firm that specializes in extreme and quick changes of Public Opinion which targets non working, self employed, mexican immigrants, african americans, baby boomers and minorities without group health insurance. (It also pisses off caucasians as well)

The pr firms technique for quickest results involves Public Opinion based on inciting, outraging, infuriating, and doing so exactly at a time when the white house requires overwhelming Public Opinion on their side. Their goal is American's support of the Obama health care plan.

The plot thickens - RATE HIKES

Who is WellPoint?

Indianapolis-based WellPoint is the largest commercial health insurer based on membership. It operates Blue Cross Blue Shield plans in 14 states and Unicare plans in several others.

Leslie Margolin

Who is Leslie Margolin?

In January 2008, Leslie Margolin was named President and General Manager of Anthem Blue Cross in California and Chief Executive Officer of the company’s BC Life & Health affiliate. Combined, the companies serve more than 8 million Californians enrolled in commercial, Medicare and Medi-Cal managed care health plans.

Prior to joining Anthem Blue Cross, Margolin served as national chief operations leader for Kaiser Permanente, the nation’s largest nonprofit health care delivery system. In that role, Margolin led a team comprised of eight Regional Presidents, as well as the national leaders of patient care services, workplace safety, hospital strategy, real estate, facility and construction services.

Formerly Kaiser’s chief human resources officer, Margolin served as management’s lead negotiator in KP’s historic national bargaining efforts in both 2000 and 2005. The negotiations, undertaken with 29 local and 9 international unions, achieved two consecutive 5-year national agreements covering more than 86,000 of Kaiser Permanente’s represented employees. The Partnership and these negotiations have been the focus of case studies by Cornell, MIT, Harvard, Rutgers, and UC-Berkeley and were the subject of commendation by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor.

Prior to Kaiser Permanente, Margolin was with CIGNA Corporation for 13 years - three as President and General Manager of CIGNA HealthCare of California, and ten in the legal department, including her roles as Chief Counsel of CIGNA HealthCare of California and Assistant General Counsel of CIGNA Corporation. Margolin began her career practicing law with a management labor firm in Hartford, CT.

Margolin earned her Bachelor of Arts in Government from Connecticut College, her Juris Doctorate from Hofstra University, and her Masters of Laws (LL.M) in Labor Relations from New York University. She serves on the Board of Directors for the California Association of Health Plans and has served on the Health Care Service Plan Advisory Committee for the California Department of Corporations and the Legal Advisory Council for the Washington Business Group on Health.

Recently elected to the Los Angeles Urban League Board of Directors, and named Event Chair for the April 2009 March of Dimes - “March for Babies”, Margolin serves on the Ambassador Council of AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA), where she was formerly Chair of the Board of Directors, as well as Chair of APLA’s Strategic Planning Committee. She served as: Chair of the Board of Directors for Connecticut College’s Alumni Association, local Co-chair of the March of Dimes – Walk America; and as a Board Member of the Red Cross and YMCA.

Margolin was the subject of a case study profile by Dennis N. T. Perkins published in Leading at the Edge, Leadership Lessons From the Extraordinary Saga of Shackleton’s Antarctic Expedition. The study covers her earliest years running health care operations and is identified in the book, for publication purposes, as “Rice Health Systems”.

In 1999, Margolin was invited by Governor Pete Wilson to address the California Governor’s Conference for Women in a segment entitled “Wildly Successful Women Leaders.” Also, in 2006, she was named one of four Bay Area “Women of the Year” by the American Diabetes Association.

An avid athlete, Margolin has run 8 marathons, including Boston, New York and LA. She is a cyclist and a cross country skier, plays tennis and racquetball, and enjoys gardening, cooking and international travel. She recently concluded a 4,000 mile bike trek across North America.



For anthem blue cross of california insurance company (wellpoint), to become implicit and integral in this scheme it becomes very transparent that they were either promised something
bigger, or that its in there best interest to play along.

By anthem outraging the public with 40% increases on non group policies, and even HMO plans, and rhetoric emanating from CEO leslie margolin, carefully composed to fuel the fire.

How to organize protesters - without paying them to show up.


The californa panel that grilled Leslie Margolin with baited questions like "have you no shame?", also chose words carefully to incite and outrage with one goal in mind. To change Public Opinion quick. While wellpoint played bad cop, others had the role of good cop, with the role of night in shining armor left for president obama.

The following day, a follow up with a very staged obama open house, with far fetched illnesses and extremely rare insurance denials. (ie. She used her dead sisters dentures)

This is a master plan that should be studied on how to change public opinion.

This is not damage control, but creating damage to reach an expected outcome.

By rob tencer

Additional results of creating the emotional button pushing:

It allowed California's Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein to give her two bits with gratuitous sound bites, when she called the rate hike unconscionable. She also predictably used the incident of anthem's rate hike to say it was proof of the need for reform. (manufactured proof)

This staged and timed event, also allowed California Insurance Commissioner Steven Poizner to announce an inquiry into the rate hike on Monday, which doesn't require the state's approval.

Steven Poizner is vying for the Republican nomination in the next California gubernatorial race, and also spoke out against the rate hikes of anthem blue cross of California.

Also getting in on the chance to get their names in the press were: A congressional hearing will be held Feb. 24, at the request of Rep. Henry Waxman, D-California, and Bart Stupak, D-Michigan. They requested information from the company on its rate increases, calling on Angela Braly — president and CEO of Anthem's parent company, WellPoint Inc — to testify.

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