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Gossip Girl - real schools of the upper east side - chapin school

Gossip Girl - what are the real schools that kids in the upper east side (UES) attend?

gossip girl could be a hollywood writers idea of what goes on in the (UES), or gossip girl could really be consulting with former and current students to the life of private schools of very rich kids. You decide?

Do your parents have the social status and the money to get you into

one of these upper east side schools? How long have you been waiting

to get on the waiting list?

What does it take to stay in school, when you already have enough

money for the rest of your life? Motivations, maybe dating?

Friendships with power families? Sex, drugs, drinking parties?

Chapin School

100 East End Avenue
East Side
New York, NY 10028

In Chapin’s rigorous liberal arts curriculum, students are instructed and supported by a dedicated, distinguished faculty. Small class size ensures individual attention in each of the three divisions: Lower School (Kindergarten through Class 3), Middle School (Classes 4 through 7), and Upper School (Classes 8 through 12). Through a well-rounded academic program that encourages original thought and exploration, the school achieves a balance between freedom and structure, independence and support, individualism and cooperation, and innovation and tradition.

Board of Trustees

Faculty & Staff

Head of School

Board of Trustees

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Counseling & Guidance

Faculty & Staff Info

Employment Opportunities

Faculty Links:
• Curriculum Mapping
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Private FacStaff Area

Ella M. Foshay ’65, Chair
Linda Beard Brandi ’65, Vice Chair
Christopher W. Johnson, Vice Chair
Joseph L. Rice III, Vice Chair, Finance
Dorothy Whitmarsh Sprague ’74, Vice Chair
Linden Havemeyer Wise ’70, Secretary
Patricia T. Hayot, Head of School, ex officio

Scott Bok
Tanya Ryk Friedman ’90, ex officio
Mireya D’Angelo, ex officio
Ruby Anyimi Ditchfield-Agboh ’93
Lisa Hess
Wanda M. Holland Greene ’85
Sandra J. Horbach
James P. Martin
Frank R. Mori
Brooke Garber Neidich
Zelda Owens ’84
Joanne Blodgett Prager ’83
Linda Gosden Robinson
Stuart Rothenberg
Robert F.X. Sillerman
Shelley L. Sporleder
Maud Iselin Welles ’73
Rosemary Yeoh ’76

Trustees Emeriti
J. Dennis Delafield
Harry W. Havemeyer
Cera B. Robbins
Mary Gordon Roberts ’56
Phoebe Rentschler Stanton ’4

Faculty & Staff Information

At Chapin, we believe that the greatest resource we can offer to students and their families is our knowledgeable, enthusiastic faculty and staff. The school is filled with teachers who strive to educate their students thoroughly and with energy, administrators who have an unparalleled command of the needs of each student, counselors who have the well-being of the girls in mind at all times, and staff members who are experts in fields such as plant maintenance, security, technology, development and finance. In the pages that follow, you will learn more about each person that makes up the Chapin staff community.

Note: Chapin e-mail addresses, most often in the format of, are listed on each faculty member's page. Several faculty and staff have addresses that do not conform to this rule; current exceptions include those with last names of Reynolds and Griffin. When in doubt, please check the profile before sending an e-mail!

Our Faculty & Staff

Adler, Sara - Head of Lower School
Aibel, Iona - Psychologist
Akavoor, Prasad - Head of Science Department
Al-Shibib, Sura - Administrative Assistant to Head of School
Allegra, Jeanne - MS Physical Education Teacher
Allen, Kam - Assoc. Head of LS and Literacy Coordinator
Anderson, June - Middle School Dance Teacher
Bagley, Robert - Lower and Middle School PE Teacher
Barnes, Christopher - Middle and Upper School Latin and Greek Teacher
Bartolf, Natasha - Middle School Librarian
Bass, Erin - Major Gifts Operations Coordinator
Baylor, Ellen - Head of History Department
Bell, Charles - IT Support Specialist
Bellantoni, Sarah - Drama Teacher
Besteiro, Diana - Associate Teacher in the Lower School
Bhagat, Malini - Class 3 Head Teacher
Bigelow, Claire - Middle and Upper School French Teacher
Black, Andrea - Lower School Music Teacher
Boals, Karey - Associate Director of College Guidance
Boretti, Melissa - Physical Education Teacher
Brand, Marianne - MS and US Art Teacher
Brown, Danny - Middle School Foreign Language Teacher
Bullock, Vera - Director of Development
Burns, Mary Beth - Lower School Computer Teacher
Cabrera, Maritza - North Door Switchboard
Carroll, Deborah - Admissions Associate
Casado, Rodia - Asst. to the Head of Upper School
Caywood, Michelle - Director of Physical Education and Athletics
Chamorin, Gerard - Coordinator of Student Information Systems
Chapman, Hillary - Middle School History Teacher
Chuang, Charlene - Asst. to the Guidance Programs and US Registrar
Clancy, Michael - Class 6 Supervisor and MS Science Teacher
Clark, Carolyn - Director of College Counseling
Concepcion, Victor - US Computer Teacher, IT Support Specialist
Courtial-Eisner, Martine - Class 9 Supervisor and Language Teacher
Crandall, Carolyn - Class 3 Head Teacher
Cruite, Thérèse - Director of Lower School Admissions
Davis, Michael - Upper School Physical Education Teacher
de Toledo, Laura - Upper School Spanish Teacher
Deevy, Evamarie - Director of Food Services
Di Corato, Michele - School Nurse
Donaldson, Judy - Middle School Physical Education Teacher
Dowling, Joseph - Director of Evening Operations
El-Shibib, Zayneb - Alumnae and Special Events Assistant
Engel, Lynette - Middle School English Teacher
Epstein, Suzanne - Class 4 Supervisor and MS English Teacher
Erickson, Joren - Kindergarten Head Teacher
Farrier, Carlton - LS, MS and US Physical Education Teacher
Forsythe, Susan - Assistant to the School Nurse
France, Shanna - Psychologist
Freeman, Shara - Asst. Dir. of Major Gifts/Dir. of Donor Relations
Gardino, Gene - Director of Counseling Services
Gerdes, Ellie - LS, MS and US Physical Education Teacher
Gesualdo, Nicole - Director of Marketing and Communications
Glucksman, Joel - Physical Education Teacher
Glynn, Christy - Lower School Science Coordinator
Gottlieb, Amy - Class 3 Associate Teacher
Griffin, Lesia - Admin. Asst. to the Head of Lower School
Harvis, Rebecca - Admin. Assistant to the Head of Middle School
Hayot, Patricia - Head of School
Hecht, Julie - Assistant to the Director of Major Gifts
Herman, Tina - Director of Admissions
High, Peggy - Editorial Associate
Hirsch, Jill - Class 12 Supervisor and US Science Teacher
Hotaling, Luc - Head of the Drama Department
Jacobs, Lael - Upper School English Teacher
Jones, Meagan - Middle School Math Teacher
Kallman, Joan - Upper School Registrar
Karasoulas, Jasmine - Development Associate
Katz, Karen - Class 1 Head Teacher
Knight, Kate - Assistant to the Directors of Admissions
Kover, Christina - Lower School Librarian
Krell, Esther - Upper School History Teacher
Ladak, Shermina - Class 2 Head Teacher
Lartigue, Françoise - Kindergarten Head Teacher
Lear, Austin - IT Support Specialist
Lebovic, Wendy - Class 1 Head Teacher
Lewis, Blythe - Class 1 Associate Teacher
Lipstein, Amanda - Kindergarten Head Teacher
Lopez Polo, Remedios - Middle and Upper School Spanish Teacher
Lutz, Barbara - Head of the Annenberg Center
MacGuire, Irina - Director of Alumnae Affairs
Mamelok, Jonathan - Director of Technology
Martinez, Michael - Audio-Visual Coordinator
Mathews, Jay - Director of Finance
Maxwell-Ordain, Angelica - Business Office Assistant
May, Matilda - North Door Receptionist and Switchboard Operator
McKnight, Jessica - Class 2 Associate Teacher
McLean, Clare - Kindergarten Head Teacher
Messer, Samantha - Class 5 Supervisor and MS History Teacher
Minakakis, Barbara - Middle School English Teacher
Morgano, Rebecca - Kindergarten Associate Teacher
Morton-Johnson, Burnadette - Middle School Science Teacher
Moy, Lisa - Middle School English and Geography Teacher
Murphy, Mary - Asst. Dir. of Development/Dir. of Annual Giving
Naitove, Christine - Upper School History Teacher
Neil, Duane - Head of the Art Department
Nelson, Nicole - Director of Special Events
Noble, John - Upper School Math Teacher
Norchi, Patricia - Head of the Music Department
O'Reilly, Laura - Class 2 Head Teacher
Oesterreich, Maria - Upper School Math Teacher
Olson, Emmalee - Middle School Science Teacher
Ortiz, Denise - Lower and Upper School Physical Education Teacher
Pagano, Andrew - Class 4 Humanities Teacher
Palermo, Tom - Plant Director
Party, Andrés - MS and US Classics and Spanish Teacher
Pavlides, Toula - Head of Middle School English Department
Pergam, Ilana - Director of Studies and History Teacher
Philip, Brenda - Head of the Learning Resources Department
Pico, Rosemarie - Lower School Learning Resources Department
Piñeiro, Martin - Class 10 Supervisor, US PE Teacher and Head ATC
Pinzón, Sonia - Assistant to Plant Director
Pollock, Alison - Dir. of Clubhouse, Asst. to Head of Lower School
Prochazka, Lisa - Director of Accounts Payable
Propp, Donna - Upper School Mathematics Teacher
Quigley, M.J. - Assistant Head of School
Quigley, Thomas - Athletic Trainer
Rafferty, Mary - Head of Middle School
Ray, Lindsey - Middle School Mathematics Teacher
Reynolds, Marsha - Class 7 Supervisor and MS Science Teacher
Reynolds, Mary - Dir. of Student Accounts and Benefits Management
Rimbo, Lois - Lower School Learning Specialist
Rutledge, Sarah - Class 11 Supervisor and Head of Dance Department
Salzberg, Karen - Class 2 Head Teacher
Sanfilippo, Tara - Middle and Upper School Science Teacher
Schalman, Lynne - Computer Faculty Trainer
Scher, Jennifer - Class 3 Associate Teacher
Schneider, Emily - Kindergarten Associate
Scott, Carolyn - MS History Teacher, MS Comm. Service Coordinator
Seguin, Andrew - Online Communications Manager
Seltzer, Léonie - MS and US French and Spanish Teacher
Shorter, Jaye - Library Assistant
Shu, Gale - Upper School Science Teacher
Shure, Perry - Class 3 Head Teacher
Siciliano, Margaret - Class 1 Assistant Teacher
Silverman, Russell - Upper School English Teacher
Skillman, Harmony - US Mathematics Teacher, Director of Student Life
Southworth, Eleanor - Director of Archives
Spillios, Diane - Head of Upper School
Sterenberg, Stanley - Middle School Mathematics Teacher
Stillman, Fran - Head of the Mathematics Department
Strock, Karen - LS, MS and US Physical Education Teacher
Strong, Susan - Lower and Upper School Dance Teacher
Sullivan, Gene - Director of Security and Transportation
Taishoff, Sherman - Upper School Math Teacher
Tartaglia, Lauren - History Teacher
Taylor, Mara - Head of Upper School English Department
Thies, Jessica - Head Kindergarten Teacher
Townes, Kelly - LS, MS and US Physical Education Teacher
Valenstein, Adam - Middle School English Teacher
Volin, Carlie - Class 1 Associate Teacher
von Sternberg, Haydée - Lower School Mathematics Coordinator
Wang, Lin - Middle and Upper School Chinese Teacher
Wareham, Lee - MS and US Learning Resources Department
Wilcove, Jonathan - Learning Specialist and Teacher
Wood, Caroline - Middle and Upper School Drama Teacher
Zeng, Sunny - Middle and Upper School Chinese Teacher

Student Life

What's New

Latest News

06/17/2008 - Chapin Class of 2008

06/04/2008 - Commencement 2008

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06/04/2008 - Commencement 2008

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The activities that fill Chapin’s classrooms in the late afternoons and evenings are as diverse and exciting as the things that happen during the school day. In addition to their academics, Upper School students define themselves and express their personalities and interests through their extracurricular lives — examining media representations of women in Media Arts Club, writing fiery editorials as members of the student newspaper, choreographing original hip-hop routines in Dance Club or arranging popular music for one of the a cappella groups. They also come to the forefront as leaders of these groups, taking on the role of president or secretary.

Student life at Chapin reflects fun with a purpose. Students decide what their clubs should accomplish, working closely with a faculty advisor, and then they plan events and raise money needed to accomplish their goals. It’s not uncommon to see environmental club members selling make-your-own sundaes to fund their events, or to see students in the Drama Club making posters to advertise their latest production to potential audience members. The entire school community, including younger students and teachers, is interested in what Upper School clubs and their leaders have to say.

Chapin also offers its students ways to keep busy in the evenings and over the weekends, should girls want to spend time with their friends and meet others. A weekend in the fall might find students on a school-sponsored trip to Great Adventure, while on a winter Friday they might board school-charter buses to Killington for a long weekend of skiing with their classmates. Upper School students have film nights, Club Night performances, a semi-formal and other social events with students from other schools.

Ms. Harmony Skillman, director of student life, is happy to answer questions about the extracurricular activities that Chapin offers. She can be reached at or 212.570.4941.

Click on the Student Life links below for more information about ...


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Caro said...

hey. so the thing is, there are a lot of schools on the UES that are attended by the general type of gossip-girl kid that you are talking about... but gossip girl itself is based on the nightingale bamford school at 92nd and madison... i'd say spence and brearley are the closest ones to being near gossip girl aside from that, and for the boys, collegiate, st. bernards and browning boys are generally considered the best. dalton and trinity (despite that t. is on the upper WEST side) are best fit for co-ed.

Anonymous said...

What's most hilarious to me is how blatantly ignorant of the UES culture you prove yourself to be by posting things like this. Seems a bit tacky to display raw contact information like that. What's the point?

Anonymous said...

it truly offends me, a student in the ues, that people view us in this way. we all work extremely hard in order to stay at the schools we go to, especially those of us at brearly, chapin, and spence. (the three best academically.) i know that many of us are born into privileged families but that has nothing to do with who we are as students. please do not undermine the work we do every day while we all take 3-5 AP courses, participate in countless extracurriculars, and bearly sleep while kids anywhere else may not even take one.

UES Museums

ues museums new york city 10021 Headline Animator

ues museums new york city 10021