Sunday, October 28, 2007

alcoholics anonymous immitating life

A very well known drug addict and alcoholic is Rick James. He knew he had a drinking problem, and tried to imitate his life in the video. Was the message futile? When the video came out, music was very segregated and may have missed a larger audience, and the message to stay away from drinking.

Give it to me - Rick James
Rick sings about coming home intoxicated, and other times to high for love. His girlfriend does not like him under the influence, and trys to stand up. "say what?"

Rick James could not seem to kick his bad habits, and even named a girls group that he formed, wrote the music for and produced. The Mary Jane Girls. Mary Jane is another name for marijuana.

Mary Jane girls - in my house

Don't get to deep in trying to emulate the personal lives of celebrities, as they tend to get bored and get risky by trying new things. Sometimes the new thngs get addictive, and they can't quit. It could be smoking pot,drinking alcohol, or it could be a heroin addiction. They all usually lead to certain death or minimum loss of career, loss of health, loss of marriage, and loss of life.

Watch out for whom you are friends with because they could be enabling your drugs and alcohol addiction. Alcoholics Anonymous puts you with other alcoholics, and the strength may not be enough to the daily temptations.

Instead of Alcoholics Anonymous, or in addition to Alcoholics Anonymous, you should have a sober companion for the rest of the day.

Rob Tencer is a sober companion, that will keep you away from the enablers and the daily temptations.

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