Wednesday, April 22, 2009

beyonce obsessed with racism and her hate for white women

Beyonce's obsession with reverse racism and our call to ban the public from seeing obsessed which only incites bigotry and hatred amongst the races.

Talk show host Michael Savage reports that racism is still strong amongst American blacks towards Caucasians. This is a phenomenon known as reverse racism, but its still bigotry of the worst kind.

Why do American blacks like Beyonce, keep hanging on to the race card when they have already won the presidents seat? Racism for blacks, we thought ended, but were sorely mistaken. Racism factually ended with the first American black president Barack Obama, but Beyonce's obsession is still strong in that, she feels white people still need to be blamed for something.

It could also be that Beyonce is mad she was not born white, as her obsession for all things white including straight hair (or straight hair wigs), white girls hair color, White girls cosmetics and White girls clothing proves that Beyonce is obsessed.

Beyonce and her mother's house of derian give black Americans one thing, while Beyonce wears something else by a French or Italian or other Couture white designer.

Beyonce's reverse racist movie obsession, about a white girl trying to steal her black man is typical of black racists who still clings to blaming white people for blacks pseudo inequalities in life. This movie Obsession, reaks of reverse racism, and should be banned by the public for inciting hatred amongst the races. Why in this time of equality as having our first black president in Barack Obama, would Beyonce continue her reverse racist bigotry against caucasions in america and around the world?

Beyonce will act black if she is paid

Originally posted on buzzhollywood, and refreshed for largest audience here.

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