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Lindsay Lohan's Reputation was not just a Rumor. See the proof in pictures.

Keeping the publics interest at all costs?

After you've become famous, its time to keep the publics interest in you. What you do depends on who you are, what your age is, where you live and if your a star because of music, TV, Movies, YouTube, Sports, Etc... What kind of reputation you pick up is worth it, if you can become or maintain the most popular and talked about public image for another year or for the rest of their lives. However, if you die in your youth or in your prime, was it worth it? Maybe you should learn a lesson from "Driving miss Daisy" and hire a driver who is hopefully your sober comapnion.

About The author: Rob Tencer is a Celebrity / Socialite Publicist who happens to be a sober companion to his clients. In fact he is the eyes behind their head, and takes care of his clients. He is available for interviews and commentary of keeping celebrities alive, sober and out of trouble. Rob Tencer is available for TV interviews by sending email to ayepublicrelations@gmail.com or by direct call to 248-808-2270.

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Parental Supervision by a young superstar

In the case of Lindsay Lohan, she is a child star from the movies, who tried to transition into music. She unlike Paris Hilton, is usually but not always with her mom. Lindsay is also much younger than Paris Hilton and was thought not to need as much parental supervision. Some circles say, Paris's mother was behind her rise to fame. Can that be said for Lindsay as well? How does a teen like Lindsay get to her first audition or rehearsals etc, without a parent? Lastly, is addiction to alcohol and drugs in the Jeans?

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Lindsay Lohans Drugged-out Photo shoot

I saw these photo's of Lindsay lying on a bed with no sheets in a cheap room, with magazine tear sheets thrown all over the bed, and knew she was high on something. She was wearing a pair of short denim jeans and her face and hair were made up professionally. Can you believe 1) that the magazine who did the shoot, allowed the shoot to take place? 2) If it was the only way to get Lindsay Lohan to do the shoot, can you believe what the magazines have to go through for a young diva?

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The famous club photo of Lindsay Lohan Snorting cocaine

Lindsay never denied that it was her snorting cocaine, rather she deflected the topic by saying she can't trust her friends. What does trusting friends have to do with being photographed snorting cocaine? For this photo and story alone, she should be banned (she is under 21 at the time) and locked up or supervised by a sober companion 24/7. Lindsay's mother Dina, has no control over her daughter, but could and should hire someone immediately to be with her all the time.

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Police Bust Lindsay Lohan for DUI, Find Possible Cocaine

The possible means, that it is possible that a great lawyer will make that part of the bust go-away. If I read this properly, she got out of the car after the crash to make it look like she was not the driver. Will a good lawyer be able to also make the DUI go away as if it never happened?

More details of the DUI
Witnesses said at 5:30 a.m., Lohan, 20, was driving down Hollywood's Sunset Bouelvard in her Mercedes convertible. She jumped a curb and flew into a set of trees. Right after the accident, she ran into a nearby house.

"I quickly got out of my car and said, 'Lindsay, are you ok?' And she didn't really respond, she was moving fast," said X17 photographer Perry Farinola.

Farinola then saw Lohan get into another car. He said she didn't appear to have been drinking.

"She looked good coming out of the club and the party that I saw her at," he said.

The police didn't agree. Their initial investigation led to charges.

"Officers tracked Miss Lohan to the local hospital where she ultimately was placed under arrest for ... driving under the influence," Lt. Mitch McCann of the Beverly Hills Police Department said Saturday.

Lohan left the scene and ended up at an L.A. hospital, where police arrested her but did not take her into custody so her minor injuries could be treated. When police impounded her car, they searched it and found something else.

"It was a usable amount of illegal narcotics that was preliminarily identified as cocaine," McCann said.

The arrest is the latest chapter in Lohan's history of hard partying. Saturday's was the third car accident she's had in the last two years. The actress recently announced she checked into rehab for alcohol abuse in January, though paparazzi cameras have since caught her drinking.

The current case could transcend the tabloids: Police say Lohan could face additional charges. Her tentative arraignment date is Aug. 24.

Ronald Richards, a Beverly Hills attorney, believes Lohan could go the way of Paris Hilton -- to jail.

"It is a very serious misdemeanor on the panaloply of misdemeanors, and then you have the DUI," Richards told ABC News Radio. "She could be looking at a lot of classes and a lot of community service."

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This is why David Beckham will never be a superstar in the USA

It's one thing for a man to have a ponytail in his dyed blond hair, but its completly another to be seen and photographed with a man purse. This is pure poison for building an image in the USA. Because of this photo, no other image can take the place of what people already think, when they see it. His emotion free wife, has no affect, as she seems to care more about herself than anyone else. If they have boys, why make them look like girls, with long blond hair?

When we think of reality shows about family life, we think of Bobby and Whitney, Britney and Kevin, and even Jessica and Nick. For Victoria to have a reality camera crew follow her around Los Angeles, it will only alienate them and make them be a bigger joke of a family that does not belong on this side of the pond.

If you want to be more american, have a coke and a smile, victoria.

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The Vanderbilts - a lesson in luxury and wealth for a socialite.

If this were a lesson on the Vanderbilt family on how to use the power and the wealth, I would start with the Mother. Karen Grigsby Bates did her homework, and wrote a beautiful piece about the Vanderbilt Family. After her story, we will disect it, to see what we learnt.

'Consuelo and Alva': An Early Story of Celebrity

The rich are different from you and me," F. Scott Fitzgerald once famously observed. Ours is an era where celebrity and wealth -- and especially wealthy people who become celebrities -- are avidly watched. How else to explain the allure, say, of The Donald, or Paris Hilton? The chronicling of society fixtures such as the Trumps, the Steinbergs, and the Gettys was legion in the '80s. Tom Wolfe's best selling doorstopper, The Bonfire of the Vanities, wrote about it for more than 700 pages.

In the '90s, fame began to overshadow wealth. But fame and wealth is, apparently, a chronically irresistible combination. And it's not a new preoccupation for the American public.

Amanda Mackenzie Stuart's maiden book is a dual biography of two women who were famous because of their wealth at the end of the 1800s: Consuelo and Alva Vanderbilt: The Story of a Daughter and a Mother in the Gilded Age is every bit as fascinating as the latest cover story in People or Vanity Fair. Drawing on years of research, Stuart meticulously sketches New York at the turn of the century, the mores by which the wealthiest part of society lived, and the avid interest the rest of the country had in their goings-on.

Consuelo Vanderbilt was one of the most famous heiresses in U.S. history. For one thing, she was astonishingly beautiful. For another, she was one of the wealthiest young women in the United States. By the time she she'd made her debut in 1895, the entire country knew she possessed $20 million -- a sum equal to almost $4 billion today. But that money placed Consuelo in a sort of golden coffin. It severely restricted who might be eligible to marry her, dictated her future as an ornament for a wealthy or powerful man, and sealed her off from any kind of meaningful life.

The fabled beauty was eventually auctioned off to a cash-poor but pedigree-rich Englishman, the 9th Duke of Marlborough, in a ceremony that was surrounded with ostentation and hysteria. (Hundreds of New York's finest were called out to restrain thousands of onlookers -- mostly women -- who were frantic to glimpse the bride in her wedding finery. The newspapers of the day carried exhaustively detailed descriptions of the trousseau: her pink lace corset apparently had gold hooks, and her silk stockings were held up by diamond-encrusted garters.)

It was an unhappy marriage from the very start, and eventually Consuelo freed herself of it, and went on to find meaning in her life as a political activist (she supported the suffrage movement early on) and true love with a less exalted, but more simpatico companion.

Author Stuart had just returned from India after a few weeks' holiday; she gave us this interview via e-mail while she was still trying to re-adjust to being back on English soil -- and time. We focused on Consuelo's life at the time of her wedding.

Can you describe life in New York as Consuelo Vanderbilt came of age to marry? What defined the prominent families in society? And what made a young woman an attractive prospect for marriage?

Dizzying amounts of money! By the time Consuelo Vanderbilt came to marry in 1895, prominent families in U.S. society were defined first and foremost by wealth. Huge fortunes were made in the boom years for the North after the Civil War, and by the time Consuelo reached marriageable age, the distinction between the new, vulgar rich and the older families descended from Dutch settlers had largely broken down. Consuelo's extremely forceful mother Alva led the attack on this kind of social distinction while Consuelo was still quite young by challenging Mrs. Astor, the society leader who refused to admit the newly wealthy Vanderbilts to her famous ballroom with space for the top 'Four Hundred'.

Alva effectively broke Mrs. Astor's power after she married the extremely rich William K. Vanderbilt in 1875. By doing this, she simultaneously made it more and more difficult for the less wealthy to participate in society. There were exceptions, of course. Some older, less wealthy families stayed the course partly because genteel social codes remained in force. And money wasn't the sole defining criteria: However rich you were, you also had to demonstrate you could behave like a gentleman, or lady. So prominent families also had to demonstrate a degree of good taste that set them apart from rich vulgarians. (Confusingly you also had to be visible too. Without seeming to do anything about it, you had to make sure your activities were publicized -- for without visibility, how would the masses know just how elite you were?)

If wealth defined the American aristocracy of the Gilded Age, it was wealth, even more than beauty, that made a young woman an attractive prospect for marriage. Indeed, trying to make your way as an unmarried young woman at the top of Gilded Age society without money was very, very difficult even if you were attractive, as Edith Wharton demonstrates in her portrait of Lily Bart in The House of Mirth.

How had Consuelo been raised to position her advantageously in the highly competitive marriage market at the time?

Well, after her grandfather died unexpectedly young in 1885, everyone knew that Consuelo was one of the greatest heiresses in America, second only to her cousin Gertrude. There was never any shortage of suitors -- quite the opposite. The problem Alva faced was keeping the wrong sort of man away from Consuelo.

This raises the question, who was the right sort of man, as far as Alva was concerned? She was very unkeen on Consuelo marrying a man from an old American family who would then use his wife's fortune to subsidize a life of philandering and other pleasures. It's clear that from very early on, Alva decided that Consuelo would marry into the European aristocracy, and the British aristocracy in particular. She named her daughter after an old friend, Consuelo, Duchess of Manchester -- the only duchess she knew at that stage. She made sure Consuelo could speak, read and write French and German by the time she was eight. She ensured that Consuelo was well traveled and highly educated. (Actually, as it turned out, Alva rather over-educated Consuelo for the job of an English duchess.)

Alva pushed her daughter extremely hard to marry an English duke. How did her personal history affect her zeal for this match?

I believe that Alva's reasons for pushing Consuelo so hard into marrying the Duke of Marlborough are more complex than they appear. At first glance, Alva's intense desire that Consuelo should marry the Duke looks like a straightforward case of mad social ambition. But in 1895, the year of the engagement, Alva also divorced her philandering husband William K. Vanderbilt (whom she now detested,) and she certainly had no interest at all in aggrandizing the Vanderbilts.

On the other hand her personal circumstances also made it very important that Consuelo's marriage to the Duke took place that year. Divorce was difficult to survive socially, especially since everyone knew that Alva had also taken a lover, a man named Oliver Belmont. There is absolutely no doubt that Alva used the visit by the Duke of Marlborough to her house in Newport in 1895 to shore up her fragile social position, and that she wanted to become the mother of a duchess in order to maintain it during that fraught period of divorce and re-marriage.

However, I believe, in Alva's defense, that she also wanted to place Consuelo in a position that the latter would find fulfilling. To use a modern word, she wanted to empower her daughter. As a result of her unhappy marriage to William K. Vanderbilt, Alva didn't believe this was possible in America, where the wives of rich men simply became appendages with no social or charitable role like that of an English duchess. Alva's rather embittered view was that once love faded, as it invariably did, Consuelo should have a role that gave her power, prestige and influence in the community. This, in Alva's view, was best achieved in 1895 by becoming an English duchess.

Why an English duchess, not a French countess, or some other kind of European nobility?

1895 was the time when the sun never set on the British Empire and English dukes were very much at the center of national power, unlike the French or German aristocracy. English duchesses, by extension, had a well-defined and absorbing role. At least that was Alva's opinion.

It's often noted that when young women get married and their mothers are excessively involved in the wedding arrangements, what they mothers are really doing is giving themselves the wedding they would like to have had, not the wedding their daughter really wants. Would it be fair to say that was the case with Alva? Why?

I'm absolutely certain that this match and this wedding was exactly what Alva would have wanted for herself. It was Alva who felt deeply the exclusion from power and influence of the rich American wife, not Consuelo, who after all, was only 18. It was Alva who was passionately interested in living in palatial houses -- she had already built several herself with William K. Vanderbilt's money. It was Alva, not Consuelo, who loved the idea of the role of an English duchess, though Alva's view of this role was somewhat misty-eyed as Consuelo soon found out. Much of this, I believe, had its roots in Alva's own feelings of exclusion that started when she was very young, and the genteel poverty that hit her own family during her teens.

The notion of romantic love was just starting to take hold when Consuelo married; before that, the more European concept of family alliance and financial amalgamation were accepted among the very rich. Was Consuelo ahead of her time in wanting a love match, rather than a financial merger?

It's an interesting question. Consuelo certainly wasn't ahead of her time in feeling she was entitled to a love match, but even society love matches of that period were subject to family approval and made within a very tiny caste of the very rich and grand -- their young weren't allowed to meet anyone else. But even when marriages were subtly arranged, the young couple was generally given a chance to say 'no.'

Consuelo, however, wasn't permitted this degree of freedom by Alva, who was determined that she knew best. And such a calculating and determined view of what was best, in the face of her daughter's profound reservations was unusual, a throwback to an earlier age of dynastic alliances. I'm not even sure Alva would even have objected to this description. As far as she was concerned, Consuelo was part of the new American royalty of wealth, and love matches were a middle-class sort of business. Later, Alva embraced feminism and was inclined to view the very notion of romantic love as a plot against all women.

Would you describe some of the public hysteria that surrounded Consuelo's wedding to the Duke of Marlborough in 1896? How does it compare to some of today's celebrity nuptials -- Diana and Charles, Victoria and David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston?

There are striking similarities, starting with using a wedding as a colossal opportunity for conspicuous display in order to reinforce your public profile, along the lines of the Beckhams. This is exactly what Alva did with Consuelo's wedding, down to leaking details of her daughter's bridal underwear to Vogue -- except in this case the publicity was ultimately designed to benefit the mother of the bride, rather than anyone else. Then there's the modern obsession in the newspapers, even the more respectable ones, with the cost of it all. Toss in the drama arising from doubt about the extent of real feeling between the couple, as with Charles and Diana. And then you have the sense that the public's curiosity was not only fed by the publicity but became ever more insatiable as a result of it. Modern celebrities engineer this state of affairs for themselves and often come to regret it. In this case, Alva deliberately set out to achieve celebrity for the Duke and Consuelo, against their will. That's less common, I'd say.

Most people were clear -- very rich ones were, anyway -- that young women were bartered into good matches. Does this still occur in the upper echelons of British society?

Not as far as I'm aware! The upper echelons of British society have no more control over their daughters than anyone else these days. You ought to hear them moaning about it.

Finally, how did the vast research you did on Alva and Consuelo's lives affect your own thoughts on what makes a marriage satisfying?

Well, I don't think it's a very good idea to pressure someone into marriage -- or out of it, for that matter. In the end, it's a bad idea to think you know better than your children. You have to let them make their own mistakes.

On the other hand, I've just come back from India, where arranged marriages are the norm. It's clear from the many discussions that I had with all sorts of people in India over the last couple of weeks that when a marriage is arranged, success partly depends on a great deal of support of from the much wider family, not just at the beginning, but for years, which helps the couple to achieve and maintain affection for each other. For in the end, whatever the system, I'd say that what sustains a marriage is affection, an underestimated emotion that is easily destroyed. The worst thing of all would be to start married life without much affection at all, like Consuelo.

Maybe the worst thing would be to have a mother who is so ambitious for herself, she's willing to sell you off to accomplish her own agenda…

Excerpt: Consuelo and Alva Vanderbilt

NPR.org, January 31, 2006 · From page 2:

"As wedding negotiations entered the final phase, a few enterprising passers-by near St. Thomas Episcopalian Church on Fifth Avenue managed to peep in at the construction of the most spectacular wedding floral display ever assembled in a New York church: great flambeaux of pink and white roses on feathery palms at the end of pews; vaulting arches of asparagus fern, palm foliage and chrysanthemums; orchids suspended from the gallery; vines wound round the organ columns; floral gates constructed from small pink posies; and sweeping strands of lilies, ivy and holly swaggering from dome to floor, feats pf festooning over 95-feet long. There was no shortage of detail available for those with insufficient initiative -- or interest -- to seek it out for themselves. The press even provided lingering descriptions of the bridal underwear: 'it is delightful to know that the clasps of Miss Vanderbilt's stocking supporters are of gold, and that her corset-covers and chemises are embroidered with rosebuds in relief,' said the society magazine Town Topics. 'if the present methods of reporting the movements and details of the life and clothes of these young people are pursued until the day of the wedding, I look for some revelations that would startle even a Parisian café lounger.'"

From page 144:

According to one of the chronicles, the [New York] World, Consuelo's wedding dress cost $6,720.35. Made from cream-white satin it had graduated flounces of point lace and trails of orange blossom; a fifteen-fit train, embroidered with pearls and silver, fell in double box pleats from the shoulder.

Did you learn anything from this, beside envy?

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Nan Kempner - what a quote

Her father told her: "You'll never make it on your face, so you'd better be interesting."

Nan Kempner, the New York society hostess who has died aged 74, inspired the novelist Tom Wolfe to coin the term "social X-ray" when describing, in Bonfire of the Vanities, the skeletal ladies-who-lunch on the Upper East Side.

Addicted to haute couture, she entertained on a grand scale, while fitting in regular trips to London, Paris, Gstaadt, Venice and the Caribbean for fashion shows, parties, skiing and sun-bathing.

An insatiable shopper - for nearly four decades she never missed the couture shows in Paris - Kempner's love of fashion had begun at an early age.

Her mother, she would say, dressed "divinely", while her grandmother "was unbelievable. I come from a long line of clotheshorses".

She bought her first couture gown - a white satin sheath dress with a white satin mink-trimmed coat - in 1958, from the first collection by the young Yves Saint Laurent, who was designing for Dior.

Her mother refused to pay for the dress so, as she later recalled, "I cried and cried until I got them down to a price I could afford."

Saint Laurent, keen to meet such a tenacious potential customer, asked to see her, and the two became lifelong friends. She went on to attend every one of his couture shows, missing only one, when her father died.

It was her love affair with couture that fuelled Kempner's desire to stay so thin, as she was then able to fit into the samples worn by the models, which were usually half-price.

But money was no object and her husband, an investment banker, "was very generous and understanding".

Over the years, she built up a collection of gowns that was worthy of a museum. "My husband, Tommy, thinks it's hysterical," she said recently, "because he used to think it was an extravagance, and it now turns out that I was an art collector!"

When her collection outgrew their 16-room apartment in Manhattan, she converted their children's former bedrooms into walk-in wardrobes.

Somewhat surprisingly for someone who looked as if she survived on a diet of celery sticks, in 2001 Kempner published RSVP: Menus for Entertaining from People Who Really Know How.

With advice on how to serve foie gras in "a compact penthouse on the Left Bank", and feeding your guests after a boar hunt in the Loire Valley, it was more like Hello! magazine than a recipe book, illustrated by glossy photographs of Kempner's friends in their luxurious houses.

But the life of a glittering clotheshorse was not without its hazards.

The Kempners lost millions of dollars worth of jewellery in a burglary during the 1970s; Kempner had only just replaced it when she was held up at gunpoint in her apartment and robbed again.

She also had to undergo several operations after she broke her hip, having tripped in her bedroom while wearing a pair of 8-inch John Galliano heels.

But she faced every tribulation with equanimity and when emphysema, brought on by years of heavy smoking, rendered her unable to move without a portable oxygen tank, she was typically upbeat.

"My dear," she said in an interview in Vanity Fair earlier this year, "wait till you discover the wheelchair. You go to the front of every single line. They push you right through, it's First Class Plus."

Nan Field Schlesinger was born in San Francisco on July 24 1930. Her father, Albert "Speed" Schlesinger, was a successful car dealer, while her mother, Irma, was a "self-feeder, meaning she had her own dough".

Nan was an only child, as were both her parents, and she grew up in splendour in Pacific Heights, one of San Francisco's richest neighbourhoods. Nevertheless, the house was regularly burgled; on one occasion her mother lost two mink coats, a mink jacket, a sealskin coat and a baby lamb coat.

Young Nan's lonely childhood was relieved by playing with her vast collection of dolls and attending fashion shows with her mother. But at the age of 12 she was sent to a diet specialist after she was deemed to have put on too much weight.

Ordered to eat "sandwiches" where the bread had been replaced by iceberg lettuce leaves, she consoled herself by poring over recipe books containing descriptions of forbidden rich food.

After the Sarah Dix Hamlin School for Girls and Connecticut College for Women, Nan spent a year at the Sorbonne before meeting Thomas Lenox Kempner, a member of the German-Jewish aristocracy of Manhattan.

They married in 1952 and their relationship thrived on the understanding that she travelled to all the fashion shows and bought extravagantly, while turning a blind eye to his occasional infidelities.

She claimed not to mind, she said in the interview in Vanity Fair, "as long as they're attractive".

They did separate briefly after he had a seven-year relationship with a fellow socialite whom she described as "that disgusting woman".

Never one for political correctness, on one occasion she caused a furore after saying in print that she loathed fat people.

But on the whole she was refreshingly self-deprecating; her father told her "you'll never make it on your face, so you'd better be interesting", and she tried her best to do so.

Kempner served on the boards of several charities and benefit committees and gave occasional lectures on couture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

She had spells as a special editor of Harper's Bazaar magazine, a design consultant for Tiffany & Co and as an "international representative" for Christie's.

But she admitted that she never knew what to write when she was filling in travel documents. "I'm not rich enough to be a real philanthropist," she explained. "And I loathe being called a socialite. So I write 'housewife'."

Shopping remained her greatest passion. At the age of 72 she still bought mini-skirts (but only for the beach) and revealed that her recent purchases had included an Etro bikini with a matching poncho.

"I tell people all the time I want to be buried naked," she once said. "I know there will be a store where I'm going."

Kempner, who died on Sunday, is survived by her husband, two sons and a daughter.

The Telegraph, London

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Paris Hilton makes the Top 20 socialites of all time - by nymag

You can learn so much from the following list of NY Magazine's top twenty socialites of all time, like "why" they were so iconic, and then you can look up pictures of them, and check out their style. (As I was compiling the photos, I learned so much about them, and have come to respect this list.) You can see who they were friends with, and who they married and if they were marrying into society and wealth or the opposite. You can also learn who copied them, and "how" you can copy them. Enjoy, and thanks to nymag.com for the list. Just don't copy number 2 Paris Hilton's recklessness, pornography and jail time, or Edie's drug use.

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They codified snobbery! They made careers out of fame! And they did some amazing things for this city (see the New York Public Library, the Met, etc.). This list of the most influential socialites was put together after consulting several experts on the New York social scene, whose comments are below. No doubt socialite-ologists will cry foul over some entries—even our own experts may complain—but when it comes to the world of socialites, not everybody can make the cut.

1. Caroline Astor
“The grandmother of all socialites”—and, as such, “the original American snob.” Her “Four Hundred” was the “avatar of any subsequent ‘in’ crowd worthy of the name (e.g., the ‘in’ and ‘out’ lists Truman Capote drew up for his Black and White Ball).”

2. Jackie O.
“The socialite every socialite not so secretly wants to be, and the twentieth century’s greatest fashion icon, bar none.” What’s more, “she made it socially acceptable—even enviable— to marry a Greek billionaire.”

3. Paris Hilton
As much as it pained some of our experts to say this (one crossed her name out altogether), Paris “belongs high up on this list because of the immense success she has had in parlaying minor, ‘Page Six’– and porno-fueled notoriety into inexorable global celebrity. Like all socialites, this woman is a self-marketing genius, but on a much larger playing field.”

4. Edie Sedgwick
“She made rebellion chic.”

5. Eleanor Lambert
“One of the early social working ladies,” she invented the Best-Dressed List, way back in 1940. “Little did Ms. Lambert know that her innovation would soon become a staple of—and a cash cow for—fashion magazines everywhere.”

6. Alva Vanderbilt
“Famed suffragette” but also famous for her expert social maneuvering. Snubbed for a time by Caroline Astor, she got even (and accepted) by throwing a ball to end all balls, in 1883. And her inability to get a box at the (old) opera helped lead to the founding of the Met. (Not to be confused with Gertrude—she’s the one who started the Whitney.)

7. Babe Paley
They don’t, as one respondent noted, make ’em like Babe anymore. “The most famous of Capote’s Swans” (CZ Guest, Slim Keith, Gloria Guinness), she had “flawlessly elegant style”—and was “a trailblazer in the murky terrain of New York society’s ethnic and religious prejudices,” marrying the Jewish Bill Paley.

8. Consuelo Vanderbilt
“By championing unglamorous causes like women’s sweatshops and prisoners’ wives, she was a very early model of the gritty do-gooderism now practiced globally by celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Bono.” Plus, “one of the first to famously marry into European aristocracy,” with her 1895 wedding to the Duke of Marlborough.

9. Gloria Vanderbilt
Survived a custody battle that ranks up there with Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger’s to become “not just a madcap author-actress-heiress” but a “pioneer of self-branding in general and of the big-money designer-jeans industry in particular.” Also brought a distinct spirit of free love to Park Avenue; she called one of her more recent paramours a “Nijinsky of cunnilingus.”

10. Amanda Burden
The daughter of Babe Paley is a decidedly “modern socialite”—of the best kind—known far more for her work with the City’s Planning Commission than “for her partygoing.” “Add an extra olive in the form of Charlie Rose and you’ve got yourself a somewhat dirty martini.”

11. Nan Kempner
Famous for her smoking, partying, cursing, and dressing up, Nan was the ultimate good-time-girl clotheshorse. As one panelist put it, lamenting her death, “Of the breed that doesn’t bore you with yoga.”

12. Brooke Astor
“The name, the breeding, the civic virtue, and, most important, the intellectual curiosity.”

13. Cornelia Guest
First “girl with society name to work the media for leverage,” she was “a breaking point,” laying the groundwork for Tinsley Mortimer and Paris. Rode lots of horses and dated Sylvester Stallone, briefly.

14. Annette Reed De La Renta
“For many, it’s the De la Renta that makes her important. Others know that Reed reads in its own right. Her stepping in with Kissinger [to help] Brooke Astor last year bumped her up into the highest tier of society.”

15. Diane Von Furstenberg
Fashion icon who managed to make nightclub crawling look elegant, a lesson sadly lost on some of today’s generation. Married well. Twice.

16. Brenda Diana Duff Frazier
A debutante who made the cover of Life magazine in 1938 (“two things that were important at the time but are no longer”). “She allowed the public a first chance to really ogle the private society world.” Later became something of a hermit.

17. Ivana Trump
She’s like a socialite from a soap opera: a little tacky and a lot plucky. Made “making money look like a moral crusade.”

18. Pat Buckley
Put the Costume Institute on the New York social map.

19. Peggy Bedford Bancroft D’arenberg D’uzes
“The term jet set could have been invented for her.”

20. Muffie Potter Aston
(Also see “The Socialista Universe”) Many living socialites could come before her on this list, but “I think the public just likes her name.” And sometimes that’s all it takes.

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How to build a press kit for an actor in the CANNES film festival

How to build a press kit for an actor in CANNES film festival

You’re on your way to a film festival. Be prepared with ammunition for the press to devour. Have your press kit packed with Rob Tencer’s recommended press kit.

If you’re on your way to your first film festival, or if you are making a habit of attending as the lead actor, supporting actor, director or producer, you should have your press kit ready in anticipation of press.

The first thing to understand is that the film you’re in has hired a publicist. The reality is that this publicist is not concerned with your career. They have an entirely different goal, which is to help the filmmakers sell the film, and recoup the cost to the investors.

There is no guarantee that your film at the film festival will further your career, even if you are the star. Hiring a personal publicist like Rob Tencer is your first step to getting the press you not only deserve, but the press necessary to further your career. Even if you built a press kit on your own, how would you get it into the hands that could help you most? Why would you give it to the film publicist if you were not their priority? By the end of the festival, or after your film was shown for the last time, what do you have to show for it? What if the film was not bought or released until years after the festival? Would you’re big break be wasted?

If you were to hire a publicity specialist like Rob Tencer, you could be assured that someone was working for you aggressively to garner as much press as possible.

Timing is very important, and if you wait to long, the press will not be interested in you or the film after it has been shown. You need to start working on your career as soon as you begin your work on the film.

Get the cast photo
There is an agreement in your film’s contract that any photos shot by the film’s photographer, are not for the use by cast members without permission. This permission is seldom given without a full review. Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure you get the contact information of the film photographer. You will need it to build your press kit. Also, get cast photos and if you are not the lead, make sure you get a photo of you and all lead actors. The more candid and not fan-like, the better.

The importance of photo’s and video clips from your film might be more important than
anything else in your press kit, besides your name.

Your name
How do you pronounce your name? How do you spell your name? What name are you going to give? What name is in the credits of the film? Changing your name to many times will make it difficult to look you up on IMDB or various search engines searfches about you. If you were Billy, and now you are Bill or William, from now on you must keep that name. If you were Kat or Kathy, and now you are Katherine, that is the name you should stick with.

Your bio
What else have you done as an actor, which you want the press to know about? If there is anything you want to bury, make sure it is not in your bio.

Press clips
Has anyone ever given you a good review? If yes, it should be in your press kit.
Has anyone hated your work, and wrote how they feel about you? If yes, it should not be in your press kit.

Film Bio
Describe the movie or cut and paste from the film press kit. Place your name above all others in the film, even if you have a smaller part.

Electronic press kit and website
The cost might be cheaper to place everything on a CD and call it an electronic press kit. The cost would even be cheaper yet, if you just handed out a business card with your web address for clips and electronic press kit.

Why your press kit is a waste without the proper handling
A piece of paper that to you is the most important piece of paper in the world will be useless without getting it to the right people.

It does not matter if its at Tribeca, Toronto, Caan, Hollywood, Venice, Monaco, or any film festival in the world. This is your one opportunity to take center stage. Why let it pass? Do something about it, while you can.

Rob Tencer equalizes the playing field by creating a buzz for the unknown and overlooked actor. Most films with a wide release, count on heavily paid actors like Shia LaBeouf, Will Ferrell, Halle Berry, Ice Cube, Kate Blanchett, Robert DeNiro, Jennifer Aniston, Jake Gyllenhaal, Courtney Cox, Scarlett Johanson, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, America Ferrera, Jim Carrey, Tim Allen, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Naomi Watts, Rose McGowan, Rosario Dawson, Anne Hathaway, Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz, Uma Thurman, LL Cool J, Charlize Theron, Jessica Simpson, Emma Roberts, Julia Roberts, Tyler Perry, Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson, Hellen Mirren, Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murphy, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore, Tom Hanks, Hayden Panettiere, Reese Witherspoon, John Heder, Mark Walhberg, Jeremy Piven, Adam Sandler, Terrance Howard, Keira Knightley, Nicolas Cage, Heath Ledger, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Will Smith, Hillary Swank, Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce or singers making transitions into film like Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake or even models who transitioned like Molly Simms, Rebecca Romijn to help draw an audience and to sell movie tickets.

A film has a better chance of making money when they have a big star attached to it. The big actors contract usually requires them to do press for the films. This is the only guarantee for any actor to receive any press for a film.

There is now relief for the actors of low budget movies that’s film does not have the budget for press for its film stars.

There is a publicist who specializes in creating a buzz for his clients no matter what role you play in the movie, from the star, supporting cast to an extra with just a couple lines.

The publicist is Rob Tencer, who creates the buzz through his writing, creating photo shoots that make the actors stand out, and press opportunities from setting up media interviews to being at red carpet loaded with press events. Visit Rob Tencer’s web site which is loaded with help for actors trying to become more respected and more noticed.

Rob Tencer is available for your film festival project that is in need of press. You can find out more about Rob Tencer at his website http://www.robtencerpr.com or you can reach him at ayepublicrelations@gmail.com or via phone 248-808-2270

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How to use the laws of attraction to crash the Maxim Hot 100 when you’re not in the top 100

How to use the laws of attraction to crash the Maxim Hot 100 when you’re not in the top 100

How a cute girl not only crashed the Maxim Hot 100 party, but got press where real Hot 100 girls didn’t. This article will tell how she did it and how Rob Tencer helped her.

Before you get on the list of the world famous Maxim Hot 100, a list of celebrated girls decided by Maxim editors who compile a yearly ranking by weighing buzz and beauty for girls in film, TV, music, sports and fashion, and before you attend the star studded party which honors the girls who made the list, and lastly, before you become a pin-up in the magazine, you must have a goal and a plan. What are your goals? Do you have a plan?

What follows is not only a how-to on getting in, and becoming a Maxim Hot 100 girl, and not just a way to crash the party, but how I actually did it.

Your plan should start with having plenty of self confidence, and you should actually look like you belong in the Maxim Hot 100. If you see that the current number one Lindsay Lohan who is on the list is under 21, you can be happy to know that age is not a factor. Talent and a career is also not a determining factor to being in the Maxim Hot 100. Where you live is also not a factor, so don’t be put off just because you live a million miles away. A partial list of girls on the Maxim Hot 100 include, Jessica Alba at No. 2, followed by Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Biel, Ali Larter, Eva Mendes, Rihanna, Eva Longoria, Fergie, Sienna Miller, Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé Knowles and Katherine Heigl. Celebrity sisters Ashlee and Jessica Simpson are on the list at No. 16 and No. 41, respectively. Ashley Olsen, half of the mogul acting twins, placed 37th, while sister Mary-Kate didn't make the cut.

How did Linsay Lohan not only get on the list, but make it to the number one spot? Maxim Editor in Chief Jimmy Jellinik explains how Linsay got on the list by his comment: "There is no other star in the world that causes more of a stir in the public eye than Lindsay. Her every move is watched and reported on. She is a huge star in the truest meaning of the word and everyone at Maxim, including our 14 million readers, is obsessed with her."

Next your plan should involve finding out where the next Maxim Hot 100 party will take place, and start setting up your plan on being there. What follows next, to make yourself successful, is many suggestions that are very helpful. Next, you should find out all past years sponsors, and who advertises within the Maxim magazine every month. One way to do this is to analyze the red carpet photos and to see the names of all the advertisers on the wall. (This should be easy, because the logos are repeated on the wall).

Next, you should contact the magazine with a few questions, such as: who is their public relations company in charge of the Maxim Hot 100 event, and the name of the person to contact at the pr company. You can also ask for Maxim Editor in Chief Jimmy Jellinik’s email address, and a writer of the magazine.
On the non-Maxim side, you can locate and contact a young, guy celebrity through their agent, manager or publicist who is single, who might want to take you as his date.
Next, you can contact the location of the next event’s general manager or owner to go as their date, depending on how much chutzpah you have. You should use your power of persuasion to get into the event as well as the laws of attraction by visualizing yourself attending the event. If that doesn’t work, you can always send in a photo of yourself.

Here’s How I did it. First I found out when the event was, where it was, and who was on the list. Next I found out who the promoter and pr firm of the event was. Then I found out, that the promoter hired an outside firm that specialized in getting a-list and bold face names to attend by offering free jet, hotel, gift and style suite. They of course said no to my request to be flown, but I said what about a room, if I got myself to the event? They still said no. They also said no to my request of just attending. I then went to the magazine, which also said no to the jet and hotel, but said “yes” to attending. I then went all out finding hot and sexy clothes to style my client with. Kelly Cutrone of the PR firm “Peoples Revolution”, lent me an Agent Provocateur corset. The client I was doing all this for, added a dog collar and chain. At the event, there are 1000’s of international press photographers and entertainment news crews with microphone and video cameras. After the event, people started to congratulate me, after seeing me on TV, then more congrat’s started after a piece came out in the New York Post on Wednesday, June 16th, called “Bed, bath and … beyond”. It was an advertisement by Maxim magazine which featured only 1 girl. That girl was my client. So we not only crashed the Maxim Hot 100 event, but we were ultimately paid for being there. I went the extra mile to make this all happen by using the laws of attraction and never giving up. My client however, wanted to give up, just because it was out of town, and because she would not fly. I not only convinced her, but drove her, her mother and sister and a press photographer friend out of state and into the party. I paid out of my own pocket and was not reimbursed for the van rental or the hotel room. I drove one other person, who was a friend of mine, and got him into the Maxim Hot 100 party as my clients date.

MAXIM is the men's lifestyle magazine published 12 times a year by
Dennis Publishing. Editor-in-Chief: Jimmy Jellinek. Group Publisher: Robert
F. Gregory.

The MAXIM Hot 100 supplement is available with the June issue of MAXIM
featuring comedienne Sarah Silverman (#29) on the cover. The June issue
also features a layout with Ocean's Thirteen, actress Noreen DuWulf, (#100)and profile on Hong Kong Hero, Chow Yun-Fat.

Based on the huge success and national appeal of the Hot 100, VH1 will be airing a 1-hour special hosted by Megan Fox (#18) on May 22nd at 9:00 P.M.

Rob Tencer is a publicist who specializes in creating a buzz for his clients no matter what role you play in a movie, from the star, supporting cast to an extra with just a couple lines.

Rob Tencer, who creates the buzz through his public relations firm which combines writing, creating photo shoots that make you stand out, and other press opportunities from setting up media interviews to being at red carpet loaded with press events. Visit Rob Tencer’s web site which is loaded with help for girls trying to become more respected and more noticed.

Rob Tencer is available for your next project. You can find out about Rob Tencer at http://www.robtencerpr.com or ayepublicrelations@gmail.com or phone 248-808-2270

Just as notable as who made the list this
year are some of the women that didn't make the cut, which include Mary
Kate Olsen, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston and Britney Spears.

Find out more about the Author of this blog at his website Rob Tencer pr.

MAXIM Radio is broadcast on
Sirius Satellite Radio on channel 145.

1. Lindsay Lohan
2. Jessica Alba
3. Scarlett Johansson
4. Christina Aguilera
5. Jessica Biel
6. Ali Larter
7. Eva Mendez
8. Rihanna
9. Eva Longoria
10. Fergie
11. Sienna Miller
12. Angelina Jolie
13. Beyonce Knowles
14. Katherine Heigl
15. Avril Lavigne
16. Ashlee Simpson
17. Maria Sharapova
18. Megan Fox
19. Cameron Diaz
20. Keira Knightley
21. Kate Beckinsale
22. Nicole Scherzinger
23. Hilary Duff
24. Sophia Bush
25. Elisha Cuthbert
26. Nelly Furtado
27. Kate Hudson
28. Carmen Electra
29. Sarah Silverman
30. Rebecca Romijn
31. Amy Smart
32. Lacey Chabert
33. Roselyn Sanchez
34. Vanessa Minnillo
35. Jennifer Garner
36. Jamie King
37. Ashley Olsen
38. Shakira
39. Rachel Bilson
40. Moon Bloodgood
41. Jessica Simpson
42. Minka Kelly
43. Kate Mara
44. Rose McGowan
45. Bar Refaeli
46. Kristen Bell
47. Katharine McPhee
48. Mandy Moore
49. Mischa Barton
50. Miss Maxim
51. Alessandra Ambrosio
52. Kate Walsh
53. Adriana Lima
54. Missy Peregrym
55. Halle Berry
56. Michele Merkin
57. Tricia Helfer
58. Penelope Cruz
59. Jamie-Lynn Sigler
60. Jessica White
61. Nadine Velazquez
62. Danneel Harris
63. Bianca Kajlich
64. Lena Headey
65. Autumn Reeser
66. Joanna Krupa
67. Gabrielle Union
68. Evangeline Lilly
69. Danica Patrick
70. Stacy Keibler
71. Willa Ford
72. Ciara
73. Mena Suvari
74. Tara Conner
75. April Scott
76. Diora Baird
77. Hilary Burton
78. Joss Stone
79. Adrianne Palecki
80. Abbie Cornish
81. Emmanuelle Chriqui
82. Dita Von Teese
83. Ivanka Trump
84. Hometown Hottie
85. Kelly Ripa
86. Michelle Trachtenberg
87. Padma Lakshmi
88. Raquel Alessi
89. Haylie Duff
90. Salma Hayek
91. Isla Fisher
92. Mary Elizabeth Winstead
93. Christina Milian
94. Kelly Carlson
95. The Avatars of Second Life
96. Shanna Moakler
97. Kim Kardashian
98. Yunjin Kim
99. Mia Maestro
100. Noureen DeWolf

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

How to be a socialite in the UK - the wrong way

I recently went on a website called socialite society, and saw a post on how to be a socialite. Its a little off topic, but if your travelling to the UK, here is some tips from Soaphead. Its not my style of making someone a socialite, or helping them to have an outstanding reputation, and keep in mind I have more ethics and honesty than this kind of dodgy trickery and deciet.

So, You Wanna Be Famous?

You want to be famous? Then follow Soaphead’s 10 most trusted way to become rich and famous - or at least one of them! Scandal, private clubs, blackmail, stripping off, it's all here.

1) The Slapper Route
Much favoured by partners of the already rich and famous. An exception is Rebecca Loos who just happened to work for someone famous (David and Vikki Beckham) and managed to nudge in their spotlight.

Pointers here are that you have racy stories to sell to the tabloids and are prepared to get your puppies out for ‘lads mags’ and the red tops. Unfortunately there isn’t much demand for gay men to strip off for The Sun and The Star, so this could be a limited career path - unless that is you’ve bedded a celebrity who is 1) meant to straight as a plank, 2) married or 3) Cliff Richard.

2) Get Yourself an Agent
If you have no discernible talent, i.e. acting, musical, writing or presentation skills then it’s important you choose an agent who is used to dealing with nonentities. Big Brother and Reality TV contestants have all needed representation to get them into Z list premieres and parties. To find the most likely agent, simply call up the producers / production company of the Realty TV shows, pretend you’re the press and they’ll give you the name of the contestants’ PR. You can be assured the latter has no reputation or kudos whatsoever.

3) Be Your own Agent
Only if the above route doesn’t work. Make up a letter head, a logo, call yourself something like Ed Stone or Patsy Mangle and learn how to disguise your voice. A little method acting helps create the ‘character’ so think of dressing up for the occasion. A spangly top and loads of bling, bling, or perhaps a twin set and pearls outfit complete with beehive and butterfly specs? Remember who you really are as this kind of scamming is prone to occasional bouts of identity crisis. Look at Gerri Halliwell. Ah bless!

4) Sell A Scandal
If you’ve slept with someone famous who really shouldn’t have been doing so (Ms Loos again!) this could be a ticket to those premiere parties and a chance to appear on Hell’s Kitchen 2. Success is measured by the how famous your ‘bonk’ partner was. Then again it doesn’t take hanky panky with Tom Cruise to guarantee column inches and the chance to get your mug on the box. Think Abi Titmuss. Now there’s a girl who realised that just being the ex paramour of John Leslie may not open doors after the day’s headlines had turned into tomorrow’s chip paper. Abi very cannily used configurations 1 & 2 to acquire TV profile. Although presenting a tacky soft-porn channel isn’t the best route to host Good Morning. Honestly Abi, didn’t being with Johnny teach you anything?

5) Cupid Stunts
It’s important that a TV camera or tabloid snapper is recording your dangerous or illegal stunt. It’s no good dressing up as Batman, standing dangerously on a crane and declaring your political concerns to the world if only the Community Channel is filming you. Take a tip from Fathers 4 Justice - now they know how to pull tricks that will get them national news. However, appearing as an ugly, cross-dressing Bin Laden and trying to get into a Royal Palace may result in getting your head blown off rather than a 2 min profile on London Tonight.

6) Become a Socialite
You need money or lineage for this. If you have neither than hang around the watering holes of Hooray Henrys and Henriettas who appear in Harpers & Queen. Being rich, good looking and having aristocratic connections are not always a guarantee to celebritydom. Lady Vicki –I’ll turn up to the opening of a biscuit tin- Harvey, being a prime example. It’s no good just being rich and sounding like the cast of Howard’s End. Even the talentless must have charm. Ambassador for this restrictive route is Tara Palmer-Tomkinson who managed to turn coke fuelled angst into a lucrative career as the nation’s favourite posh totty.

7) Private Clubs
It’s essential that you worm your way into one of the many private members clubs relentlessly springing up in London. Soho being the best ‘liggers’ ground for those who want to meet the movers and shakers of Showbiz. If you’re too unimportant to be considered for membership - or simply can’t afford it - then you can always try blagging your way into Groucho’s by saying you are 1) Boy George’s best friend 2) Feng Shui & ‘life coach’ to Sadie Frost or 3) Vanessa’s liposuction nurse.

8) Blackmail
Bit dicey this one. May involve some inexpensive snooping devices and covert camera equipment. but a standard camcorder can work wonders for filming in those low light alcoves and zooming up to windows. Precious time can be spent scouting your ‘victim’ for any tale tell signs of marital affairs or insider dealings aka Martha Stewart.

Supplying big wigs with illicit substances then threatening to shop them may get you the odd presenter’s job on Cbeebies.

9) The Great Pretender
Fob everyone off with the line that you are the daughter, son, nephew, niece, whatever, of someone glitzy and famous who is preferably living out of the country. Better still, someone dead. One ‘cult’ entertainer was known to pretend that he was the ‘love child’ of Shirley Bassey. Even though they looked like a cross between Rusty Lee and Giant Haystacks! No, I’m sorry hun you didn’t fool anyone!!

10) Personal Services
Put an ad in the many ‘adult’ magazines advertising yourself as an SM Master / Dominatrix / Adult baby nurse etc and see who turns up at your pad. One successful poster, offering a make-over service for cross-dressers, attracted a multitude of well heeled and VIP types. Plus the occasional Judge. Once you have a few snaps or illicitly recorded footage of a multimillionaire octogenarian wearing suspenders and a strawberry blonde, they’ll be more than happy to fund your budding Showbiz career.

Good luck and break a leg!

By: Soaphead from http://www.socialitesociety.com

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Harry Potter press does not include all cast members

Here is an example of a cast member of a major blockbuster movie, who is not forwarding his career, just by being in the movie. His fans feel like the press don't care about him.The site Harry Potter's sidekick Ron

Here is an exerpt from the blog at how the fans are trying to help him, or is it the actual actor?

I got this idea from the now defunct site called The Dom Project which had a list of ways to get Dominic Monaghan in the media. The lack of Rupert in the media (except when a new HP movie comes out, but even then it's not huge) is simply unpleasent. It seems that everyone wants to treat him as "just the sidekick" because he's playing Ron, but we all know that Rupert (and Ron) are more than just that. So we will begin with a lot of magazines that you can write to in order to see more of Rupert. There are also a few graphics below for you to use on your website. After Goblet of Fire is done filming, I plan on adding a list of tv shows in both the US and UK to feature Rupert on.

Request Rupert Articles/Pictures in Magazines! And When writing to the magazines, here are some suggestions for reasons he should be featured.

- who he plays
- his dedicated fanbase who wishes to see more of him

Please be sure to be polite and address each person professionally. (ie: Dear Mr. Dinning)

* Empire Magazine: Send an email to mark.dinning@emap.com (senior feature writer)
* Vanity Fair: Send an email to lnichols@condenast.co.uk (Lucy Nichols Editorial Dept.)
* Cosmopolitan - USA: Go to www.cosmomag.com and then select from the left hand column: write to us and fill out their form
* Cosmopolitan UK: For general enquiries please email: cosmo.mail@natmags.co.uk
* Esquire: For general enquiries please email: louis.white@natmags.co.uk
* She: For general enquiries please email: karla.napoleon@natmags.co.uk
* Zest: For general enquiries please email: zest.mail@natmags.co.uk
* The National Magazine company: james.garner@natmags.co.uk
* ElleGirl: letters@ellegirl.com
* CosmoGirl: susan@cosmogirl.com
* Seventeen: Fill in form here to request an article on Rupert.
* Teen People: Fill in form here to request a feature on him.
* YM: Email: letters@ym.com
* Sugar: Address:
64 North Row
* J-14 Magazine: Email: mailbag@j14.com
* Elle Girl Magazine: Email: letters@ellegirl.com or editor@ellegirl.com
* Tiger Beat: Email: editor@tigerbeatmag.com
* Twist Magazine: mailto:twistmail@twistmagazine.com
* Pick up "teen mags" that have reader surveys such as "WOW!" and fill them out stressing the importance of seeing Rupert featured!

If you have any suggestions on how to get magazines to notice Rupert more please send them here. Thanks!

If only these young actors knew they could call upon Rob Tencer for the press equality that they deserve.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Upfronts in New York shun supporting actors and kill their chances for career enhancements. Now there is something they can do about it.

Help for overlooked actors whose new TV show will be on in the new season who are not receiving the attention nor are they allowed to even attend the UPFRONTS. This may be your one and only chance to shine in front of the world, and to receive the swag that is usually reserved for a few on your TV show. You may say, this is a how-to on crashing the upfronts.

What happens when the network decides who will attend the UPFRONTS in New York and you’re not on the list? Unless your name is Shia LaBeouf, you’re not invited. There are a few choices you can make to take actions to get them to make an exception for you, as well as creating a buzz for yourself, even if you don’t attend the UPFRONTS.

One option is if the show becomes a hit, then eventually it will catch up to you and you will be allowed to attend next years UPFRONTS, or if you’re very lucky, next season’s UPFRONTS. However if the show bombs, and is either cancelled mid-run, or not picked up for another season, then your chance was blown.

Another option is to get yourself to New York on your own tab, and have your personal publicist work every angle possible to get you press. You may not be allowed at the UPFRONT area that your network has set up for press to view the pilot and meet the stars, but that does not mean you’re shut out of all the parties and gifting suites full of international media and camera crews, reporters and paparazzi. How do you find a publicist that would help you work this angle? One source of help for getting attention, comes from Rob Tencer, an experienced celebrity publicist with a knack for the overlooked. “I had former clients whose show ran for years on network TV, but was never asked to attend the UPFRONTS in New York. In one instance, the show’s publicist picked the two main stars of an ensemble cast. Everyone else’s career were wasted when the show was eventually canceled. I could not believe that the client never made it to the UPFRONTS, with a hit show. I am determined to never let this happen again, for any of my clients who have a show on network or cable TV.”

If the network has made their decision on whom they want representing their shows.
You should not take no for an answer, if your name is not on the list of who attends the UPFRONTS. However, if you do take no for an answer, you must get pre-emptive and pro-active about your career. Keep in mind the show and network publicist is not going to help you, and you must seek help from your personal publicist.

Once the show airs, is it possible to get a bigger role on my show?
Another of Rob Tencer’s clients underwent a transformation from the pilot episode to the regular season of the show. The network had her lose weight; change her hair color and hair style. They changed how she dressed, but it wasn’t until she gained the ear and friendship with the star of the show, that she was given more lines and a bigger presence. He went to bat for her, pleading with the writers and the producers to give her a chance.

Rob Tencer equalizes the playing field by creating a buzz for the unknown and overlooked actor. This is your one opportunity to take center stage. Why let it pass? Do something about it, while you can.

Rob Tencer is available for all your needs in this specialized area of publicity. You can find out more about Rob Tencer at his website http://www.robtencerpr.com or you can reach him at ayepublicrelations@gmail.com or via phone 248-808-2270

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Manhattan Society is the best resource guide on the internet


I just saw your site Manhattan Society Best resource guide for socialites on the internet I recommend it to everyone! When I first saw it yesterday, I was blown away. I wrote to all my friends on how much I was impressed by what you are doing, and how much I love your site. I sent them all your link. Now that I know about you and the site, and what you offer the world, I don't see how I can't reference you every time I either open my mouth or write something online. Did I express myself in a way to show how impressed I was at finding you? That’s, why I value your opinion so much. You are brilliant!



You are not the man I thought you to be. When you don't make time for your friends, you show little respect and your true lack of character and lack of class.

You may have a socialite website, but you are unbecoming of the people and places you write about.

Rob Tencer

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Socialite Rank - sorry to see you go

During the socialite rank existance, I was alerted to the many young socialites that were on the NY scene, but was comforted to know the many thousands not being ranked. SR placed an importance to being a socialite, that I found very helpful in my marketing. They did not create the socialite nor the socialite pages found in many popular newspapers or magazines nor did they create any dynasties or newly rich families. It was simply a source to see a younger generation. Thank you SR for creating awareness amongst the wealthy youth.

I will be so happy to see the finished book, and to remember all the enjoyment you gave to me.

Here is an exerpt of SR's farewell:

Dear Readers,

SR is closing its society heaven. Yes, take a deep breath. Focus on the screen. You’re reading this right. It’s been exactly a year since our little website made a statement here in New York and the world beyond. We’re not closing for any reasons that might include lawsuits, complaints or threats. In fact, not once did we receive any sort of legal or angry outreach in our mailboxes. Our decision was certainly much more calculated.

Socialite Rank was more than just a website. In early March of 2006, the idea was conceived for a project that would spotlight some of city’s most influential and beautiful social figures. The meaning was to create a book that would definitively showcase the inner workings of New York’s 10021 world. But we needed to find a heart for this project – a centerpiece that would bring all the ladies and the excitement in one defiant place. In April, the early sketches for a blog came about with a premise so ridiculous we knew it would it would get New York’s attention. Socialiterank was to be unveiled exactly a week before the big Costume Institute Gala on a tiny Wordpress site. The team consisted of three full-time writers, one designer and seven contributors (who until this day are unaware of the original conceivers’ identity) who helped us put together the original list and the mailing alert. No matter how unsuccessful the site would be, it would be up for exactly a year. The mathematically calculated signature rankings were to be put up every two weeks and every scandal, development, and breakthrough was to be documented for our book.

Fast-forward to 2007. Exactly a year has passed. We have graduated. SR was forced to move to a larger website in August to accommodate the increasing number of visitors. We’ve received nearly 17,000 comments, 3,458 e-mails, dozens of offers (reality shows, cover stories, and talk show opportunities), few copycat websites and overwhelming amount of attention. One aspect that was not pre-determined was the mass of hype that New York socialites received over the last 365 days. Socials were everywhere- campaigns, countless of cover stories, NY Times articles, Vanity Fair party invites, newly established relationships with designers, and record number of photographer pictures. Our subjects gained popularity and grew substantially with us. The truth is we never intended to mock any of the top socialites. The reader input was hurtful to a lot of ladies but the mainstream media caught up to their individual ways and qualities.

Our posts were only a fraction of the larger story. We’ve begun the work on the book tentatively entitled “Year of the Rank” two months ago and expect for it to be in release by February of 2008. This will be an honest, glamorous and definitive depiction of the modern Gotham society and the website that turned it upside down. The book will document exactly one year of action with behind-the-scenes triumphs, power struggles, love affairs, complete with never before published e-mails and comments. There will be many more unpublished “Palermo” letters, stylist and publicist confessionals and all-access pass to writing of Socialiterank. Regretfully though, our website will be no longer active as of today. It’s been an incredible journey but we feel that we’ve definitely created something special. We want to thank you for your admiration and support.

So, next time you think about skipping that certain gala, wearing that unknown designer, dating some weird band member, beware. We’re no longer watching. But the whole world is.

SR Team

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Media review... using the technique

Here is an example of what I wrote about from one of my How-to's on becoming a socialite "using vocal inflections". Can you ever read another story that mentions one of my tips, tricks and secrets without referencing what I wrote?

From Radar online:

Tsunami-surviving supermodel model Petra Nemcova has a secret weapon when it comes to fundraising for Happy Hearts Fund, her charity supporting underprivileged kids in Asian nations: her voice. See the radar story Radar Magazine Story and see one of my how to's about Learning to use your voice at Rob Tencer pr.

"I'm such a sucker for her accent" said one partygoer as he dropped several $20 bills into a large vase that was already teeming with cash at Gramercy Park Hotel, where Nemcova and her perfect 10 friends celebrated the charity in proper fete form.

By Sean Evans 05/02/07 6:20 PM

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Socialites help for parental abduction's left behind parent.

To the many fake socialites and philanthropists, who only show their faces at a philanthropic event to have a social life, you have no class, and you are not as decent and kind as you make yourself out to be. - To The socialites who read this post, and who do nothing.

"The key to becoming a socialite is to have passion"

In every interview I have given, I have let it be known that I lost my children through a parental abduction. (This is a kidnapping, but it is done by one of the children's parents.) When this happens, there is usually no custody nor is there any visitation rights by the left behind parent.

I thought I would be better scrutinised, and that the people who reviewed my web site and blog's after I was interviewed and written about in Radar Magazine, that people would pick up on a theme of a father who lost his children. On my front page, I have a statement about my loss, and a way to connect with other father support groups. I imagine its easier to pick on my creativity then to question about the hardships I go through.

Before becoming a publicist, I was and am a licensed doctor, who was practicing in a private clinic. Something terrible happened in my life, and I lost my children. I later learned that the phenomenon of "parental abduction" is very common.

But it happened to me, and ruined my life. I had two children whom I love very much.

If I had the chance to see them again, and to be around them, and if it was because of your helping me, I would be in debt to you forever.

If you're seriously wondering how to help me see my children again, and how I would repay my grattitude to you, then write me at ayepublicrelations@gmail.com

I am certain there is something we could do for each other.

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Friday, May 4, 2007

A Showcase of creativity on display

People in the entertainment industry are asking each other: “Is he that crazy to use some of the techniques he gives as advice? Does he tell his clients to lisp when they talk? Does he tell his clients to walk with a limp? Has Rob Tencer lost his mind?

Let me ask you this question. “Would a coach who is picking his favorite draft choices divulge to the press, his secret for whom he wants on his team? Wouldn’t that be releasing confidential trade secrets that would get to his competitors?

To answer all the people shaking their head’s in amazement, the answer is: “I was showcasing some of my creativity and depth of tricks I could use to make you or your clients the number one news item in the world.”

If I wrote in a matter of fact way, or writing home in a boring kind of way, would you or anyone pay attention to my words? I will never write in a blah, blah, blah, bank kind of way.

So ask yourself: "Why am I reading this?"

Answer: Because I caught your attention?

This is why defamer.com has referred to my work as PR genius. Genius

A PR professional said: at least he is an honest publicist. Read the article here.

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Reviews of the Radar Magazine article

A PR professional said: at least he is an honest publicist. Read the article here.

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Radar Magazine discovers Rob Tencer

Radar magazine article about Rob Tencer Read the article here.

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