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10021 NY Socialites - update on breaking confidentiality agreements - rob lowe

Update on breaking confidentiality agreements

the rob lowe technique.

Deflection of truth or pointing a finger is one way to dilute or make the secret revelations seem less important or less inconsequential. Getting dirt on your accusers or showing how un trustworthy they are, is also a good approach. The truth is, a celebrity will always get the ear of the press. when an exclusive story is brought into the picture, and when the media source is big enough to get your word vs. the accusers (x employee).

Why the celebrity will gain the upper hand.

They will use the techniques of an actor to look humiliated, assaulted, broken, tearful, hurt, or vulnerable. the actor will win their cause, because they are good at what they do best. ACT.

why the x employee will win out.

If the x employee has proof, witnesses, smoking guns, or something to back up what they say is the truth, then the celebrity or socialite is in trouble.

how to safeguard against an employee who breaks their confidentiality agreement.

read my other posts within this blog on how to safeguard yourself when an employee decides to break their confidentiality agreement. I explain how to prevent this from happening and why it happens in the first place. you need to read this if you have something to hide, or if you want to save your dignity.

The Lowes are Exposed!

Well whatever creditability Lowe had has just gone down the drain. Another young woman, Laura Boyce has come forward, also alleging sexual harassment on the part of the Lowes. This young woman's accusations are explosive. Boyce claims that Ms Lowe frequently discussed her sex life, and often asked Boyce about hers. Boyce's boyfriend is an NBA basket ball player, and Sheryl wanted a full description of the fellow's private parts. To be fair, Sheryl was willing to play "I'll show you mine..." and went on to describe the genitals of both her husband Rob, and those of her two young sons! Sheryl's curiosity alternated with racism however, since according to Boyce, Ms Lowe sometimes referred to the boyfriend by using the "N" word. For instasnce when Boyce once phoned in sick, Sheryl responding by screaming After Boyce allegedly phoned to say she wasn't coming to work because she was sick, Sheryl allegedly screamed "she got strep throat from sucking ni***r d**k. I mean black d**k." Incidentally Boyce also confirms that Sheryl was fond of prancing around naked, and in her words 'completely exposed'.

The young woman's allegations became public at a press conference held yesterday. Boyce was accompanied by her lawyer, Gloria Allred. In fact Allred had to do most of the speaking, since Boyce began having some kind of panic attacking, and started sobbing and hyper ventilating.

The Lowes 'jump the couch' by jumping the gun
All of this seems to have been set into motion by the Lowe's jumping the gun preemptive strike. As mentioned earlier, Lowe used his Huffington Post blog to accuse the Gibson of trying to shake him down for cash. He then launched a lawsuit against Gibson, Boyce, and another ex employee - the Lowe's former private chef Peter Clements. That seemed to be what precipitated Gibson filing suit two weeks later. It would seem that the Lowe's attempt to get control of the situation by over reacting has turned out about as well as Tom Cruise's attempts to quash gay rumors by appearing on Oprah. Now the evidence is staking up against Lowe and fast. Yet the American public must be inured to celebrity scandal by now, so what's left of Lowe's career might just survive. That is as long as investigators don't find some dungeon in the Lowe's basement, filled with missing Mexican illegals

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