Sunday, October 28, 2007

eric clapton cocaine lover writes in about a lie.

It seems a visitor to this blog, thinks its a lie to say that eric clapton wrote cocaine. He wanted to set the record straight:

"The song cocaine was written and originally recorded by Oklahoma blues guitarist J.J. Cale. eric clapton recorded his version a year after Cale's was released."

eric clapton has recorded several songs written by Cale, including "After Midnight" and "Travelin' Light." In 2006, eric clapton and Cale recorded an album together called The Road To Escondido.

Cocaine is a song written by Oklahoma singer-songwriter J. J. Cale, and most notably covered by Eric Clapton on his 1977 album Slowhand.

This person sure know his cocaine. I think he was in the music business. Go figure.

He added: "Greatful Dead also had a cocaine song, that sold over a million records."

My oh my, it is such a pity and waste of life, that cocaine got transfered into the psyche of a whole generation. Most people in that generation, know all the words to the songs as well. Why do they know the words to drugs and narcotics songs?

I think we are going to get a lesson next about the doobie brothers and their influence on pot smoking. marijuana aka mary jane. Maybe add to that rick james.

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Anonymous said...

The important thing to know when you deal with Cale's "Cocaine" is these words: "Don't forget this fact: you can't get back."

-Rocky Frisco

Cherie said...

Just so you know... (from Wikipedia)...

Contrary to popular belief, “Cocaine” is an anti-drug song. Eric Clapton said:

“It’s no good to write a deliberate anti-drug song and hope that it will catch. Because the general thing is that people will be upset by that. It would disturb them to have someone else shoving something down their throat. So the best thing to do is offer something that seems ambiguous — that on study or on reflection actually can be seen to be ‘anti’— which the song “Cocaine” is actually an anti-cocaine song. If you study it or look at it with a little bit of thought… from a distance… or as it goes by… it just sounds like a song about cocaine. But in actual fact, it is quite cleverly anti-cocaine.”[1]

Over the years, Clapton has added the lyrics 'that dirty cocaine' in live shows to underline the anti-drug message of the song. Clapton was a heavy heroin user in the early '70s (upon his return to England after recording Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, he was spending £1500 per week), and got off it in 1974. He eventually founded the Crossroads Centre in Antigua to help others who are fighting addiction.

Clapton has also commented:

“…that’s an anti-drug-song. The fans only listen to the refrain: ‘She don’t lie, she don’t lie, cocaine.’ But it says, ‘If you wanna get down, down on the ground, cocaine.’ It’s sad how young people destroy themselves with drugs. I hate listening to my old records, which I did stoned or drunk.”

Anonymous said...

Very true Clapton didn't write the song, but I think people listen to the song and still want the drug...just my feeling.
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sandy said...

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