Saturday, May 5, 2007

Socialites help for parental abduction's left behind parent.

To the many fake socialites and philanthropists, who only show their faces at a philanthropic event to have a social life, you have no class, and you are not as decent and kind as you make yourself out to be. - To The socialites who read this post, and who do nothing.

"The key to becoming a socialite is to have passion"

In every interview I have given, I have let it be known that I lost my children through a parental abduction. (This is a kidnapping, but it is done by one of the children's parents.) When this happens, there is usually no custody nor is there any visitation rights by the left behind parent.

I thought I would be better scrutinised, and that the people who reviewed my web site and blog's after I was interviewed and written about in Radar Magazine, that people would pick up on a theme of a father who lost his children. On my front page, I have a statement about my loss, and a way to connect with other father support groups. I imagine its easier to pick on my creativity then to question about the hardships I go through.

Before becoming a publicist, I was and am a licensed doctor, who was practicing in a private clinic. Something terrible happened in my life, and I lost my children. I later learned that the phenomenon of "parental abduction" is very common.

But it happened to me, and ruined my life. I had two children whom I love very much.

If I had the chance to see them again, and to be around them, and if it was because of your helping me, I would be in debt to you forever.

If you're seriously wondering how to help me see my children again, and how I would repay my grattitude to you, then write me at

I am certain there is something we could do for each other.

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