Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Manhattan Society is the best resource guide on the internet


I just saw your site Manhattan Society Best resource guide for socialites on the internet I recommend it to everyone! When I first saw it yesterday, I was blown away. I wrote to all my friends on how much I was impressed by what you are doing, and how much I love your site. I sent them all your link. Now that I know about you and the site, and what you offer the world, I don't see how I can't reference you every time I either open my mouth or write something online. Did I express myself in a way to show how impressed I was at finding you? That’s, why I value your opinion so much. You are brilliant!


You are not the man I thought you to be. When you don't make time for your friends, you show little respect and your true lack of character and lack of class.

You may have a socialite website, but you are unbecoming of the people and places you write about.

Rob Tencer

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