Friday, May 4, 2007

A Showcase of creativity on display

People in the entertainment industry are asking each other: “Is he that crazy to use some of the techniques he gives as advice? Does he tell his clients to lisp when they talk? Does he tell his clients to walk with a limp? Has Rob Tencer lost his mind?

Let me ask you this question. “Would a coach who is picking his favorite draft choices divulge to the press, his secret for whom he wants on his team? Wouldn’t that be releasing confidential trade secrets that would get to his competitors?

To answer all the people shaking their head’s in amazement, the answer is: “I was showcasing some of my creativity and depth of tricks I could use to make you or your clients the number one news item in the world.”

If I wrote in a matter of fact way, or writing home in a boring kind of way, would you or anyone pay attention to my words? I will never write in a blah, blah, blah, bank kind of way.

So ask yourself: "Why am I reading this?"

Answer: Because I caught your attention?

This is why has referred to my work as PR genius. Genius

A PR professional said: at least he is an honest publicist. Read the article here.

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