Saturday, May 5, 2007

Socialite Rank - sorry to see you go

During the socialite rank existance, I was alerted to the many young socialites that were on the NY scene, but was comforted to know the many thousands not being ranked. SR placed an importance to being a socialite, that I found very helpful in my marketing. They did not create the socialite nor the socialite pages found in many popular newspapers or magazines nor did they create any dynasties or newly rich families. It was simply a source to see a younger generation. Thank you SR for creating awareness amongst the wealthy youth.

I will be so happy to see the finished book, and to remember all the enjoyment you gave to me.

Here is an exerpt of SR's farewell:

Dear Readers,

SR is closing its society heaven. Yes, take a deep breath. Focus on the screen. You’re reading this right. It’s been exactly a year since our little website made a statement here in New York and the world beyond. We’re not closing for any reasons that might include lawsuits, complaints or threats. In fact, not once did we receive any sort of legal or angry outreach in our mailboxes. Our decision was certainly much more calculated.

Socialite Rank was more than just a website. In early March of 2006, the idea was conceived for a project that would spotlight some of city’s most influential and beautiful social figures. The meaning was to create a book that would definitively showcase the inner workings of New York’s 10021 world. But we needed to find a heart for this project – a centerpiece that would bring all the ladies and the excitement in one defiant place. In April, the early sketches for a blog came about with a premise so ridiculous we knew it would it would get New York’s attention. Socialiterank was to be unveiled exactly a week before the big Costume Institute Gala on a tiny Wordpress site. The team consisted of three full-time writers, one designer and seven contributors (who until this day are unaware of the original conceivers’ identity) who helped us put together the original list and the mailing alert. No matter how unsuccessful the site would be, it would be up for exactly a year. The mathematically calculated signature rankings were to be put up every two weeks and every scandal, development, and breakthrough was to be documented for our book.

Fast-forward to 2007. Exactly a year has passed. We have graduated. SR was forced to move to a larger website in August to accommodate the increasing number of visitors. We’ve received nearly 17,000 comments, 3,458 e-mails, dozens of offers (reality shows, cover stories, and talk show opportunities), few copycat websites and overwhelming amount of attention. One aspect that was not pre-determined was the mass of hype that New York socialites received over the last 365 days. Socials were everywhere- campaigns, countless of cover stories, NY Times articles, Vanity Fair party invites, newly established relationships with designers, and record number of photographer pictures. Our subjects gained popularity and grew substantially with us. The truth is we never intended to mock any of the top socialites. The reader input was hurtful to a lot of ladies but the mainstream media caught up to their individual ways and qualities.

Our posts were only a fraction of the larger story. We’ve begun the work on the book tentatively entitled “Year of the Rank” two months ago and expect for it to be in release by February of 2008. This will be an honest, glamorous and definitive depiction of the modern Gotham society and the website that turned it upside down. The book will document exactly one year of action with behind-the-scenes triumphs, power struggles, love affairs, complete with never before published e-mails and comments. There will be many more unpublished “Palermo” letters, stylist and publicist confessionals and all-access pass to writing of Socialiterank. Regretfully though, our website will be no longer active as of today. It’s been an incredible journey but we feel that we’ve definitely created something special. We want to thank you for your admiration and support.

So, next time you think about skipping that certain gala, wearing that unknown designer, dating some weird band member, beware. We’re no longer watching. But the whole world is.

SR Team

Find out more about the Author of this blog at his website Rob Tencer pr.

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