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How to use the laws of attraction to crash the Maxim Hot 100 when you’re not in the top 100

How to use the laws of attraction to crash the Maxim Hot 100 when you’re not in the top 100

How a cute girl not only crashed the Maxim Hot 100 party, but got press where real Hot 100 girls didn’t. This article will tell how she did it and how Rob Tencer helped her.

Before you get on the list of the world famous Maxim Hot 100, a list of celebrated girls decided by Maxim editors who compile a yearly ranking by weighing buzz and beauty for girls in film, TV, music, sports and fashion, and before you attend the star studded party which honors the girls who made the list, and lastly, before you become a pin-up in the magazine, you must have a goal and a plan. What are your goals? Do you have a plan?

What follows is not only a how-to on getting in, and becoming a Maxim Hot 100 girl, and not just a way to crash the party, but how I actually did it.

Your plan should start with having plenty of self confidence, and you should actually look like you belong in the Maxim Hot 100. If you see that the current number one Lindsay Lohan who is on the list is under 21, you can be happy to know that age is not a factor. Talent and a career is also not a determining factor to being in the Maxim Hot 100. Where you live is also not a factor, so don’t be put off just because you live a million miles away. A partial list of girls on the Maxim Hot 100 include, Jessica Alba at No. 2, followed by Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Biel, Ali Larter, Eva Mendes, Rihanna, Eva Longoria, Fergie, Sienna Miller, Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé Knowles and Katherine Heigl. Celebrity sisters Ashlee and Jessica Simpson are on the list at No. 16 and No. 41, respectively. Ashley Olsen, half of the mogul acting twins, placed 37th, while sister Mary-Kate didn't make the cut.

How did Linsay Lohan not only get on the list, but make it to the number one spot? Maxim Editor in Chief Jimmy Jellinik explains how Linsay got on the list by his comment: "There is no other star in the world that causes more of a stir in the public eye than Lindsay. Her every move is watched and reported on. She is a huge star in the truest meaning of the word and everyone at Maxim, including our 14 million readers, is obsessed with her."

Next your plan should involve finding out where the next Maxim Hot 100 party will take place, and start setting up your plan on being there. What follows next, to make yourself successful, is many suggestions that are very helpful. Next, you should find out all past years sponsors, and who advertises within the Maxim magazine every month. One way to do this is to analyze the red carpet photos and to see the names of all the advertisers on the wall. (This should be easy, because the logos are repeated on the wall).

Next, you should contact the magazine with a few questions, such as: who is their public relations company in charge of the Maxim Hot 100 event, and the name of the person to contact at the pr company. You can also ask for Maxim Editor in Chief Jimmy Jellinik’s email address, and a writer of the magazine.
On the non-Maxim side, you can locate and contact a young, guy celebrity through their agent, manager or publicist who is single, who might want to take you as his date.
Next, you can contact the location of the next event’s general manager or owner to go as their date, depending on how much chutzpah you have. You should use your power of persuasion to get into the event as well as the laws of attraction by visualizing yourself attending the event. If that doesn’t work, you can always send in a photo of yourself.

Here’s How I did it. First I found out when the event was, where it was, and who was on the list. Next I found out who the promoter and pr firm of the event was. Then I found out, that the promoter hired an outside firm that specialized in getting a-list and bold face names to attend by offering free jet, hotel, gift and style suite. They of course said no to my request to be flown, but I said what about a room, if I got myself to the event? They still said no. They also said no to my request of just attending. I then went to the magazine, which also said no to the jet and hotel, but said “yes” to attending. I then went all out finding hot and sexy clothes to style my client with. Kelly Cutrone of the PR firm “Peoples Revolution”, lent me an Agent Provocateur corset. The client I was doing all this for, added a dog collar and chain. At the event, there are 1000’s of international press photographers and entertainment news crews with microphone and video cameras. After the event, people started to congratulate me, after seeing me on TV, then more congrat’s started after a piece came out in the New York Post on Wednesday, June 16th, called “Bed, bath and … beyond”. It was an advertisement by Maxim magazine which featured only 1 girl. That girl was my client. So we not only crashed the Maxim Hot 100 event, but we were ultimately paid for being there. I went the extra mile to make this all happen by using the laws of attraction and never giving up. My client however, wanted to give up, just because it was out of town, and because she would not fly. I not only convinced her, but drove her, her mother and sister and a press photographer friend out of state and into the party. I paid out of my own pocket and was not reimbursed for the van rental or the hotel room. I drove one other person, who was a friend of mine, and got him into the Maxim Hot 100 party as my clients date.

MAXIM is the men's lifestyle magazine published 12 times a year by
Dennis Publishing. Editor-in-Chief: Jimmy Jellinek. Group Publisher: Robert
F. Gregory.

The MAXIM Hot 100 supplement is available with the June issue of MAXIM
featuring comedienne Sarah Silverman (#29) on the cover. The June issue
also features a layout with Ocean's Thirteen, actress Noreen DuWulf, (#100)and profile on Hong Kong Hero, Chow Yun-Fat.

Based on the huge success and national appeal of the Hot 100, VH1 will be airing a 1-hour special hosted by Megan Fox (#18) on May 22nd at 9:00 P.M.

Rob Tencer is a publicist who specializes in creating a buzz for his clients no matter what role you play in a movie, from the star, supporting cast to an extra with just a couple lines.

Rob Tencer, who creates the buzz through his public relations firm which combines writing, creating photo shoots that make you stand out, and other press opportunities from setting up media interviews to being at red carpet loaded with press events. Visit Rob Tencer’s web site which is loaded with help for girls trying to become more respected and more noticed.

Rob Tencer is available for your next project. You can find out about Rob Tencer at or or phone 248-808-2270

Just as notable as who made the list this
year are some of the women that didn't make the cut, which include Mary
Kate Olsen, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston and Britney Spears.

Find out more about the Author of this blog at his website Rob Tencer pr.

MAXIM Radio is broadcast on
Sirius Satellite Radio on channel 145.

1. Lindsay Lohan
2. Jessica Alba
3. Scarlett Johansson
4. Christina Aguilera
5. Jessica Biel
6. Ali Larter
7. Eva Mendez
8. Rihanna
9. Eva Longoria
10. Fergie
11. Sienna Miller
12. Angelina Jolie
13. Beyonce Knowles
14. Katherine Heigl
15. Avril Lavigne
16. Ashlee Simpson
17. Maria Sharapova
18. Megan Fox
19. Cameron Diaz
20. Keira Knightley
21. Kate Beckinsale
22. Nicole Scherzinger
23. Hilary Duff
24. Sophia Bush
25. Elisha Cuthbert
26. Nelly Furtado
27. Kate Hudson
28. Carmen Electra
29. Sarah Silverman
30. Rebecca Romijn
31. Amy Smart
32. Lacey Chabert
33. Roselyn Sanchez
34. Vanessa Minnillo
35. Jennifer Garner
36. Jamie King
37. Ashley Olsen
38. Shakira
39. Rachel Bilson
40. Moon Bloodgood
41. Jessica Simpson
42. Minka Kelly
43. Kate Mara
44. Rose McGowan
45. Bar Refaeli
46. Kristen Bell
47. Katharine McPhee
48. Mandy Moore
49. Mischa Barton
50. Miss Maxim
51. Alessandra Ambrosio
52. Kate Walsh
53. Adriana Lima
54. Missy Peregrym
55. Halle Berry
56. Michele Merkin
57. Tricia Helfer
58. Penelope Cruz
59. Jamie-Lynn Sigler
60. Jessica White
61. Nadine Velazquez
62. Danneel Harris
63. Bianca Kajlich
64. Lena Headey
65. Autumn Reeser
66. Joanna Krupa
67. Gabrielle Union
68. Evangeline Lilly
69. Danica Patrick
70. Stacy Keibler
71. Willa Ford
72. Ciara
73. Mena Suvari
74. Tara Conner
75. April Scott
76. Diora Baird
77. Hilary Burton
78. Joss Stone
79. Adrianne Palecki
80. Abbie Cornish
81. Emmanuelle Chriqui
82. Dita Von Teese
83. Ivanka Trump
84. Hometown Hottie
85. Kelly Ripa
86. Michelle Trachtenberg
87. Padma Lakshmi
88. Raquel Alessi
89. Haylie Duff
90. Salma Hayek
91. Isla Fisher
92. Mary Elizabeth Winstead
93. Christina Milian
94. Kelly Carlson
95. The Avatars of Second Life
96. Shanna Moakler
97. Kim Kardashian
98. Yunjin Kim
99. Mia Maestro
100. Noureen DeWolf

Find out more about the Author of this blog at his website Rob Tencer pr.

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