Saturday, May 5, 2007

Media review... using the technique

Here is an example of what I wrote about from one of my How-to's on becoming a socialite "using vocal inflections". Can you ever read another story that mentions one of my tips, tricks and secrets without referencing what I wrote?

From Radar online:

Tsunami-surviving supermodel model Petra Nemcova has a secret weapon when it comes to fundraising for Happy Hearts Fund, her charity supporting underprivileged kids in Asian nations: her voice. See the radar story Radar Magazine Story and see one of my how to's about Learning to use your voice at Rob Tencer pr.

"I'm such a sucker for her accent" said one partygoer as he dropped several $20 bills into a large vase that was already teeming with cash at Gramercy Park Hotel, where Nemcova and her perfect 10 friends celebrated the charity in proper fete form.

By Sean Evans 05/02/07 6:20 PM

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