Saturday, May 19, 2007

Harry Potter press does not include all cast members

Here is an example of a cast member of a major blockbuster movie, who is not forwarding his career, just by being in the movie. His fans feel like the press don't care about him.The site Harry Potter's sidekick Ron

Here is an exerpt from the blog at how the fans are trying to help him, or is it the actual actor?

I got this idea from the now defunct site called The Dom Project which had a list of ways to get Dominic Monaghan in the media. The lack of Rupert in the media (except when a new HP movie comes out, but even then it's not huge) is simply unpleasent. It seems that everyone wants to treat him as "just the sidekick" because he's playing Ron, but we all know that Rupert (and Ron) are more than just that. So we will begin with a lot of magazines that you can write to in order to see more of Rupert. There are also a few graphics below for you to use on your website. After Goblet of Fire is done filming, I plan on adding a list of tv shows in both the US and UK to feature Rupert on.

Request Rupert Articles/Pictures in Magazines! And When writing to the magazines, here are some suggestions for reasons he should be featured.

- who he plays
- his dedicated fanbase who wishes to see more of him

Please be sure to be polite and address each person professionally. (ie: Dear Mr. Dinning)

* Empire Magazine: Send an email to (senior feature writer)
* Vanity Fair: Send an email to (Lucy Nichols Editorial Dept.)
* Cosmopolitan - USA: Go to and then select from the left hand column: write to us and fill out their form
* Cosmopolitan UK: For general enquiries please email:
* Esquire: For general enquiries please email:
* She: For general enquiries please email:
* Zest: For general enquiries please email:
* The National Magazine company:
* ElleGirl:
* CosmoGirl:
* Seventeen: Fill in form here to request an article on Rupert.
* Teen People: Fill in form here to request a feature on him.
* YM: Email:
* Sugar: Address:
64 North Row
* J-14 Magazine: Email:
* Elle Girl Magazine: Email: or
* Tiger Beat: Email:
* Twist Magazine:
* Pick up "teen mags" that have reader surveys such as "WOW!" and fill them out stressing the importance of seeing Rupert featured!

If you have any suggestions on how to get magazines to notice Rupert more please send them here. Thanks!

If only these young actors knew they could call upon Rob Tencer for the press equality that they deserve.

Find out more about the Author of this blog at his website Rob Tencer pr.

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