Monday, February 26, 2007

Do people really hate

Do people really hate The ones he writes unflattering stories about, or reveals secret addictions, relationships or bad attributes I really feel are angry with him. Studios who rely on publicists spin and are derailed by, again, I feel are angry with him in a hateful way. However the public masses who read celebrity magazines like People, US weekly, Star Magazine, In Touch; Who read gossip newspaper columns in the New York Post Page Six, or the New York Daily News Daily dish or the 1000’s of syndicated newspapers who cover gossip and celebrity stories and the millions who watch the entertainment shows like Insider, Entertainment Tonight, Access or tune into the E! Entertainment network are not Haters of, but rather are fans, which rely on his gossip stories, tips, and photo’s on a daily basis. One amazing fact that he firmly says is that he does not pay for tips. My big question to paparazzi and others who are supplying him is: Why supply him for free?

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