Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jason Davis buys his way into the 2004 Emmy’s

At the very last moment, Jason somehow buys tickets to the 2004 Emmy’s, and invites Courtney to be his date. This virtually leaves me no time to pull enough clothes and accessories together, but I come through with a Versace gown, and Stuart weitzman shoes. She insults my friend, the diamond and jewelry maker Martin Katz, and then asks me to pull jewelry from him. Then when I get him to say yes, by begging and apologizing to him, she decides on Harry Winston instead. Courtney had a small extra role on the first episode of the entourage. The show was nominated for an Emmy, so I saw an organic reason for her to be there. (It was a stretch, but that’s what I do) Can you imagine how hard it was for me, to be credentialed the day of the event? It all worked because my name was good enough to make the legitimate difference for her to even get onto the red carpet, and I showed up in a tuxedo.

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