Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Carousel of hope disaster part 1

Courtney was invited to be Jason Davis’s date for the carousel of hope event in 2004. Like all my clients, I personally style and pick the designers for Courtney. Because of Courtneys extremely low budget, she was responsible for hair and makeup. Jason had a deal with a snake named Brian Quintana, who took over after me with him. Brian’s deal with Jason was that if he allowed Brian into the event that he would get him into Oprah Winfrey’s charity event. (Jason was never allowed in, as Brian was lying) Jason would take care of Brian while leaving me unprotected. Everything started off great, as I escorted Jason and Courtney down a huge red carpet that seemed to go on forever, and had 10 tiers deep full of international press photographers, video crews, and reporters. The red carpet ended at the entrance to the vip green room. We went into the green room, and that’s when the trouble started.

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