Monday, February 19, 2007

Origins of my work with socialites Part 1

My work as a publicist began with the loss of my children in 2001. My sister Karynne Tencer (one of Hollywood's greatest and most talented celebrity publicist) graciously let me come and stay with her in Beverly Hills,CA. She gave me something to do, to keep busy. While I was never an employee, she taught me how to be a publicist by giving me things to do like, clipping her client celebrity articles in the magazines, newspapers, the trades (Hollywood Reporter and the Daily Variety) and looking online. She then told me to fax them to their manager, agent and the celebrity. When a movie came out with her clients in one of the starring roles, there would be to much work for her staff to find all the stories and reviews. (Blogs were not as popular or as important as they are today.) I wanted to do more in her office because I had no hobbies to keep me busy during the day. She let me answer the phones during her staffs lunch break, or they would send me to pick up the carry outs, and then while they were eating, I would answer the phones. continued...

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