Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Courtney gets injured on the movie set, and Jason visits.

When Courtney Peldon was injured on the set of a movie, I called Jason (knowing she was seeing someone else) to go with me to check up on her. Courtney stopped paying me the month before stating she did not think I was going to be effective if she could not attend events. I wanted to prove her wrong, and she was in shock at how the world knew of her accident so quickly. I drove Jason in his car the 2 hours out of town, to her set. We took a shuttle from the crew parking lot to the movie set. The shuttle driver got to talking, and she mentioned how in love Courtney was to her boyfriend. Jason mentioned he was her boyfriend, but the shuttle driver described the boyfriend according to Courtney as the guy who played Marty Mcfly in the movie series, Back to the future. She thought his name was Crispin Glover. Jason was in disbelief.

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