Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jason Davis meets Courtney Peldon for the first time.

Some time later, I had another client named Courtney Peldon. (In a future blog, I will go into detail about her.) As I said in my past blog, it was always the same D-listers attending events. That’s how I met her. It was at a mansion charity party near the playboy mansion called the Red Party. It was honoring David Lachapelle and the little guy Paul from the old Burt renolds movies. Pamela Anderson Lee was with David the whole night. And camped out in a private room was Courtney and her sister Ashley “Brown” Peldon. They were like wall flowers. Several parties later, I took action and showed her what I could do. (see kill bill after party photo’s) Everyone, including Courtney, thought Jason was at least 3-5 years older then he actually was. It was not until his birthday party several years later, in New York that his actual age of 21 came up. He not only had entertainment people like executive producers chasing after him and his money, but if he had worked it any better, he would have had endless amounts of girls wanting him for the socialite life style, and the pampering. It seemed to me that girls found him hideous, and could not bring themselves to even acting to get what they wanted from him. That was until I introduced him to my client Courtney Peldon.

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