Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Carousel of hope disaster part 2

The trouble started because Jason and Courtney wanted to roam throughout the event and come and go freely through the vip areas. They had the proper identification (it was jason’s family event) but when Jason ran and left Courtney, that’s when the trouble started. When we tried to re-enter the vip green room to find Jason, they did not want to let me in. Nancy Davis had purposely told PMK to stop me, and get security to escort me out. I defiantly went up to Jason who clammed shut and would not stick up for me. I begged Courtney to help and she clammed shut as well. 8 policemen and 2 security guards escorted me off the Beverly Hills Hilton property, and into the street. How could this happen? I was her publicist and she sold me out. For a lie.

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