Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jason and Courtney attend the Emmy after parties.

Remember that Jason and Courtney Peldon only knew the day before the Emmy’s that they would be attending. That had nothing to do with trying to get into the many Emmy after parties. I got them into several of them, but because they were all next to each other it was not hard to get to them. The people with the list recognized me, and let me bring them in. The HBO party was a different story. HBO knew she was only an extra on their show the entourage, and had no respect for her. They would not even allow her to attend the season premiere party with her in it. They also locked her out of the HBO gifting suite for cast members of HBO shows, as she showed up completely inappropriate in hot pink beach wear. Again I begged them to allow her and Jason to attend their Emmy Party and they finally said yes.

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