Friday, November 9, 2007

why didn't Wonderland center work for Lindsay Lohan?

the number one reason wonderland did not work for lindsay lohan is that it was to close to her comfort zone of enablers and places she could easily get drugs and alcohol. another reason linday lohan failed at this center was she was not serious about getting better. Had lindsay lohan have stayed in wonderland center, she would have received individualized programs including a "sober companion" like rob tencer, to accompany starlets on set. The cost is around $40,000 for one month. Can you blame the sober companion if lindsay keeps enablers around her at all times, like her mother who is on payroll? The center offers the following activities: a state-of-the-art gym, yoga, hiking.

When you get so messed up and high that you don't know the crimes you just commited, you know you are in trouble. take a look at this dramatization, of someone who got high .

Even though you have a career in hollywood, you must get away from the comfort zone, and distance yourself from your enablers. Getting a good Sober Companion like rob tencer can save your life, save your career, and make life worth saving.

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