Friday, November 9, 2007

why didn't promises treatment center in malibu work for britney spears?

Having a house in malibu, the same city as your drug and alcohol treatment center Promises is within your comfort zone. You must change everything when you decide to get better. Your changes must be life altering to get you out of your bad habits. How can you change if you live across the street and shop and live in the same neighborhood?
Britney continued to hire enablers that partied with her, and were freightened of losing their jobs if they spoke out against her. They were terrible employee's, terrible friends, terrible surroundings and not one sober companion to rely on for help. Yes their are pressures in being a mother to two children, but their is a lot of satisfaction and joy and happiness from being a mother as well. most of all it gives a reason, a purpose to clean yourself up. She needs to move away from her surroundings, change her lifestyle, become a workaholic and hire a sober companion like rob tencer.

while britney spears was at promises treatment center in malibu, ca. her program included 24 hour detox, individual treatment and experimental therapy. the cost might be around $49,000 for 30 days. Activities included art therapy, drama classes, horseback riding.

Did the girl in this video think that doing drugs and drinking made her more popular?

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Anonymous said...

You have to want it to work for it to work. Moving away won't solve the problem of addiction.

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