Thursday, November 1, 2007

celebrity drivers follow up. 3 reasons why celebrities want to drive?

I was thinking about the advice I gave to all celebrities not to drive themselves, and was thinking about:

why do celebrities want to drive themselves?

1. As I had previously mentioned, a car company gives an extremely large promotional fee, sometimes give the celebrity the car to drive for free for a minimum of 6 months.

2. Another thought was for New Yorkers who hit it big. They never had a car before. They never needed a car before. Now that they live in LA, one of the first indulgence is to buy a car, even before they start buying properties.

3. Independence is another reason. The young celebrity finally became old enough to have some independence in life. Driving themselves is similar to the concept of being potty trained. You no longer need a helping hand, or someone to do everything for you. You got your independence and you can finally get away from everyone. Please resist the urge to have your independence without considering a driver. I am trying to save your life.

You must resist the desire to drive yourself. You can still buy the car, but please get a driver.

Rob Tencer is a PR expert and a sober companion. He can be reached at

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