Friday, November 9, 2007

mary-kate olsen has been to rehab

Someone you would never expect to be addicted to drugs or alcohol could be the one who needs the most attention from a sober companion. Why would these people turn to drugs or alcohol? They have everything. A beautiful home, wealth, beautiful clothes, and they are tremendously successful at almost everything they do. What they might be lacking is happiness, love, real friendship. People who enable them to continue their addictions, or never speak out to help them, for fear they would lose favor and be taken out of the gravy train are not their friends. Even family fall into this trap, when they rely on their son or daughter for their source of income. It can seem like there is no place to turn for help. That is when it is best to call in a sober companion like rob tencer. Success of a sober companion, depends on helping the client by keeping them away from the temptations they surround themselves with. Help is close by at all times, when a sober companion is on the job. We don't make our money by joining the party, and allowing you the freedom to continue down the road of failure and death. There is way to much to live for, and way to much more experiences of joy and happiness without drugs and or alcohol.

This video, while is graphic and abrasive, gets the point across that by continuing your destructive ways, you not only destroy your life but all the lives around you.

Mary-Kate Olsen attended the famous Cirque Lodge, Sundance, Utah for rehab and detox, but most of all to get away from her toxic surroundings. Cirque Lodge offers a program of behavioral group and individual therapy, including equine therapy. it can cost $38,850 for 30 days but my numbers may be off. Some activities include: ropes course, helicopter rides, salon and spa.

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