Friday, September 21, 2007

Zac Efron and the NBA Betting Scandal gets Covered up by NY Press

Zac Efron and the NBA Betting Scandal gets Covered up by NY Press
By Rob Tencer

I could not believe that no one in the New York press saw the same thing I did. Could they be covering up something so obvious to protect the NBA? Who made the New York Post, The New York Daily News and of all slime, Radar Magazine the protectors of a sport?

Just as Vanessa Hudgens naked escapades is dying out and losing steam, to Disney's delight, so did everyone including Harvey Levin and TMZ try to make the following issue a non item.
What kind of message is disney sending kids with zac efron betting on sports as an athlete?

The only defense The New York Press have is that the message of betting on basketball as an athlete in the sport, was not believable coming from an actor playing an athlete that appears to be gay.

You Decide?

Note: If this video is removed, look on youtube for any video called "Bet On It"

Real life Boyfriend (?) of Vanessa Hudgens is actor Zac Efron. Thats a whole cover up issue of its own, but sticking to this scandal, The actor Zac Efron plays a high school Basketball player - who sings a song in the blockbuster Disney TV movie High School Muiscal 2 "urging people of all ages, to bet on him".

What kind of message is Zac Efron giving the young audience of kids about sports and gambling?

The NBA and parents of every child who saw High School Musical 1 and 2 should be very upset with the message of encouraging children to bet on sports.

How insensitive of Disney to make a mockery of cheating and teaching children to bet, when the sport of basketball is suffering the worst it has ever suffered.

Did the New York and World press shy away from this story to save all sports?

Here is a video of Major League Baseball's connection with Disney and the Cast of High School Musical, with actual major league players singing the words to "I don't Dance"

Is Las Vegas gambling establishments involved in the cover up? Is The NBA involved in this cover up?

By Rob Tencer

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Anonymous said...

Why do you think its fair to just declare him gay, when its pretty obvious that he's not. All you have to back yourself up are clips from high school musical 2, in which he was directed what to do and wear.

I just think you went way out of line on this one. He's not gay and you don't personally know him, so stop acting like you do- and lay off.

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