Thursday, September 27, 2007

Financial backers and new clients being accepted by Rob Tencer PR

How many clients do you have?
This should always be your first question, because a publicist with to many clients is less time for you.

Chances, Choices and Free Will.
The other day I saw my company profile and my name amongst the worlds best entertainment publicists on

I saw my name Rob Tencer, on the first page of publicists, ranked by on a list of several thousands. I must have been taken notice of by the entertainment industry, because that is how they track the biggest publicists.

As a result of and the work I do for my clients, my phone has been off the hook with non-stop offers for actors on new TV shows (like Gossip Girl and Dirty Sexy Money), and upcoming blockbuster movies seeking representation. The movie offers are different than TV because they involve world press tours, and are very involving.

I have not said "yes" about working with any of them as of yet. Its true, the money being offered is more than I usually ask for, but not enough to say yes. I also have my own rules and ethics on how many people I will represent. If I can't give 100% attention, I won't do it.

Currently, if you have been reading my blogs:

I am involved in producing and casting a teen movie musical similar to Disney's High School Musical. The movie is being made with Disney distribution in mind.

With the success of Disney's High School Musical 1 and 2, and all the merchandising,I have set out to work on my most ambitious project to date. Helping teens all over the world, with their dream to become famous if they are casted in the teen movie.

The unique process of the road to making them famous does not require the teens to travel or spend money on pursuing their dream. By sending a video audition to YouTube, every teen has an equal opportunity to become famous.

I am still accepting video auditions on YouTube, as well as your offer for representation.

I am also entertaining your offers for financial investing of the teen movie in return for options and advances. If you are seriously interested in becoming a financial investor, please contact me asap before the property is unavailable.

Send me an email and lets discuss your future with Rob Tencer, and how I can help you.
send to
you may also call me at

my preferences of new clients is dependent on where you live:
(Because where you live, I must be)

I would rather work with someone in NY, but I am open to places with warm climates throughout the year. - All offers, no matter where you live will be considered.

Note about UK: The British Tattler attempts to give some British socialites a shout out, but it will take Rob Tencer to make you important across the pond and everywhere else. News of the world expose and undercover hidden camera on UK's elite, is making a nice attempt to make socialite models like Kidd seem as important as Kate Moss or other Bold Face names she supposedly dropped in her concealed camera taping. The camera was as concealed as a Paris Hilton Sex Tape. The publicists trick of having your name alongside names of celebrities, super models, royalty does nothing but increase your own popularity. I wonder how much Kidd paid the News of the World for crating a story to make her famous and get her name in the press.

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