Thursday, September 27, 2007

How to get invited to VIP Parties in NYC

Your decision should not be about what to attend, rather it should be about what not to attend..

Rob Tencer is accepting your VIP party invites (if you make it plus one.)
Send your invites by email to

Accepting your invite and actually attending are two different things, as Rob Tencer rarely attends social events in NY. For the record, I attended 1 event in the Hamptons this year, thrown by Jason Binn for Mary J. Blige and her cover of Hamptons magazine. I would not have mentioned this, but people were calling me to say they saw the photo of Rob Tencer with Mary J. Blige on Being photographed can be to both your advantage and disadvantage if you want to forget you were even there.

Jason Binn Was a graceful host who offered me a room in his mansion for my visit, and went out of his way to make sure I had a good time. This was my first visit to South Hampton.

This little known fact about scarcity in attendance, actually makes the invited guest more attractive to the person sending out the invites. The less you attend, the higher your value.

How-to get invited to VIP parties in NYC may not be that difficult to actually accomplish. If your value to the organizer for attending is worth it. How will your attendance affect the party? If you have no value, and you just want to attend, that might not be reason enough to invite you. Think about that before writing me for help.

By making the people doing the invites come to you, or have you on a guest list for events, means you are fortunate enough to be found important.

Always send a thank you, even if you don't attend.

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