Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Low profile Socialites with a movie star career.

After paying to see the movie: “We are Marshall”, at the local movie theater, I was mesmerized by the naturally beautiful and talented actress, Kate Mara (24). She has a solid screen presence and great acting skills. After doing a little research about Kate Mara, this is what I found out:

1. Kate is the great grand daughter of the owner of the New York Giants, Wellington Mara.
2. Kate’s other great grandfather is the founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Art Rooney.

By American standards, she comes from a family of American Royalty. Ownership of a professional sports team in America gives them high visibility and the key to the city of New York (when the team wins). Any other businesses the family have besides the team, is mind boggling. You can quickly put together that she is a low profile socialite. Could it be said, that your only a celebrity if people know who you are?
Could it also be said, that your only a socialite if people know who you are?

Kate loves shoes. I could have the designers sending you and making you shoes for every one of your future trips on the red carpet, and paid for your wearing them.

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